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Oath Keepers And Chuck Baldwin Salute Jack McLamb

Most recent update from Carol Asher:

The following information might be further shared to the benefit of Jack McLamb friends living close enough to either of these locations:

On Saturday, February 8, 2014 beginning at 1:30 p.m. Pacific time at The Life Center, 4432 Highway 12 in Kamiah, Idaho.
Inquiries: (208) 935.7852

On Saturday, February 22, 2014, from 2 to 4 p.m. Mountain time at Faith Builders Church, located at 949 E. Bell Road, in Phoenix, Arizona.
Inquiries: (602) 276.0203

Many thanks to all.

Carol Asher

Jack McLambAbove: Phoenix, Arizona’s most highly-decorated police officer, Officer Jack McLamb

I recall 1999 and my first computer. That was a year which changed my life in far-reaching ways. Getting online for the first time, I was hit with an avalanche of stark Internet candidness, the likes of which I had never seen before. By the next year I had learned enough to know that I must close my store in Georgia and move to Montana. I would walk away from the good life, the 535i, the golf games, nice restaurants, my line of credit, the six-digit cashflow, and see what I might be able to do to help my country. A life-long jewelry designer and gold sculptor, I decided, based on what I was reading online, to close a successful retail jewelry store and move to the Rocky Mountains and try my hand at writing. I decided to trade money and comfort for the peace of mind which comes from serving one’s country by working in the liberty movement.

One of the significant influences which prompted me to want to join the Patriot movement, to actually work for Liberty, was a website which shocked me the first time I clicked my way in. It was Jack McLamb’s “Military and Police Against The New World Order”.  As a Vietnam Veteran I had long known that some serious corruption was on the hoof in Washington D.C., but I was never curious enough to investigate it until I got online. What I read at Officer McLamb’s website made sense to me, and I can say today that his work helped me transition from the Deep South to Montana and a new way of life, a way of life based on working daily for freedom as protected by the U.S. Constitution. Looking back, I smile now at my sense of surprise when I read the words at Jack’s site: “New World Order”. I had never heard those words before. They sounded strange, alien in ways which required that I investigate further. I’ve been investigating the New World Order ever since. I thank Officer Jack McLamb for that.

And now Officer Jack McLamb has died, leaving another hole in my heart, one of many the years have claimed. I never figured on having to lose iconic names in the Liberty movement like Aaron Zelman of JPFO, or Jack McLamb of Military and Police Against The New World Order. Their passing leaves a vacuum in my heart, as it does in many whose lives their works touch.

Many among Oath Keepers’ membership know about Jack McLamb’s work with “Military And Police Against The New World Order” and his tireless efforts to return “law enforcement”, which uses the force of the government to enforce statutes whether said statutes are Constitutional or not, back to the “Peace Officer” status, which is “to serve and protect” We The People. Oath Keepers wishes to acknowledge the life-work of Officer Jack McLamb as we mourn his passing on January 12, 2014.

I have been exchanging emails with Carol Asher since back in 2010. Carol was Jack McLamb’s “right hand” assistant. She and I worked together on a couple of projects for publications, as Jack McLamb appreciated Oath Keepers and wanted articles about our organization in his own publication. She and I became friends. In a recent email I received from Carol Asher I read this note:

We now join with Jack’s wife, Angie, and all his family in extending our deepest gratitude to each and all of you who, by means of your continuous outpouring of love and prayer, provided such comfort and upliftment, particularly during this past very difficult week – – and we can’t help but feel somehow that all of that love and blessing was received personally by Jack as well, on the level of his inner spirit.”

The following day Carol sent this additional note: “Jack McLamb’s sons have created a wonderful profile page on Facebook in honor of their father, and they invite you to visit the site to enjoy the many photos of Jack posted there, and perhaps even share messages of your own. You can find it at

Secondly, for anyone wishing to write to Jack’s wife, Angie McLamb, the address is P.O. Box 627, Poseyville, Indiana 47633.

Oath Keepers’ national Chaplain, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, who was a personal friend of Jack McLamb’s, has published a glowing and comprehensive tribute to Jack McLamb, the man and his work. I will borrow a few paragraphs from Chuck Baldwin’s piece to share with you here, and then send you to read the whole article at Chuck’s website. (Quoting Pastor Baldwin)

“The liberty movement lost another one of its patriarchs last Saturday. My friend, Jack McLamb, passed away. Without a doubt, Jack was one of the staunchest allies that liberty and constitutional government ever had. He was doing it and saying it a long time before most of us were even thinking about it. Jack was top shelf, one of the best. He will not be easily replaced.

“Jack McLamb was a retired Phoenix, Arizona, police officer. He is still today the most decorated policeman in the State of Arizona. And just about every time that Jack would reference that honor, he would add, “I was also the most fired.” I think he was more proud of the second distinction than the first.

“Jack McLamb was the originator of the “Officer Friendly” program where policemen would visit schoolchildren in the classroom. He was an Arizona Regional Police Academy Instructor and a hostage negotiator for the FBI. He was the publisher of “Aid & Abet” newsletter, and president of The American Citizens & Lawmen Association. He was also the author of Operation Vampire Killer 2000, which, in many respects, was years ahead of its time. Jack was an Oath Keeper and before Oath Keepers came along, Jack headed a national organization called Military and Police Against The New World Order. He was also a Vietnam veteran.

“To see a sampling of the numerous honors bestowed upon Jack McLamb and the many positions, assignments, and activities in which he was involved, go here:”

Jack McLamb–Police & Military Against The New World Order

(End quoted passages from Chuck Baldwin’s tribute for Jack McLamb)

Please read Chuck Baldwin’s entire sermon on Jack McLamb’s passing.

Oath Keepers will miss Jack McLamb. We hope to be instrumental in preserving Jack’s legacy.  Carol, thank you for keeping us posted through the final weeks. I join you in thankfulness for Jack’s release from the physical problems. I’m sure that Angie and the family all appreciate your tireless work for Jack over the years, and especially during these final months leading up to the 12th.


Elias Alias, editor

Below is a video with Jack McLamb on the Alex Jones show during Oath Keepers’ first year, 2009.


Url for video:

Update from Carol Asher:

January 22 2014

Dear Friends of Ofc. Jack McLamb,

The McLamb family has requested that we disseminate this notice as widely as possible, looking to the memorial service to be held in Jack’s honor next month, as detailed below.

In receiving this information, please give some thought to anyone else you may know who, living close enough to Phoenix, may be interested and able to attend this celebration of Jack’s life.  We do thank you all for helping to spread the word.

The celebration will take place on Saturday, February 22, from 2 to 4 p.m. (Mountain time) at
Faith Builders Church located at
949 E. Bell Road in
Phoenix, Arizona.

Anyone in need of further information could phone Matt McLamb during his business hours at (602) 276-0203.
Or also, feel free to phone us here in Idaho at (208) 935-7852

Thanks very much again.
Carol Asher,
former assistant to Jack McLamb





  1. I will miss Jack. I was part of his team that distributed his “Vampire -killer 2000” booklets that told the whole story of the “New World Order”. This was in the early nineties before we had the internet.
    When Jack would appear before an audience of patriots he would first appear with suit and tie. After he gave his presentation Jack would take off his coat and tie and would reveal his Police Officer uniform.
    I remember the audience with great applause when he revealed he was a Police Officer!
    He also had a “News Letter” that was addressed to the police called “Aid And abet” newsletter which was a precursor to the Oath Keepers in reminding officers of the “oath” they took to the Constitution.
    I dispatched many of his “Vampires” to many Highway Patrolmen and State Troopers where ever I found them.
    He was involved in the Patriot Movement till the end with his radio internet program on the Genesis Radio Network GCN if I remember correctly where Alex Jones can be found. You could hear his little dogs bark when ever there was someone outside his house, that is how we used to hook-up to the short wave radio in the days before the internet.
    I wanted to get him a Oath Keepers membership myself but I kept putting it off as I do with all my ideas. Now I have another regret I have to live with… God keep you Officer Jack McLamb.

  2. Wish Mr. Jones had not interrupted so much. But that is one of the things he always does.

    Rest in Peace, and know that we will carry on defending and supporting our LEGITIMATE government, the US Constitution, and her people!
    That we will charge, arrest, and prosecute them for their crimes and for treason (those who committed it).

    That we WILL remove judges for NOT using “Good Behaviour” which is the ONLY way – using “Good Behaviour” – they can stay occupying the position they hold. For those who were not aware – they do NOT get their position for life, at least not that I have read in the US Constitution (and in state Constitutions, though I have not read them all … yet).

    God Bless!

  3. Condolences to Jack’s family. Loss is very difficult.
    Hope they are aware of Jack’s positive influence
    on many people, including myself. He woke me up from slumber.
    At first I thought he was a nut. Then I realized him a Genius.
    Jack made a real difference for Liberty.
    He had the courage to stand for America.

    Here is a good video:
    “Policeman Against the New World Order? – Jack McLamb”

    IMPEACH and then ARREST.
    Obamunista’s are purging the US military, Nuclear command structure.
    Number 1 US general -PURGED
    Number 2 US General -PURGED
    34 Missile command key turners -PURGED
    Many Many other military officers -PURGED

    Understand people. Only the BEST of the BEST get those responsibilities.
    I do NOT believe this many men are “bad apples.”
    I do NOT believe the so called charges.
    To Repeat: Only the “best and brightest” are allowed these jobs to begin with.

    Why were nuclear weapons released outside of normal protocols, several months ago?
    What are the Obamunista’s/NWO International Bankers Planning? False Flag?
    An excuse to start WW3? What about sen Lindsey Grahams bizarre comments
    about the east coast being nuked? They WANT a War w/Syria and WW3 that will result.
    Impeach and Arrest.

  4. Post script… He used to say, it didn’t matter what un-constitutional laws were passed. The tyranny would come to your door by someone in uniform. The goal is to remind them of there oath and this will stop tyranny in its tracks!

    Thank you Bill Turner for your video, I got one for you too…


  5. I believe this is the official obit:

    Peace Officer Gerald Jack McLamb, Retired – Age 69

    Our beloved friend and brother, nationally-known peace officer Jack McLamb, Ret., passed quietly into his heavenly rest on Saturday, January 11, 2014 at Evansville, Indiana, surrounded by his loving wife, sons and other close family. He had been in ill health for quite some time.

    Jack was born on July 18, 1944 in Washington, D.C., and schooled there, and later in Tucson, Arizona. After attending various colleges, focusing on areas of selected studies, he served honorably in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. Various successful business ventures followed for Jack, until at age 32, he found what would prove to be his main life calling, as he entered the police academy in Phoenix, Arizona. Serving as a peace officer, Jack quickly rose to prominence, and his awards were many, making him one of the most highly decorated officers in the history of his Department of over 2000 officers.

    Perhaps the most disappointing, disheartening event of Jack’s life was being forced into medical retirement due to severe injuries suffered in the line of duty. He nevertheless continued his life work educationally as a writer/publisher, international speaker, and patriot radio broadcaster on several networks over many years. In 1998, Jack was led to relocate his police and military education association from Phoenix, Arizona to the beautiful mountains of north central Idaho. There, he lived happily until just very near to the time of his final illness.

    What most endeared so much of the nation to Jack McLamb was his great, patriotic heart, his deep love for people, and their constitutionally-guaranteed rights and freedoms, in defense of which, especially, he devoted the last 37 years of his life. Both in active service and ever since, Jack was known to many as “Officer Friendly.” The title stemmed from a national school program of that name, designed by Officer McLamb, in which police officers made the rounds to school classrooms and in various fun and meaningful ways worked to build a bond of trust and friendship between the children and the police. This fine program caught on within Jack’s department, and eventually grew nation-wide in scope, once it was picked up and sponsored by the Sears Corporation. But just in general, all who knew “Officer Friendly” saw him as a living example and demonstration of all that it means to be a Peace Officer – a true friend of the people and protector of God-given rights and liberties, in distinct contrast to being a mere enforcer of man-made laws.

    In life, Jack married and was the father of three sons: Matt (Ginger) and Jeff (Lee) of Phoenix, and Augie (Francis) of San Antonio, and the grandfather of nine: Miles, Kelly, Grace, Nate, Nick, Natalie, Josue, Rebekah and Emily.

    He was of a deeply sensitive nature. His artistic talents showed up early, in paintings dating back to his youth. He excelled in sports such as track, pole-vaulting and tennis. He enjoyed singing, and especially loved the ocean, and adventures like scuba diving and snorkeling.

    In addition to his children and grandchildren, Jack is survived also by his wife, Angela, of Poseyville, Indiana, his sister, Sandra Murray, of Show Low, Arizona, and his Aunt Betty and cousins, Bob and Dudley Hasbrouck, all of Vancouver, Washington. He was preceded in death by his parents, his sister Margaret Frazier of Ashburn, Virginia, Uncle Bob Hasbrouck, cousin George Thompson of Phoenix and others.

    Funeral services for Jack were held at Werry’s Funeral Home in Poseyville, Indiana with a viewing on Wednesday evening, January 15th, and the memorial service at 11:00 a.m. the following day. The services were conducted by Jack’s very dear friend, Pastor Butch Paugh of Nettie, West Virginia. Internment was in nearby Stuartville. Additional memorial services in celebration of Jack’s life will be held soon in Phoenix, Arizona and in Kamiah, Idaho.

    Looking back sometimes on his own life work, Jack used to smile and say, “It’s been good duty.” Indeed it has, Officer Jack. Thank you for all you did to make the world a better place. Though you’ll be sorely missed by all who knew and loved you, we can only commend and offer our hearty thanks, as you go on your way now to a well-earned, happy rest!
    Download: Operation Vampire Killer 2012 Book/Manual on pdf.

    Anyone wishing to write to Jack’s wife…
    Angie McLamb
    Box 627
    Poseyville, Indiana

    Thank you again, and may God richly bless you all.

    Bob and Theresa Huebner
    Jim and Jean Hisaw
    Carol Asher

  6. Jack McLamb is a Lion among men. He may be absent from the body but he is truly present with the LORD.

    I had the pleasure of working for Jack here in Phoenix, at a time when he sent out 10’s of thousands of newsletters to police and military and when his office was labor intensive as he kept a card filing system of 3 x 5 index cards. He and his team (God bless Carol Asher, Bob and Theresa Huebner; and Jim and Jean Hisaw) would take a rubber ink stamp and carefully stamp each card with the date the newsletter publication was produced. The number of stamps on the card indicated if a subscribers subscription was current. Truthfully, even if their subscription expired, Jack would insist on sending the newsletter anyway. He lived by faith and courage.

    Things have changed since, we moved into the computer age with easier systems; Jack and many of the team moved to Idaho to continue the work.

    Jack has a wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ. Do you know him? Jack would like you to know Him too. If you sense you have uncertainty about your future; fear or foreboding; simply ask the Maker of the Universe to come into your heart and fill you with what Jack has. You’ll see. Someone said on a post that his candle is extinguished…. well I respectfully beg to differ; Jack has run a great race; left a strong legacy and has now entered into eternal life and awaits you and me to join him and Jesus with all the lovers for freedom and hosts of heaven.

    This world is a battleground of forces of light and darkness; fear not I AM with you always; even unto the end of the age. Stand and declare the goodness of the LORD and the devil will flee. The devils day is done and he knows it; he just kicking and screaming all the way to hell. Onward courage! You are I now carry the baton in this race.

  7. I copied this from the CSPOA web site…

    I recently learned that my friend and mentor, Officer Jack McLamb, died on Saturday evening, January 11, 2014. He had been fighting Parkinson’s for a number of years. He had worked for Phoenix Police for about 15 years and was the original “Officer Friendly.” But Officer McLamb was a lot of other things; Patriot, Activist, the original Oath Keeper, Author, and the consummate American Peace Officer.

    After being fired by Phoenix P D three times and winning his job back each time through appeals, he finally retired and dedicated his life to converting other police officers to the Constitution and Liberty; a huge job and undertaking! On several occasions throughout our friendship I thanked Jack for his example and for all his dedicated service to our country. Then one last time two weeks ago, Officer Rick Dalton and I had dinner with Jack and his wife in Phoenix. We had the chance to say good-bye and thank Officer Jack McLamb one more time. America is better because of him and our work a little easier because “Officer Friendly” helped pave the way. I will be eternally grateful to him for calling me his friend, but more importantly, for the work he did to save our country. He taught us for decades that we could save America if our nation’s police would do one simple thing; keep their oath of office and follow the Constitution. An idea whose time has finally come. Officer Jack McLamb prayed everyday that it’s not too late. We celebrate his life along with his family and many other Americans. We honor him for who he was and what he did for each of us. God bless officer Jack McLamb.

    Sheriff Richard Mack

  8. I met Jack at a meeting in NC many years ago an found him to be very dedicated to the freedom and the persuit of happiness for our country.

    His dedication to our country was certainly unsurpassed by anyone.

    I am truely sorry to learn of his passing, but know without a doubt he is with God! Someday we will see him again!

    Im praying for his family as its a deep loss for them.

  9. I can not afford to lose any time here in my mission of spreading the Oath Keeper word, but from a friend and colleague of Jacks I have spoken to over the last 20 years, (Dan D. a close friend now) if it were in my power I would attend Jacks memorial. I lost a good Christian friend, Pete about 15 years or so ago, and I am sure the two of them have been locked in some very interesting conversations in Heaven. I put both my friend Pete and Jack on my highest list of respect and admiration. I will however meet them both again soon, by the grace of God. Thank you to everyone who can attend this memorial. God speed to you all. My deepest respect and admiration to Jack McLamb and his family.

  10. Jack McLamb was a good man and a decent man. He cared about the disadvantaged and truly defended liberty – at any cost.

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