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The Most Wanted Documentary About GMO

no gmo ingredients

This is a long documentary, (about 1 and 1/2 hours), but it is must see. For your sake, your children’s sake and your unborn children and grandchildren, please, watch this video.






  1. Thanks guys! You always come up with the best NEWS videos and information ever! I watched it all, and I believe this is the best presentation on the “genetically modified foods” (GMO) I have ever seen.

  2. Get the message out to your neighbors:

    GO NON-GMOs.

    Healthy food and good water.
    Good rest.
    A lot of moderate plus exercise.
    Be at your life-time best weight.

    (Just a small percentage drop in the sales of a
    product has serious repercussions on the bottom
    line and is a great way to “deliver” the message.

    Not all criminals are in jail. –The “best” have
    government connections.

  3. Not surprising that you tube took it down. Real information about GMOs is being attacked by Monsanto and the other big Ag businesses.

  4. These are “some” of the soft kill weapons being used on us.
    These are the ones that I am aware of. There are likely many more.

    Understand NWO, they want to kill us.
    NWO believes there are too many people.
    They are murdering people by design.
    NWO, Selfish self entitled technocratic sociopaths.
    -Flu shots. I know three people that died of cancer within 3 years of shot.
    -Vaccines with cancer virus and contaminated
    -Food colorings in processed food
    -Cell phone radiation. Really bad for children using cell phone.
    -Smart meter utility meter radiation
    -WiFi wireless radiation
    -GMO food that has been proven to kill rats
    -Fluoride in municipal water
    -Florescent bulbs give off a toxin when hot. especially china mad.
    -BPA in plastics and ond receipt ink

    Yes. It takes effort to keep your family and self out of harm.
    How much harm these thing cause is different depending upon your genetics.

    The wireless/cell and florescent bulb flicker REALLY mess with me.
    Very tangible. Also the GMO corn tears up my stomach. Very sick.

    I have lived off of MRE. Canned foods etc. For Extended time, “No issues.”
    Even eat from third world street venders. Never got sick.
    So I am convinced GMO is really BAD news. Corn chips nearly killed me.

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