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Potpourri From Around The Web

A Day in the Life

by Shorty Dawkins

The following is a collection of Links of Interest. You could call it a Potpourri From Around The Web. They are articles and videos that give an interesting overview of the state of our Nation and the World.

We begin with a Father who was given six months in jail for paying too much child support and spending too much time with his son. I kid you not.  Father pays outstanding child support, still gets jail time. Of course while he is in jail he won’t be paying child support or visiting his son. This certainly helps the boy and his Mother.

Next we have: Man With Disassembled Airsoft Gun Shot In The Head By Police. He was assembling an airsoft pistol, when a cop opened the door of his car, and seeing the airsoft gun, fired four shots at the man, hitting him in the head.

Chris Christie ally David Wildstein pleads Fifth to panel. Things are getting interesting with the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal.

Two articles from Zero Hedge worth noting: Baltic Dry Index Collapses 35% – Worst Start To Year In 30 Years, and People Not In Labor Force Soar To Record 91.8 Million; Participation Rate Plunges To 1978 Levels. The people not in the labor force are primarily those whose unemployment benefits have run out. The Baltic Dry Index indicator is the price of shipping goods. When the price plunges, it means shipping has plunged.

Jobs Report “Bad News And More Bad News”. Two videos concerning bad jobs reports. But the economy is improving, right?

Here we have a case of spending money needlessly to satisfy powerful interests. Useless $350 million NASA space project mandated by Congress. “NASA will complete a $350 million structure to test rocket engines at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi early this year. Then, it plans to mothball the 300- foot-high, steel-frame tower for the foreseeable future.”

Are You Prepared for a Water Emergency? Deadly Chemical in the West Virginia Water Supply Creates Immediate Shortage. A serious chemical spill near a water treatment plant has made the water coming through the taps harmful.

58 Senators Back Iran Sanctions, Threatening Diplomacy. They seem to want war, not diplomacy.

Meanwhile: White House Dares Democratic Senators Pushing Iran Sanctions To Admit They Want War. I’ll give Obama credit. He’s asking the Senators to publicly admit the obvious.

Everything is hunky-dory, as you can see. The economy is booming, no new wars are in sight, and our Courts and Police are providing us with security and justice. There is no political corruption. Except for the poor folks in West Virginia, everyone should be very pleased with what our leaders and various authorities are doing for our Country. Bon Appetit!





  1. Yakima is close to home too close. So I guess the lesson is to not have plastic parts with you at 3am?
    Of cource they sall it justified! (Shakes head in disgust!!)

  2. “58 Senators Back Iran Sanctions, Threatening Diplomacy.
    They seem to want war, not diplomacy.”

    It’s easy for them. –They don’t do the dying.

    Let “our” Congressional Representatives go to war. But they
    don’t even have the guts to declare war as required by the
    U.S. Constitution.

    They have no problem though staying home and “supporting the
    troops” and passing out medals posthumously to those who have
    died, while they make their fancy political speeches on TV.
    And they didn’t even allow the caskets of those who died to be
    filmed during the Bush Administration as they were unloaded
    from the jets which brought them back home from Iraq.

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