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Twitter Bans Conservative Commentator Gavin McInnes

And so the purge continues.

One of the latest to be purged, this time by Twitter, is Gavin McInnes.

The Globalist minions are desperate to control the narrative, as they continue to see their support dwindling. None other than Lord Jacob Rothschild has warned that the “New World Order” is at risk. Thus we see the purging of anti-Globalist Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts. They seek to block all who oppose them. Yet, even as they block one person, like Alex Jones, the traffic at InfoWars has surged.

Ron Paul Liberty Report

For those who may be looking for sources of news and opinion outside of the Globalist Mainstream News consortium, I would recommend Ron Paul’s Liberty Report.  Also, the Ron Paul Institute. The more alternative news sites you have available to peruse, the better informed you will be. Below is a sampling  of two videos presented […]

California Wildfires Caused By Radical Environmentalists

By Katy Grimes   August 11, 2018 Our forests are now catastrophically overgrown, often carrying four times the number of trees the land can support.  In this stressed and weakened condition, our forests are easy prey for drought, disease, pestilence and fire.—Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) The United States Forest Service was originally founded to protect forests […]

Dinesh D’Souza delivers an Amazing speech

Dinesh D’Souza delivered an excellent speech before the Young America’s Foundation, recently, in which he destroys many myths perpetrated by the Progressive Left.

One of those myths is that fascism is a philosophy of the Right. Fascism is a collectivist philosophy, which places it on the Left side of the political spectrum. The Nazi Party was officially the National Socialist Party. Socialism is a collectivist philosophy.

Progress Report 09 August 2018 – New Good Guy Interview

Stephen Willeford — a good guy with a gun — describes what happened on November 5th, 2017 in Sutherland Springs, Texas at the First Baptist Church when a madman with a gun killed 26 churchgoers. Willeford, a trained, long-time NRA Member, engaged the active shooter thus saving many lives and setting a heroic example.   […]

A Symposium: Keeping Our Kids Safe – A Call to Action!

On 9/22/18 you will hear from experts who know what it takes to stop the killing of our kids and what must be done right now. So get ready to ACT on 9/22/18 and join with other Citizens to make sure our kids are safe. Let’s end the debate and take action.

Disparity in Official Responses Suggests Political Motivation to Suppress Dissent

It’s not unfair to wonder if his prosecution had less to do with the law and with justice than it did with discrediting, sticking it to and neutralizing an obstacle to their ambitions…

The Purge Continues

As could be expected, the banning of Alex Jones and Infowars has not stopped with YouTube, Facebook, Spotify and Twitter. It has spread to more platforms, (MailChimp, LinkedIn and Disqus) who claim it was because of “hate speech”. Hateful to whom, you might ask? To their agenda?

This is obviously censorship under the guise of protecting against “hate speech” which includes, in their warped minds. anything which goes against their Globalist Agenda.

Are you ready to evacuate your home in 5 minutes?

How long do these homeowners have to evacuate their home before the flames hit the house, and crowded exit roads are moving too slowly, or are blocked by downed trees and flames? We all hope that we won’t have to face a situation like this, but for peace of mind, we should be prepared and […]