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Obama-Backed Mexican Troops Disarm & Massacre More Civilians

Mexico army

This article comes from the New American.

by Alex Newman

Obama administration-backed Mexican troops opened fire this week on a group of civilians seeking to keep their weapons and rein in ruthless government-linked drug cartels, which have terrorized their communities in the state of Michoacán. The attack sparked an international outcry on behalf of the citizens, who have suffered non-stop brutality at the hands of both government officials and criminal syndicates. News reports, some of which conflict with each other, suggest that around a dozen people were shot and at least four were killed in the massacre, including an 11-year-old girl. A Mexican paper reported that a dozen civilians died in the clash.

Multiple reports and local witnesses said that Mexican forces opened fire on an unarmed crowd, though officials would not confirm that to foreign reporters. Community leaders quoted in press reports said the government was trying to protect cartels. Authorities also claimed not to know exactly how many people had been killed in the clashes, which reportedly began Monday, January 13, when a group of unarmed citizens tried to stop a convoy of heavily armed government functionaries from entering the town of Antunez and disarming residents.

However, journalists and news reports confirmed that there were multiple bodies in the area, and at least several locals reported that their family members had been slain in attacks by government troops. The federal assault came days after local self-defense groups managed to drive out criminal syndicates from more and more towns in the region over the weekend. Spokesmen for local communities said the biggest confrontation involved around 60 to 80 government troops, although hundreds were in the area.

Officials claim they were trying to bring “security” to the region by disarming the civilians, whom they refer to as “vigilantes” for seeking to drive cartels out of their beleaguered communities. Also part of the scheme was enforcing Mexico’s draconian gun-control regime, which critics say violates the human rights of law-abiding Mexicans while contributing heavily to the ongoing reign of terror and murder across much of the nation. “There will be no tolerance for anyone caught with firearms,” decreed Government Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong.

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  1. This may just be a prelude to what could happen here. Citizens are tired of the criminals so they band up and drive them out. The government wants to be in control so they try to disarm the citizens like Hitler did.

  2. Why would anyone be surprised. The Obamunista Regime are purging US generals.
    -The Obamunistas are purging the USA military command structure.
    -Military men of conscience are being replaced by “yes” men.
    -All communist PURGE the military before they begin GENOCIDE.
    -Military officer corp PURGES, and GENOCIDE are ALWAYS part of a communist agenda.
    -Obamunistas PURGED 34 US Air Force missile command key turners,
    responsible for launching nuclear weapons. The so called charges against
    them are chicken poop best.
    -Nuke Weapons were released outside of normal protocols. When Obamunista
    tried to spin up Syria WW3.
    -Number ONE US general in charge of nukes PURGED.
    -Number TWO US in charge of nukes PURGED.
    Made up bs charges also against these two officers.
    -Anyone who says NO to Obamunista Czar is being purged.

    I do not believe that No 1, No 2, and all the other officers and
    these 34 Missile command key turners are are Derelict in duty.
    I don’t believe it. THIS IS A PURGE.
    The Obamunista’s are dangerous not only to America but WORLD stability.
    My guess is that all were fired BECAUSE they are good Officers looking out
    for America and world peace. They are NOT “yes” men.
    You simply do NOT have those responsibilities without being Beyond excellent.
    Spread the word and raise a fuss until purges are KNOWN about.
    This is getting Dr. Strange Love ugly. But for real.
    What about those Naval yard shootings and reports of Security Police ordered to stand down?
    Was it a random act by a nutcase or was it a HIT by Obamunistas?
    What about that Helo full of seals taken out? Bad luck or a HIT?
    God help us all if the MANIAC Jester in Chief is not IMPEACHED ASAP.
    Why is ALL media silent? I’m not that smart of a guy.
    If I see all this garbage playing out WHY isn’t anyone else seeing it????
    Where is Stewart Rhodes? NO coverage here at Oathkeepers. WHY?
    Why isn’t anyone catching any of these MAJOR events? No coverage.

  3. These purges should upset everyone.
    Obamunista, NWO, Anti American communist are Distracting you:
    -They are Magicians.
    -They distract you with Duck Dynasty, silliness.
    -They distract you with fear of them taking your pathetic small arms.
    -They distract you with NSA “revelations”. Actually has been going
    on for 50 years, at LEAST since Kennedy was murdered by NWO assassins.
    You are distracted While Obamunistas PURGE the US Military and put “yes” men in
    charge of civilization Ending weapon munitions.
    We are ALL REALLY in trouble. Civilization and humanity is in extreme danger.
    Why are you silent Oathkeepers? Prove me wrong. Please.
    God help us all.

  4. Thank you “Eyeswideopen” I copied what you wrote and I am going to send it down my e- mail chain, minus the Oath Keepers reference. You said it better then I ever could, bless you and God save the republic!

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