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Illinois Proposes ‘Legalizing’ Medical Marijuana As Long As Patients Surrender Second Amendment Rights

guns and pot

This sounds like a combination divide and conquer, and extortion campaign. Extort the gun rights from the lefties who could probably care less about them, while dividing them from the right-leaning pot smokers from the left-leaning ones. It’s not surprising. Government uses every trick to keep power and control. Machiavelli would be proud to know how this proposed law has dual purposes. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

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by: L.J. Devon, Staff Writer for Natural News

(NaturalNews) Lawmakers from the state of Illinois have proposed new medical marijuana rules that coerce patients to surrender their Second Amendment right in the application process.

The new medical marijuana “legalization” bill requires Illinois citizens to undergo a background check, be fingerprinted and pay an additional $150 fine for using marijuana for medical purposes.

On top of that and most disturbing of all, Illinois citizens will also be required to sign away their right to own a firearm in the application process.

Personal liberty and responsibility has become a dead idea in the state of Illinois, as the right to bear arms becomes a perishable right dictated through laws regulating strict control of a plant.

Illinois forcing citizens to give up their guns if they want medical pot
Under the new rules, people who want to treat themselves with something other than dangerous pharmaceutical drugs will be required to give up their guns in the process.

Both caregivers and patients will be required to surrender their firearms, and any state-approved FOID cards or concealed carry permits. According to the proposal, state police will be in charge of enforcing the gun control sanctions.

Moreover, the Department of Agriculture will be enlisted to develop rules for cultivation centers, and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation will be employed to draw up rules for dispensaries. More power to the state!

The plan also dictates the reasons for which caregivers can prescribe cannabis, outlining 41 specific medical conditions that pre-qualify patients to seek a patient registry medical marijuana ID card. The ID card will permit approved patients access to 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana every two weeks, to be administered by a certified caregiver.

Isn’t it strange how the state limits the potential of a plant but turns a blind eye toward the mass distribution, destruction, and death coming from many pharmaceutical drugs?





  1. If any one gives up their god giving and constitutional rights in that god awful state then all hope for the good people of Illinois is lost.I left Chicago some time ago and have not looked back the only thing I say is don’t give up anything then what your drivers license. Your kids how far are you willing to go people of Illinois the wolf is at your door are you going to sneek out the back door to shoot the wolf or are you going to open the front door and let him in the chose you make now is the line in the sand.stand now or kneel forever the chose is now yours illiois.I mean just look at the way your politicians disregard you now it will only get worse.

  2. When you compromise with evil you have totally surrendered to defeat in all areas of life. Never compromise with evil, satans crowd for they have no truth in them. You are then defeated in life and awaiting death. A politician is nothing more than a prostituted person, whose price and words changed constantly for their own personal gain for money or power. Their character is lacking in truth and principle, therefore they can’t be trusted at all. The enemy is at your door, what are you going to do, protect your life and your family or open the door to be killed or harmed. Please tell the enemy no and if you proceed I have God given right to defend my self and property. That might mean I shoot to kill, your choice. I have told you mine.

  3. I’ve caused the legalization of Marijuana for years, and still do. I think its prohobition is one of the single most reasons people will go out of the way to take guns. WHile I support this legislation I do not suport taking their rights away. I think its tims to change the question on the 4473’s about marijuana use. I also think it’s high time to start questioning some of the felon laws and DV’s that take ones rights away. Not because I want bad guys having guns but since we started this slippery slope after 1968 were seeing it’s fruits which means us all losing our guns!

  4. If pot is no worse than alcohol according to our esteemed ruler president. Why does anyone have to give up their rights given by our founders. If it’s legal? What’s next cigarettes? So I guess this is the angle that State and The Fed are going to take now to get rid of our arms. Try to get people to sign off on their second amendment right on things that are legal. The next step is what? People who own cars and drive? Car are dangerous you can get in an accident and God forbid if you have a weapon in the vehicle you could possibly lose it and use your weapon in anger. So just sign ze paper. It’s for your safety and others safety.
    These low life pols will try anything to take our rights away. By the way I don’t use the stuff but I occasionally have a beer. But I drive everyday. And I smoke. If anyone comes to my door and asks me about anything remotely close to giving up my rights so I can be safe? All their going to get is a door slamming in their stupid face.

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