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Most Feared City In Nebraska

small town life

Max, Nebraska, population 57,  sounds like my kind of place.






  1. Indeed, Incorporation, Corporation meaning Taxation, Budget, Borrowing, Interest, Profit, Employees, Wages, Benefits and Credit then, arrives the Debt accumulation and Budget deficit from over-priced Suppliers of supposedly necessary maintenance, office and financial and Environmental studies, loans and procurements of material and supplies, not to mention possible occasional Union harassment. The Corporate Agenda is Dependence on, not the Independence of not Independence from. Obviously, the DHS, County, State and Federal Governments would consider the population of the town of Max as ‘Low Level Domestic Terrorists’. I am reminded of Colonial America where folks and various communities tended to one another. Thank you for running this about Max, NE..

  2. Maybe that what we should do?
    Retreat to a fall back position by selecting a town
    in one pro constitution state. Normal Americans with Traditional
    red, white, and blue, values vote with our money and ass.We leave.
    We vacate the RED communist, obamunista controlled territories.
    We bail out and let the commies/NWO, pro international banker scum,
    anti constitution dirt bags, have their states.
    Let them dish out entitlements to the ill-legals, and the non productive members
    of multi generational welfare recipients, on the dole.
    They will Fail and Fall just like Detroit in short order.
    Look at Detroit, Bengahzi, Fast and Furious gun running,
    US Military Command structure Purges. Trying to start WW3 in Syria.
    All that trash and Obamunista still jester in chief.
    Why NO Impeachment?
    Why No Arrest?
    Impeach. Arrest. Save our Republic.

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