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Chesty And The Duke


Oath Keepers has often alluded to the only Marine who could possibly rival Chesty Puller for the title of “Greatest Marine of All Time”.  That would of course be General Smedley D. Butler. And though General Butler comes in as a very close second behind General Puller, I’m betting my bright orange Agent Orange Health Club T-shirt that if it went to a vote today across all Marines from Pendleton to Lejeune and all who are deployed, the vote would come in to carry Chesty Puller as the ultimate, the “Greatest Marine of All Time”.

If you ask John Wayne, he’d probably tell you the same thing.

I’d like to thank Oath Keepers’ General Counsel David Rivers for fetching this excellent documentary. David Rivers is a USMC combat Veteran and holder of the Purple Heart, as he was wounded by rocket blast while fighting in Viet Nam.  Semper Fi, Brother!

Enjoy some rare footage from the “Frozen Chosin” and other scenes from Marine Corps history, as John Wayne, true to form, renders, in his own style, proper tribute to a true American military hero.






  1. Great video!! John and Chesty are at the top of my hero chart. We sorely need men of this caliber in todays world.

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