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Trump cabinet officials want to thin forests to prevent fire disasters

by David Benda U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue said Monday it’s time to go on the offensive to reduce fuel loads and manage forests better to diminish the chance of future catastrophic fires. Perdue joined Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke for a roundtable of local elected officials, law enforcement and business leaders at Karline’s Restaurant […]

Democrats Counting on Ignorance and Apathy to Swing Midterms

It’s up to you to share information with those in your sphere of influence. Regularly. No one can or will do it for you. If you don’t do it, it won’t get done.

The DOJ ‘Will Not Partner With Groups That Unfairly Defame Americans’ Like the SPLC

by Tyler O’Neill On Wednesday, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions denounced the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for weaponizing its “hate group” designations against conservative organizations, and pledged that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will not partner with hate groups or groups that defame Americans. He spoke in front of the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), […]

Black Pigeon Speaks On The Russian Hysteria

Russia did it!!!!! It’s the Russians!!!!!!

We hear that constant refrain from the Far Left almost daily. The Far Left needs a boogeyman and Vladimir Putin has been chosen to be it.

Dr. Steve Turley Discusses Two Recent Polls

There are two recent polls that show a sizeable increase in two things: Trump’s approval rating and secondly, support for secession.

I find it interesting that support for secession has increased recently, mostly among Democrats. They hate Trump, and the anti-Globalist movement so much, that after years of pooh-poohing secessionists movements, that the Democrats now are beginning to see it as a viable option.

Do Not Go To College

Coach Red Pill has some advice for those who are considering going to college: Don’t Go!

Why not? Because you are setting yourself up to be today’s version of an Indentured Servant. The debt you will burden yourself with, through college loans, will keep you in debt slavery for many years.

Full Frontal Attack!!

As we get closer to the November elections, the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Globalists, both in the Democrat and Republican Parties, are attacking Trump relentlessly, which is a sure sign that they are nervous. The vaunted Blue Wave is in trouble.

Internet platforms are suspending, or canceling, accounts of Conservative and Libertarian pundits and journalists with increasing frequency. We know about Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, andv two people at the Ron Paul Institute, but there are many more, not necessarily canceled, but at least temporarily suspended. Some of the suspensions are for 90 days, which just happens to mean that they are suspended until after the elections. Convenient.

Twitter Bans Conservative Commentator Gavin McInnes

And so the purge continues.

One of the latest to be purged, this time by Twitter, is Gavin McInnes.

The Globalist minions are desperate to control the narrative, as they continue to see their support dwindling. None other than Lord Jacob Rothschild has warned that the “New World Order” is at risk. Thus we see the purging of anti-Globalist Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts. They seek to block all who oppose them. Yet, even as they block one person, like Alex Jones, the traffic at InfoWars has surged.

Ron Paul Liberty Report

For those who may be looking for sources of news and opinion outside of the Globalist Mainstream News consortium, I would recommend Ron Paul’s Liberty Report.  Also, the Ron Paul Institute. The more alternative news sites you have available to peruse, the better informed you will be. Below is a sampling  of two videos presented […]