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‘Junior’s Law’ Shows How Supposedly ‘Good’ Intentions Open Door to Tyranny

“A new legislation inspired by the killing of Lesandro ‘Junior’ Guzman-Feliz was announced … with the aim of protecting children from gang and other forms of violence,” Pix 11 reported Thursday. “The proposed Safe Havens for Endangered Children legislations, also known as ‘Junior’s Law,’ would require that all small businesses be a safe haven for […]

NEA Whistleblower: Teachers Unions Setting Stage for a Civil War

  The below write up is from a current National Education Association (NEA) employee who is disturbed at what is happening inside teachers unions and feels compelled to speak out. NEA INSIDER: The NEA just held their national convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 30-July 5, 2018, and adopted the following resolution: New I. White Supremacy […]

Stewart Rhodes and Matt Bracken on Hagmann Report Tonight, 7:30pm Eastern

  Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes and Navy SEAL Veteran Matt Bracken will both be interviewed together tonight, July 16, at 7:30PM Eastern, on The Hagmann Report.  Interview will run 90 minutes, until 9pm Eastern. Go here to watch Topic tonight will be:  How will the right respond should the left initiate widespread political violence/ […]

More Americans Want Larger Families!!!

In the following video, Dr. Steve Turley discusses a coming demographic revolution. It seems that conservatives are having larger families, while secular Liberal families remain below replacement levels.

‘Migration Is Not a Fundamental Human Right’

Amanda House, Breitbart’s Deputy Political Editor interviews Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó.

Hungary has been in the forefront of preventing waves of illegal immigrants from entering their country, and Europe.


Special Counsel Robert Miller has indicted 12 Russians concerning their alleged involvement in attempting to sway the election of 2016. All twelve are Russians, living outside the US in areas where the hope for extradition is slim to non-existent. So why indict them, and why announce it just before Trump’s meeting with Putin? The answer, […]

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS – Featuring Stewart Rhodes & Sheriff Mack

Good Guys With Guns How an Armed Citizenry Deters Tyranny and Atrocities  Progress Report 14 July 2018   Dear GOOD GUYS & GOOD GALS, The interviews of STEWART RHODES, PASTOR CHUCK BALDWIN, SHERIFF RICHARD MACK and LARRY PRATT are done and you can see them in the two trailers below.  Please note, as the interviews […]

Trump Ambassador Lobbies UK to Release Tommy Robinson!!!

Tommy Robinson is still in prison, but he is not forgotten. As the British government seeks to stifle dissent, they are actually fueling opposition through Britain and the world. Ambassador Brownback, it is now reported, by Reuters, sought to gain the release of Tommy in June. Today, a large rally was held in downtown London […]

Tribalism & Manufacturing Consent

Manufactured consent is brought about in many ways, of course, one of which is to keep the populace attention on trivial matters that allow for the expression of the natural tribalism inherent in all of us.