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Ben Swann Calls BS On SOTU Salute To Wounded Veteran

Ben Swann
Ben Swann

This is the stirring three minute  video Ben Swann is circulating in the wake of President Obama’s SOTU.  Swann asks questions the liars in Congress refuse to voice.

Again we note: the Constitution requires a Congressional declaration of war, which has not happened since WWII. Swann wants to know why we’re fighting in undeclared wars? Good question. He talks of suicide rates among Veterans, which is running at more than 20 suicides every 24-hour day – yes, 20 or more Veterans per day are killing themselves. And what shall Cory Remsburg do for the rest of his life? And the question of the year is – “Why?” Why are they wounded, torn, amputated, disfigured, sickened, dying of mysterious diseases from over there, and committing suicide at such high rates?  Why? Why are they dying? What shall we tell their families?

Please watch the three minute video at Ben Swann’s site:

SOTU Cory Remsburg Standing Ovation, Embarrassing For Congress






    And send All those who are clapping to Afghanistan, regardless of
    age, sex or physical condition.

    The scene of those clapping is one of the most disgusting scenes
    that I have ever seen.

    I am reminded of a three-year-old whom I baby-sat, along with his
    twin sister and three brothers, when I was a teenager. At eighteen
    the twin boy enlisted for Vietnam, and at the end of his first tour
    he reupped for another tour in Army helicopters. On the Christmas
    Eve into his second tour his mother opened the front door of her
    home to see an Army officer. She had already lost her first husband
    in the Second World War. Shortly after the twin boy’s death his twin
    sister enlisted. Fortunately she survived the war.

    Let those clapping ask the “mother” and “widow” about war.

  2. The worthless meatbags clapping are doing nothing more than using this broken up soldier that deserves so much more than just a few minutes of fame and glory. They are using him to conjure up images in the minds of able bodied men to enlist and play in their criminal wars in order to keep forward march with their agenda. Come on, join, get blown up and become a hero. There will be justice done to the millions that have suffered at the hands of the unjust and evil perpetrators cloaking themselves as good and patriotic leaders…in due time.

  3. Regarding above:
    “They are using him to conjure up images in the minds of able bodied men to enlist…”

    –Unfortunately that is what he is allowing them to do. They have taken his health.
    But they want more. –They want his endorsement. There is no limit on what they will
    “take” from those who serve in the American military.

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