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Detroit’s Chief Of Police Says More People Need Guns! “I Think It’s Acting As A Deterrent”

Police Chief James CraigChief

The following is a CNN segment concerning a statement by the Police Chief of Detroit who said more Detroit residents need guns. “”I think it’s acting as a deterrent. Good Americans with CPLs translates into crime reduction, too.”






  1. What you must understand about the constitution-hating gun grabbers is that they are not interested in safety for the law-abiding citizens. They are only interested in safety for the criminals, which most of them are… when only the common criminals and their minions are armed, they’ll be much safer, for they can afford to have an armed security detail. You and I can get bent if we let them have their way…

  2. Real soldiers of the hood will have their guns no matter what the laws are. Detroit is a urban warzone. Pistols sounds off like drums and electric guitars. Worse come to worse my guns if I have them or these fist will draw first. The bloods kill innocent women on their inituations. Grandmas mothers get smoked on porches and kids have to wear bullet proof packs. The ways of man and animals are the same. People prey on the weaker and defenseless to feed their satanic tendecies. Mexicans in LA kill black people as a green light that was given by Mexican mafia. In beef you have to worry about dudes with sons and guns. As for me, if anybody violates my circle thats around my temple: I will break them down. As goes to all gangs. Sons of Anarchy, bloods, Ms13, or whoever you may be.

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