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Monsanto, Big Food Lobby For Devious National Law As Maine Passes GMO Labeling

GMO tomatoes

by Shorty Dawkins

Maine became the second State to pass a law requiring GMO labeling.

Monsanto, Big Food Lobby for Devious National Law as Maine Passes GMO Labeling

Connecticut was the first. However, both States passed it with the proviso that five contiguous States, with a population total of at least twenty million people, join them. Maine and Connecticut total about 5 million. NH has about 1.3 million, and Vermont, another likely State to pass this type of legislation has less population than NH. Massachusetts would be a key State, as would New York. Will they join in? Time will tell.

Meanwhile Big Food, along with Big Ag, is lobbying the Federal Government to pass watered down legislation and to seek a ban on State laws requiring GMO labeling. Some Counties in Hawaii, California and Washington State have passed resolutions banning the growing of GMO food in their borders.

In Europe there is this, from Activist Post:

EU To Ban Heirloom Seeds and Criminalize Unregistered Gardens

What are they afraid of? Quite simply that given the choice, many people will choose non-GMO food over GMO food. They want total control of the food supply. (Why else is the EU thinking of, in effect, banning heirloom seeds?)

Governments on both Continents are in the grip of the Big Ag, Big Food behemoth. Bill Gates recently bought a large stake in Monsanto, so you can bet his friends are pushing the same agenda.

Some will say there is no conspiracy, that this is merely the hand of free market forces. Hogwash! This is big money going after total control of the world’s food supply. It is a vast conspiracy! It is what Benito Mussolini called Corporatism, which was his slight variation of Fascism. We have Corporations colluding with government to restrict all competition. With competition either eliminated, or severely reduced, those still standing, being the big boys, will reap all the benefits, and as a bonus, they will control us all.

He who controls the food supply controls everything.





  1. “If the people let government decide what foods they eat
    and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be
    in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live
    under tyranny.” –Thomas Jefferson
    (A great Virginian, a great Southerner,
    and a great American.)

    The quote from Thomas Jefferson is still right on, and it
    is still timely.

    Those who want to enslave us are serious, “real” serious.
    They work at it 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, year
    after year. And they “never” give up.

  2. My sister lives in Maine. She is a true organic guru. Very healthy girl.
    She would love his article.
    The only difference between government officials and a deer in my garden is that the government officials WILL NOT be eaten after they are shot.

  3. -Vaccinations with mercury to dumb you down.
    -Vaccinations with dangerous pathogens and cancer cells.
    -Fluoride in the water to make you docile.
    -Porn, sports, celebrity drivel to distract you.
    -DOD scripted movies and tv.
    Only God knows what mutants they are now putting
    into the food supply with GMO. The companies don’t fully understand implications.
    Do you really think pesticide resistant plants can be good for your children to eat?
    I get violently sick with stomach issues when I’ve eaten GMO corn.
    They say it kills rats that eat it. What about our children that eat it?
    Control the Media. You control the Masses Mind.
    Control the Food. You control the Masses-Population.
    Control Firearms. You control and negate the masses ability to say NO.

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