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Canadian Warns Americans About Gun Registration

Older Canadian Form
Older Canadian Form

This is a rather well-done video by a Canadian newscaster. It treats of the phenomenon of massive-scale gun registration, which at present is not only happening in Connecticut but also is being discussed at the Federal level. Is the Fedgov deliberately pushing American gun owners to the brink of revolution? That question is a very popular question lately, as millions of Americans are asking it. Each woman and man will make up her/his own mind about what is, or is not, going on regarding our guns and the government’s interest in our guns. Regardless of what anyone thinks, here is a video which cuts to the chase and may help some of our readers here answer that question for themselves.


Connecticut, you’ve much to ponder. Colorado and New York, you too have much to ponder.  May God be with you.

Thanks to North West Liberty News for fetching this one. They have a good commentary to supplement the video. Go <here> to read it.


Elias Alias, editor





  1. Everybody saw what happens when people stood up against “taking off” a stupid TV Show, when they talked about moral issues. Didn’t anyone in Connecticut put “two and two” together on that?

    I wish I could of been there by that “long line” for gun registration in Connecticut. I would of chastised every one of those chicken yellow sheeple. Like, with a bull- horn like Alex Jones uses…
    People need to get organized in Citizen Preservation Teams with Oath Keepers every where, so we can preserve are gun rights and our Constitution.

    Look for the “join up” link on this page and join Oath Keepers today, for your Country! Your children! for the Constitution!

  2. “Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not.”
    Scariest quote ever for this means they will come looking for those that don’t do this!
    Will need help when this is implamented and will help if called upon but need to know who when and where!

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