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Proposed Mississippi Bill Would Require Registration Of Ammo


It would seem that since the establishment did not get their way during the fervor for gun control set off by the Sandy Hook event, they have decided to try a slightly different route.  State legislation, rather than Federal Registration, is being used to attack gun rights and even ammo rights.  The goal, I believe, is to use the arguments for the 10th Amendment and states rights against the Liberty Movement.  However, what gun control statists don’t seem to grasp is that it doesn’t matter.  The freedoms outlined in the Constitution are not up for reversal or dismissal by ANY government, State or Federal, and we will not accept the transgressions of either as “law”.  Should Federal or State governments be allowed to dismantle the 1st Amendment and freedom of speech?  Most people with any sense would say no, even those on the so called “left”.  If this is the case, then the 2nd Amendment deserves the exact same respect…

Brandon Smith, Associate Editor

If they can’t make you register your guns then Mississippi Senator Sampson Jackson II wants you to register your ammo.

Today Senator Jackson introduced Senate Bill 2030. This bill, known to Sen. Jackson as Keyaurdra’s Law would require that all center-fire pistol and rifle cartridges sold in Mississippi bear a unique identifying mark.  It would further require any person who sells center-fire pistol or rifle cartridge to keep a record of the serial number or unique identifying mark for a period of 5 years.

Sen. Jackson introduced this bill last year and continues to pursue his agenda of gun-control through ammo control.

The legislative season has reached Mississippi, we must stay vigilant because those like Sen. Jackson are always seeking an opportunity to limit our rights and freedoms. This bill would contribute nothing to anyone’s safety or security. It would add expense to gun ownership and limit Mississippi citizen’s ability to protect themselves.






  1. Non compliance to unlawful orders.
    Do NOT register anything.
    STOP being Sheep CT, CA, NY, now MS.
    You impower these idiots everytime you don’t resist
    by non compliance. Understand? NON COMPLIANCE.
    Ignore Obamunism edicts.
    No ObamaCareFRAUD registration.

  2. Not JUST noncompliance – enforce the US Constitution with each state’s organized militia (and no, it is not a federal or state standing military, it is the PEOPLE of that state!), and each state’s Constitution as it’s highest law except where the US Constitution and all that is in PURSUANCE THEREOF IT kicks in – which is lawfully rarely!

  3. Stop obeying.
    Just ignore their “laws”.
    No compliance to ANYTHING unconstitutional.

    I came across this.
    A Letter to the Tyrants in NY:

    Nice read.

    I wish someone would make the letter a post Topic.
    Gives me hope that finally some people are standing up.
    This company is putting what is “right” before profit.

    These guys are the manufacturers of Dura Coat fire arm finishes.

    Also Mag Pul is bailing out of Tyrant Colorado.

    Impeach and ARREST traitors to the republic. Starting at the top.

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