A Gallery of Oath Breakers


Top Oath Breakers
Red-Coat-Obummer Red-Coat-Biden Red-Coat-Holder Red-Coat-McChrystal
Barak Obama
Vice President
Joe Biden
Attorney General
Eric Holder
Stanley McChrystal
Red-Coat-McCain Red-Coat-Graham Red-Coat-Levin Red-Coat-Kerry
John McCain
Lindsay Graham
Carl Levin
Secretary of State
John Kerry


New York Oath Breakers
Red-Coat-Cuomo Congresswoman-Carolyn-McCarthy Red-Coat-Bloomberg Red-Coat-Peter-King
Andrew Cuomo
Carolyn McCarthy
NYC Mayor
Michael Bloomberg
Peter King


California Oath Breakers
Red-Coat-Feinstein Red-Coat-Boxer Red-Coat-Pelosi Red-Coat-Brown
Dianne Feinstein
Barbara Boxer
Nancy Pelosi
Jerry Brown


Stay Tuned… Many More Oath Breakers To Come

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  1. You’re going to need many, many more pages just for all the oath breakers who voted for the NDAA.
    And that’s just for starters.

  2. You will need some serious bandwith to include all the Oath breaker scum..just an observation.

  3. May we please add King George the V (’President George Bush II)? He signed the Patriot Act, setting in motion the process and reasoning that was used to push other tyrannical legislation through for his signature.

    Thank you!

  4. I’m pretty sure Hillary Clinton should be on this list as well. The Benghazi scandal alone warrants her status as a despicable oath breaker.

  5. I am not sure if Bush II should be on the wall of shame didn’t he lift the ban on weapons used by all.

  6. Bush 1 and 2 should be up there. Bush 1 NWO, Bush 2 Patriot act. And I totally agree, fill this page up. Big Sis would be a good one along with Valery Jarret.

  7. If you linked the pictures to a page stating what they did to get included on the wall, then it would help visitors to the site.

  8. Yes, I agree:

    BOTH Bush’s, especially Bush Jr. for his signing and passing the “Patriot Act,” which Obama Capitalized on with his “National Defense Authorization Act,” making it more broad.

    Don’t forget Janet Napolitano, she’s a huge traitor and Oath Breaker.

  9. Listing their unConstitutional crimes committed is a great idea!

  10. Beautiful! I was hoping to see something like this. I think A good old fashioned tar and feathering would make it complete.
    Thanks for your Oath Keepers service!

  11. How about a “demand for resignation” letter sent to all?

  12. How about including Republicans on this list for crying out loud! Stop with the Demo bashing and get real. Yes, you have a couple of token GOP and yes, the Dem’s you list are awful, but that is not enough. Republicans and Democrats as they now stand are a united threat against this country. Both Parties are the problem not the solution!

  13. I agree with comment #12. The Republican Party is as responsible as the Democrats. They take the oath and consistently violate it.

  14. To posts # 12 and 13:

    I totally agree, as does other Oath Keepers leadership. You will be glad to know that we’re compiling a list of “R”s to be posted as quickly as possible, but we’re a bit stretched thin right now on the personnel side of things. I would just like to pr0mise you that the damned Republicans are as guilty as the Democrats in destroying our Constitution, and Oath Keepers is not about to let them slide on it. We will have more Republicans up as soon as we can get them fitted for their Red Coats.

    Elias Alias, editor

    2/3 of the Vietnam veterans have died. Why?

  16. Don’t forget New York Representative Jose Serrano. He introduced House Joint Resolution 15 in Jan 2013 in order to repeal the 22nd Amendment via a new Constitutional Amendment.

  17. I think the number is very large. I believe all those who have taken an oath to support and defend the US Constitution yet have worked to bring the USA under the governance of a NWO are traitors, period.

  18. Will we have an opportunity to add state agencies, legislators, judges, bureacrats, sheriffs, and others not listed here who are outwardly treasonous as well? The tyrannical agendas in several states is becoming as painfully obvious as at the national level.

  19. I would STRONGLY recommend keeping the list reasonably short. I know you could easily have hundreds if not thousands of names, BUT, your list would lose emphasis and credibility if it gets out of control. You could always keep a top ten list and then rotate others on a monthly basis.

  20. Sorry for the misspelling Kelly Ayotte New Hampshire

  21. @Joe V.: good points, never thought of that.

    Perhaps an exhaustive list of all oathbreakers in one section, then a Top Ten List of REAL American’s Most Wanted in another??


  22. Any update for when the Republican red coat hall of shame will be online?? Know you are busy. Thanks for your work..

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