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Gun Owners: Be Careful If You Pass Through Maryland

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This article was written by Lily Dane and originally published at The Daily Sheeple

A Florida concealed carry permit holder had an unpleasant run-in with a Maryland police officer while traveling through the state.

John Filippidis and his family drove from Florida to New Jersey last December for Christmas and a wedding. He knew he’d be traveling through states that aren’t gun-friendly, so he left his gun at home.

“I know the laws and I know the rules,” Filippidis said. “There are, after all, ways gun owners can travel legally with firearms through hostile states. But I just think it’s a better idea to leave it home.”

Filippidis was followed by a Maryland cop on I-95 after passing through the Fort McHenry tunnel. He said the cop flanked him, pulled ahead of him, and then got behind them. After about ten minutes of that, the officer pulled Filippidis over.

“Ten minutes he’s behind us,” John says. “We weren’t speeding. In fact, lots of other cars were whizzing past.”

The officer was from the Transportation Authority Police. He asked Filippidis for his license and registration. Around ten minutes later, he returned and asked John to exit his vehicle.

Filippidis told the officer his gun was at home in his safe.

Apparently the officer didn’t believe Filippidis, because he began questioning his wife, Kally, next:

“Your husband owns a gun. Where is it?”

First Kally said, “I don’t know.” Retelling it later to the Tampa Tribune, she said, “And that’s all I should have said.” Instead, attempting to be helpful, she added, “Maybe in the glove [box]. Maybe in the console. I’m scared of it. I don’t want to have anything to do with it. I might shoot right through my foot.”

That’s when things escalated. The officer confronted Filippidis:

“You’re a liar. You’re lying to me. Your family says you have it. Where is the gun? Tell me where it is and we can resolve this right now.”

Of course a gun could not be produced, since it was home in Filippidis’ safe.

This prompted the officer to call for backup, as the Tampa Tribune reports:

Kally’s failure to corroborate John’s account, the officer would tell them later, was the probable cause that allowed him to summon backup — three marked cars joined the lineup along the I-95 shoulder — and empty the Expedition of riders, luggage, Christmas gifts, laundry bags; to pat down Kally and Yianni; to explore the engine compartment and probe inside door panels; and to separate and isolate the Filippidises in the back seats of the patrol cars.

Almost two hours later, after no weapon was found, the Filippidis family was given a written warning (the offense was not noted) and the ordeal ended.

How the officer knew that Filippidis owns a gun has not been revealed. MTAP is conducting an investigation and could not comment.


Lesson #1:  Guys, please try to find a girl with at least an iota of common sense, it will save you a lot of trouble down the road.

Lesson #2:  Consider carefully the consequences of registering your firearms.  This is what will likely happen to you on regular basis as socialist state governments complicit with the federal government continue to debase the 2nd Amendment.





  1. License Plate Recognition software.
    1. The Cameras mounted on Police cruiser scan the license plate.
    2. The software runs the License Plate number through a database.
    3. The database correlates the subjects Name with Concealed Carry Records.
    This is also how the power structure will target and round up patriots.
    They will be, or are being rounded up Quietly without a fight.
    The target surrenders to law enforcement authority.
    Once in custody, no phone call allowed. No bail. No attorney.
    No one knows where the subject is. Or who’s custody he is interned by.
    The subject is then listed as a “John Doe”, or moved to another outside jurisdiction.
    Often this is a Regional Law Enforcement Center. NOT the local jurisdiction arrested in.
    That way your family and friends can NOT find or locate you.
    You can then be disposed of. Notice that Animal control has crematoriums.
    Animal control uses the ovens to dispose of strays remains.
    Animal control often located very near these regional centers.
    Look up Reno Nevada.
    Airport+Jail+Animal control at ONE location. This is by design.
    Fly em in. Jail em. Erase remains with cremation. “But big O loves you.”
    EVERY radical communist regime in history has used Genocide.
    But this time they will be “high tech”. Targeting is easy.

  2. I know that there are a lot of oathkeeper LEOs who may be offended by this, but if an LEO stops you and acts antagonistic then it is safe to assume right up front that they are not your friend or looking out for your best interest. Respectfully refuse to answer any questions.

  3. The new license plate recognition software
    automatically scans the car license plates.
    Then software located in the police cruiser runs the plate numbers
    through the laptop computer/software. Database takes/scans thousands
    of plates to very quickly run through the database.
    A red box come up on laptop computer screen in police cruiser to indicate a hit.
    The hit can be a person of interest.
    A person on the Watch list.
    A stolen vehicle.
    A tag number associated with a crime.
    An outstanding warrant.
    Or in the above case a concealed carry permit holder.
    This technology will at minimal be used to harass or target enemies of the Amerika czar.
    There is no probable cause required for the stop other than a random scan and then a hit.
    You do not have to have done anything wrong.
    Also if you are some how associated with a vehicle. Even though it is not in your name.
    They will stop you. Harass. Or arrest you.
    This is happening right now. New cruisers have this capability.

  4. Due to the above stated facts the above described Officer has Drank the Kool Aid and has to be considered “Down with the Establishment” and not to be Trusted or counted on. When the Fit hits the Shan. I saw of lot of these pretenders, these mopes were,”Street Dodging Boot Licking dogs.” They would belittle and attack law abiding citizen(Patriots), because they were sure that they would not be involved in a situation that would become confrontational and out of control dangerous. My partner and I would challenge these Officers to go down to the”Intersection of Walk and don’t Walk, and FUCK with those Savages, and guess what, they declined every time. Some Law Enforcement Officers will say who the Hell are you to comment about Police Officers. I served and was Honorably Discharged from the United States Navy during Vietnam War, or as they try to re-write History conflict. I then served Forty Years (over a Quarter of a Century)in the New York City Police Department’ and I am BRONX born and bred. To all my Brothers and Sisters in Arms ” Be Alert” Be Tactical” Go BUFFALO BILLS

  5. I guess the story answered my question, or at least tried to assume someone would as how they knew of a concealed permit. That’s why unless they ask never volunteer info.
    I’ve heard too that 4473’s are a back door registration even if it’s not supposed to be. attrocities all when will we admit peacefull means are done?

  6. The time has arrived.
    No more fence sitting.
    The so called government is obviously controlled by criminals.
    Criminals, communist, NWO anti-Americans, are at the helm
    of our country. Criminals are in charge.
    The NWO International Bankers and obamunista’s are out to
    bring down our economy, our dollar, and take our Freedom and Liberty.
    Make a choice:
    -Will you comply and assist the criminals?
    -Will you passively resist and NOT obey?
    -Will you actively resist and take a stand for Freedom and Liberty, when the time comes?
    Or just cower in the corner as thugs kick in your door to drag you off to camp FEMA?

    My choice is made:
    Do NOT follow. Do NOT register anything. Do NOT comply or obey.
    Encourage others to passively resist ANY and ALL tyrant regimes.
    My money and time is being spent DAILY trying to wake people up and IMPEACH.
    Have you done ANYTHING today to help the cause of Freedom?
    Call 10 strangers each day. Encourage them to call 10 each day.
    Just refer them to the “Storm Clouds Gathering” videos posted here.
    We can stop this Czar Tyrant and the WW3 they are attempting to instigate.
    We must RETAIN our Rights and Freedoms NO matter the cost. IMPEACH.

  7. Good! That is what we need is more “RON’s” around here who tell it right like it is… Ron God bless you!

  8. Please Be Advised: When Pulled over by ANY Law Enforcement.
    1. Buy a camera for your vehicle. Record the stop interaction.
    They can be had for less than 100 dollars US.
    2. When pulled over immediately call someone on your cell phone.
    Lock your doors. Do not roll window down more than half way.
    You MUST let someone know where you are. What jurisdiction making stop.
    3. Have a bail bondsman on a speed dial. Call immediately and let them
    know where you are and have them on stand by.
    4. Have an attorney on speed dial. Notify immediately same info as above.
    location, jurisdiction.
    5. Start video stream record also on cell phone.
    YOU MUST make these calls and make sure camera is rolling
    BEFORE police interaction or while interaction in progress.
    Do not leave vehicle until calls are made.

    We live in very dangerous times. Once in custody you will not get a call.
    They will often make up any charges.
    You will be kept without due process. No call. No bail. No lawyer.
    They ARE disappearing people. Happening already.
    I know it seems unbelievable. I don’t think many of the beat officers even
    know what is happening once they pick people up. They just haul the target in because
    a warrant is in the computer.
    The technology allows a few to control, target, and round up the many.
    They will often list people as John or Jane Does so you can not be found.
    They will transport you out of the area arrested and move you to a Regional Center.
    I have seen people moved 3 and 4 times.
    This is devised to confuse anyone trying to find you.
    Don’t follow above advice at your own risk of being disappeared.
    “Better safe than never being herd from again.”

    DHS is arming to wage war, against you.
    7500 Drones are, for you.
    IRS targeting is for anyone not Obamunista compliant.
    Police armoring up with battle field grade gear, for YOU.
    Technology used by the Tyrant in power to control and eliminate.

    If population wakes up we will Win back our country. But they MUST wake up.

  9. In the 1940 movie, The Mortal Storm, Jimmy Stewart portrayed the difficulties of life under the rising tide of the Nazis. I cannot help but remark upon the paralyzing fear that some persons experience when confronted with evil.
    A young woman in this film behaved much in the manner of this man’s wife, sacrificing her family and family friend when questioned by the self serving Nazi authorities. In this instance, a woman died after having come so close to freedom, because of the weakness of another.
    We are going to have to steel ourselves to resist this human weakness in ourselves or be at peril. We live in an increasingly hostile world and not unlike the effects of an auto immune disease, our own government is turning on its citizens.
    A licensed holder of a firearms permit should be able to travel anywhere without be disturbed in their person. The fact that the trooper knew this individual had a permit to possess, was sufficient to leave him alone as he was exercising a Constitutionally guaranteed right.
    Unfortunately, the Constitution has been ravaged in principle, and no longer exists as our Supreme Law of the land.
    It is unrecognizable to the authorities as our Charter which guarantees our rights, and instead is dismissed for the vagaries of whim and whimsey. We now live in a totalitarian state.
    Benjamin Franklin said this day would come. It is now upon us:
    “I think a general Government necessary for us, and there is no form of Government but what may be a blessing to the people if well administered, and believe farther that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in Despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other.
    We need to emulate Professor Viktor Roth in the above mentioned Mortal Storm:
    ” I’ve never prized safety, Erich, either for myself or my children. I prized courage.”

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