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DIG: A Short Film About Liberty


A beautifully done short film by Toby Halbrooks about individual rights and the innate sense of simple , honest liberty born within children.  I loved the message!






  1. Absolutely priceless!

    What if….. On July 4th, we all dig a hole? You don’t need no permit. Maybe you’ll find your lost freedom, buried deep down in that hole. Maybe, …… by digging that hole, you can reclaim freedom.

    Little things, like digging a hole, or Mothers banging on pots and pans, spark ideas of freedom.

  2. Keep watching if you love it – keep sharing we are in 2nd place – if you feel this is about liberty.. keep sharing and view it to give us a vote!

  3. Dig a hole?
    Then …make it a fighting trench with sand bags and
    sand bag overhead cover.
    Don’t forget the grenade sumps on each end.
    If you are going to dig a hole, “Dig it right.”

    Makes me laugh to think what the TYRANTs would do
    if they went into a suburb neighbor hood and ALL
    of the front yards had a well built fight trench
    with sand bags. LOL.

    How would code enforcement and the Home Owners associations
    right that one up?

    Get some exercise. Sure “dig a hole”.
    And you have a useful “property improvement.”
    Not worried about DHS thugs with Armor.
    “Just the wife that would beat my ass with cast iron pan
    for ruining her lawn!”

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