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Lindsey Graham Got Censured Again

Lindsey Graham

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina,  is losing his base in the State. County Republican committees are censuring him. Why? Because of principle. He pretends to be a Republican, but does not follow the Republican Platform. Be it right or wrong, Republicans, (or Democrats), should identify with the Party Platform. Else, why call themselves Republicans or Democrats? People in South Carolina are tired of the hypocrisy and deceit. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor


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by Joshua Cook

Last night, Pickens County GOP publicly rebuked Senator Lindsey Graham by passing a 30-point censure resolution. This makes Pickens County GOP the 7th Republican group that has passed similar resolutions so far in South Carolina.

The censure cites 30 examples of Graham violating the Republican Party platform.

The censure states: “Lindsey Graham has committed a long series of actions that we strongly disapprove of and hold to be fundamentally inconsistent with the principles of the South Carolina Republican Party.”

The censure resolution passed by 78%.

Pickens County GOP Chairman, Phillip Bowers told’s Joshua Cook, “I have yet to talk to a single person who believes that an elected office is a life time job … we need to change them out, like diapers, they need to be changed from time to time.”

“… I can tell from the mood that the people were glad that we were taking a stand for our platform. The local representatives in the state house and the federal officers just trample on our platform. If they don’t agree with our platform … they shouldn’t run on our Republican platform and habitually ignore it. Is it really ethical to run as a Republican in Pickens County, but then go to Columbia and consistently vote with Democrats? And you can look at their records. We have representatives at home that say they are Republicans, and go across the river down there and vote the other way.”

“We are going to have to start standing up and tell elected officials you’re either with us or you’re not – we need to clean it up,” he added.

Pickens County GOP 2nd Vice Chair, Michelle Wiles told Cook, “…people are sick of it. People do not want the same status quo … and we see that tonight. 18 people passed it (censure resolution) … I want to say to the people who stood up and said yes tonight … I’m so proud of them.”Executive committeeman, John Schafer, told Cook what the censure resolution meant to him.

“It says what Lindsey Graham needs to hear,” said Schafer. “He’s lost his support, he’s gone against his base, and he’s gone to the other side. Our resolution was based on 30 points. You can’t do that and keep your fan base.”

Sen. Graham’s hometown is Central, SC, which is located in Pickens County. Losing support in his own backyard is a huge blow to the Graham campaign.

Other Republican groups throughout the state are planning to vote on similar censure resolutions like the one below.

.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO-S.C.) has been censured by yet another local Republican Party organization, the website is reporting.

With the support of 78 percent of its members, the Pickens County Republican Party passed a cookie cutter resolution this week accusing Graham of committing “a long series of actions that we strongly disapprove of and hold to be fundamentally inconsistent with the principles of the South Carolina Republican Party.”





    —————————————————————————————————- Opinion
    November 8, 2013
    “This week, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) introduced a bill that would outlaw abortion after 20 weeks, on the premise that a fetus at that stage of development can feel pain. His Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is a federal version of legislation that has been approved in 13 state legislatures, including Texas.”

    “2012 South Carolina Republican Party Platform —
    The South Carolina Republican Party affirms the Jeffersonian declaration that life is the first
    inalienable right. We grieve the loss of over 35 million innocent lives lost to abortion since
    Roe v. Wade in 1973. We acknowledge that all human life, born and unborn, has intrinsic
    worth. We believe that the unborn and the new born child have a fundamental right to life
    which must not be infringed. Accordingly, we believe that the Fourteenth Amendment’s
    protection should apply to unborn children. We support the reversal of Roe v. Wade
    through judicial action or through passage of a Constitutional Human Life Amendment.


    On just the issue of abortion, the anniversary of the “infamous” Roe v Wade decision being now recognized –that is the killing of 55,000,000 plus children in their mothers’ wombs, Lindsey Graham might be out of step with the South Carolina Republican Party, but he certainly is not out of step with the National Republican Party and its endorsement and “specific” legislation legalizing infanticide at the time of birth. But maybe it should be more appropriately called the termination of a pregnancy or fetus, a choice, abortion, etc. Take your choice in what one deems to be the most appropriate word.

    “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” –What will they come up with next! And they say this with a straight face!

    But Lindsey Graham has “plenty” of company when it comes to compromise of so-called Party positions.
    They can “start” with the leadership of the Republican Party, its prior President and its last
    Presidential nominee.

    55,000,000 = ?
    (I don’t want to balance the equation for America since I am an American citizen and I live in America.)

  2. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina, is the
    one that was making statements that east coast would be NUKED
    if USA did not go to war with Syria. Statements were made while several
    weapons were being moved out of Dyess AFB Home of 7th Bomb Wing.
    Located just outside Abilene, Texas. Weapons were moved without
    following standard protocols or paper trail.
    Go to:
    for details.

    Number 1 and Number 2 US general in charge of nuke dismissed. PURGE
    34 missile command key turners dismissed. PURGE
    Many many more officers within US military command structure dismissed. PURGE
    THIS IS A PURGE. All communist/fascist regimes do this. PURGE good men of conscience.
    Obamunista’s with those like Lindsey Graham are stacking the command structure with
    yes men that will blindly follow and turn the damn keys to start WW3 and end civilization.
    That is what the sitrep seems to be.

    Do NOT dismiss what I’m saying without, “Looking it UP.” THEN RAISE A FUSS.
    When is the Impeachment? Why no Arrests?
    I personally do NOT believe that many incompetent officers rose through the ranks
    to gain those responsibilities, if they were goofs or foul ups. NOT that many.
    This is a Obamunista NWO —-PURGE.
    The Navy yard shootings might have been a Obamunista NWO hit instead of a nut job?
    Why were Police told to stand down during that event?
    I doubt this will be allowed to be posted. Reality makes people very uncomfortable.
    We have CRIMINALS in control of our country. They are criminally insane and go against
    all reason. THERE IS NO ACCOUNTABILITY for their actions.
    The Obamunista NWO do ANYTHING they wish. This is a FACT that normal people will NOT FACE.

  3. Some of the company Lindsey Graham keeps(?):

    And the list goes on and on and on.

    I won’t comment on Senator McCain, since I have respect for the “office”.

    But I guess that a comment from the Democrat Branch of the Democrat-Republican
    ONE Party might suffice:
    “Fred DuVal, a Democrat who plans to run for Arizona governor, called the censure
    an ‘outrageous response to the good work Sen. McCain did crafting a reasonable
    solution to fix our broken immigration system.'”

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