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My Potato Project; The Importance Of “Organic”

sweet potato

A young girl learns a valuable lesson when, for a science project, she tries to sprout a sweet potato bought at a supermarket.






  1. GO ORGANIC ! And buy “AMERICAN”. –It is “still” your country.

    Many thanks to Elise. She did a really great job!

    I do the majority of our grocery shopping at PCC Natural Markets here
    in Seattle, WA. PCC is a co-op and has 9 large stores in the greater
    Seattle area, and is adding two or three more this year. Their focus
    is organic and local.

    Their monthly “Sound Consumer” newspaper has a circulation of 51,000.
    PCC alone donated $100,000.00 last Fall to pass Initiative I-522 to
    require labeling GMOs in Washington State, but unfortunately our
    “good” friends at Monsanto, DuPont, Bayer, Dow, etc. came up with
    some real bucks, they poured a total of $22,000,000.00 into the
    “No” vote.

    I would encourage all Oath Keepers to get into health. They are not
    just coming after the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the
    Declaration of Independence, and all of your freedoms and liberties.
    They are also coming after your health. They want all of you.

  2. I think we should all be teaching our children where they can grow their own food and where it came from I live in Florida and this is what it is when we grow up here and we should keep it local. Not everything has to come from the supermarket just remember that we cant grow our dependence on food. In a can ….

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