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Top Secret Drum Corps Switzerland

TOP SECRET Drums Switzerland_i

Top Secret Drum Corps Switzerland:






  1. Just because there are feathers in their hats, it does not make them gay.
    Just because they wear cowboy hats, it does not mean they are rednecks.
    Just because they are all white, it does not mean they are white supremacists.
    Just because there are no women in the group, does not mean they are sexists.

    But if this group came from the United States, they would ignore their wonderful performance and make the above PC charges.

  2. Our founding fathers I understand had much admiration for the Swiss for their staunch belief in defending their country by citizens with arms. I always keep an eye on the Swiss after the advent of the internet, to see their diligence in defending their Gun rights. Considering their rights are always under attack by the NWO.

  3. Here is an excerpt from… “Guns, Crime, and the Swiss
    by Stephen P. Halbrook, Ph.D., J.D.”

    The link…

    I think you will find this most interesting…

    “In a 1905 report, U.S. Army Captain T.B. Mott lauded the universal participation of the Swiss population in shooting matches, his only reservation being “the evil attendant upon all such assemblages of the people, drinking and carousing and the spending of money during sometimes a whole week.” Actually, the party atmosphere probably ensured the survival of the Swiss militia. Perhaps the suppression of the “drinking and carousing” which characterized the early American militia musters was the reason for the eventual demise of the American militia system.”

    How do you like that? “…drinking and carousing” ???
    Is this why we lost our “American Militia System”?

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