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Oath Keepers announces we’ve placed a billboard at the D.C. Metro White House Station on August 12, 2013. With the placement of this billboard, we call on all White House employees to honor their Oath to the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. We call on them to stop hiding their actions beneath a veil of secrecy, and to expose any violations of the Constitution. President Obama has stated in many speeches his Administration has been the most “transparent” Administration in US history. It is time the actions of his staff matched his rhetoric.


Below are some LIVE photos from the DC Metro station near the White House:

The below Billboard is one of three Oath Keepers signs that were at the
D.C. Metro Pentagon Station in July. We think James Clapper looks just right as a stand-in face for Big Brother.


All Patriots Have One Thing in Common

Tyrants Always Brand Them as Traitors.

Snowden is a Patriot. SILENCE is Treason

“In the end the Obama administration is not afraid of whistleblowers like me, Bradley Manning or Thomas Drake. We are stateless, imprisoned, or powerless. No, the Obama administration is afraid of you. It is afraid of an informed, angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised — and it should be.” – Edward Snowden

When Edward Snowden blew the whistle and exposed NSA spying on Americans, he did the right thing. He honored the oath he swore to defend the Constitution by warning We the People of what was being done to us, by our own government, in direct violation of the Constitution. Snowden could not use the “normal” channels for reporting unlawful behavior because our government is controlled and dominated by oath breaking criminals and Constitution killers, from top to bottom. It is absurd to demand that he report crimes against the Constitution to the very criminals who are committing those crimes. They are not going to hold themselves accountable. The only recourse is to blow the whistle to the real bosses, the American people, so the people can hold them accountable. And that is exactly what Snowden did. And that is exactly what you should do if you have similar knowledge of violations of the rights of the American people and violations of the Constitution you swore an oath to defend. You have a duty to speak out.

The regime, and those complicit in its crimes, want you to think that speaking out and exposing them is “treason.” This should come as no surprise. No oppressive regime in the history of the world, no budding dictatorship, ever acknowledged the illegality and illegitimacy of its actions. To the contrary, every oppressive regime that has infested a nation has perverted the host country’s legal system to make its crimes “legal” and to turn the legal system into a weapon to silence not just dissent, but also to silence those who seek to expose its crimes. It is no different here, in the United States. As Congressman Ron Paul noted, “truth is treason in the empire of lies.” That is what the regime believes. But in reality, silence is treason when our Republic is being destroyed from within.

You have a duty to speak out, to expose what is being done to the American people and what is being planned to be done to them. Your country is being destroyed from within, by an unconstitutional, illegitimate, rights-violating cancer. You must take action to stop it, by exposing it. Whether you do so anonymously, or openly, as Snowden did, you have that duty.

Will you let all they fought, and died for, be in vain?

If you remain silent out of fear for your own skin, you become complicit in the destruction of our Republic, and you will have made the sacrifices of all of our war dead – from Lexington Green, to Bunker Hill, to Iwo Jima, Normandy, to the mountains of Afghanistan, and in every other battle throughout our history – all for nothing.


And when we are forced to fight another revolution against a regime that is going down the same path as King George, we will hold you just as responsible as the oath breakers your silence is helping to conceal, because you did not speak out when you could have. History is waiting for you to do what is right.

“Edward Snowden made the critical point to me (Glenn Greenwald) about his statement to Wikileaks which is that the U.S. government no longer fears him, just like they don’t fear Bradley Manning, because Manning already did all of his leaks. Mr. Snowden has already made sure that the documents that he took will eventually be revealed in a responsible way.

What they’re afraid about is two things: one, that future whistleblowers will be inspired by their example to come forward and blow the whistle on secret wrongdoing, illegality and deceit, and secondly, that the American people will become informed about what the U.S. government is doing in the dark and in their name and against them. It’s to make sure that the American people — that’s the real enemy — don’t learn what they ought to know about what their government is doing in the dark.” – Glenn Greenwald

In a recent interview with Reason Magazine, Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes had this to say about Edward Snowden exposing the NSA spying:

He is an example of what needs to be done by anyone who has knowledge of such gross violations of our rights. We need more to stand up, because this is surely the mere tip of the iceberg of the infrastructure for a police state that is being built over us.

This is about far more than supposed attempts to ferry out al Qaeda operatives. This is part of a growing Stasi and Checka style surveillance police state which tags, tracks, and prepares plans to detain dissidents with the “Main Core” database of millions of Americans who the regime considers a “threat.”

And this is also really about the absurd claim that the U.S. is a battlefield and the Fourth Amendment doesn’t apply to the President’s “surveillance of the battlefield.” That was the claim of neocon, government-supremacist Bush lawyers, like John Yoo, and that idea that the Bill of Rights is trumped by Executive war powers has also been the consistent claim of Obama lawyers such as Harold Koh, justifying even the targeted killing of Americans.

And that absurd view, that so long as they call it “war’ they can sidestep the Bill of Rights and act like Stalin, is shared by both Republicans (like Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain, and Rep. Peter King), and Democrats like Harry Reid (who tells us it’s been going on for seven years, so don’t worry about it).

Unless we the people purge out these oath breakers from BOTH parties, we will find ourselves in a nightmare dictatorship and we will have to fight to throw it off.  Sweat now or bleed later. Purge them all. – Stewart Rhodes

When the Bill of Rights is Being Destroyed by Elements Within Our Own Government, Your Silence is Treason.

Honor Your Oath to Defend the Constitution by Exposing the Oath Breakers Within Government.

Editor’s note: In 2007 I stood before the Montana Senate Judiciary Committee to speak to a bill on the national ID idea. I held up to that Committee in my left hand my copy of a book by Zbigniew Brzezinski, “Between Two Ages: America’s Role In The Technetronic Era“.  I read selected lines from Brzezinski’s book, as follows, to alert the Committee members to the fact of a political coterie of shadowy powers who move aspects of the General government’s daily policy of handling and shaping the press and media and Federally guided education in a purposeful trans-generational war to control the perception of the public consciousness. “MindWar”. Some of the Senators could see that after they heard these words -

“The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.

“Today we are again witnessing the emergence of transnational elites…[whose] ties cut across national boundaries… It is likely that before long the social elites of most of the more advanced countries will be highly internationalist or globalist in spirit and outlook….

“A national information grid that will integrate existing electronic data banks is already being developed…. The projected world information grid, for which Japan, Western Europe, and the United States are most suited, could create the basis for a common educational program, for the adoption of common academic standards….

“The nation-state is gradually yielding its sovereignty. … In the economic-technological field, some international cooperation has already been achieved, but further progress will require greater American sacrifices. More intensive efforts to shape a new world monetary structure will have to be undertaken, with some consequent risk to the present relatively favorable American position.”

Brzezinski published those lines in 1970. There is a plan, a drive, a sinister lurking power seeking to control the world’s population and restructure our social and cultural mores in ways no free people can peacefully accept. That is where the NSA and so many other facets of our Intelligence community are in need of having a little bit of light shown upon them. But about Brzezinski – He was President Carter’s National Security Adviser; he is the guy who helped engineer the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1979; he is the co-founder with David Rockefeller of the Tri-Lateral Commission. He is also one of President Obama’s closest advisers. He’s a player, and he’s not elected – he is the footman for the internationalist coterie of financiers, and, like his running buddy Henry Kissinger, he is one of the most powerful men in Washington D.C. And he published the above in 1970, forty-three years ago.

What we’re seeing here today is the manifestation of a long-held plan by the most powerful men.  Brzezinski is part of the machinery which moves the biggest powers on earth, and he saw back then (1970) the potential to control society, to assemble databases, toassert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

This has been built deliberately, using tax payers’ dollars to subjugate all taxpayers over decades. This goes to the anatomy of the mechanism. It is deified statism (worship of the state as omnipotent God). And Washington D.C. is afloat with people who believe the statist line as if it were a religion.  Brzezinski and ilk are inspired to control and regulate society, and they just chance to believe that society should be a socialist utopia. If that sounds bizarre, consider this, which Brzezinski also has published:

“Marxism represents a further vital and creative stage in the maturing of man’s universal vision. Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man over the inner, passive man and a victory of reason over belief… “

So that is what is behind the NSA’s spying. The marriage of socialism with fascism for an oligarchy riding the military-industrial complex for thrills and profits. And that is why “they” did not want you and me to know just how deeply into everyone’s lives they are peering. They do not want us to see that they are even now creating the next “enemy”, and that that “enemy” is the American people. Why else would they lie when confronted about their assaults on the Constitution? Here is James Clapper, for example.

Clapper Apologizes For ‘Erroneous’ Answer on NSA

By AP / Kimberly Dozier July 02, 2013


WASHINGTON— Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has apologized for telling Congress earlier this year that the National Security Agency does not collect data on millions of Americans, a response he now says was “clearly erroneous.”

So there we have the Great Kahuna, the Director of National Intelligence, telling fibs to Congress without dreaming that a young Snowden would ping him on that lie big time. Further down this article you’ll also see four-star General Michael Hayden, former head of the NSA and former head of CIA lie to the Press Club about the “probable cause” phrase of the Fourth Amendment. Liars. What about that Werner woman who took the Fifth Amendment after issuing her statement of innocence while covering for “somebody” in the IRS discrimination scandal. We’re beset by liars, at best. Every time a government official lies to the nation it is to cover up something government does not want the governed to know. A gigantic tug-of-war is going on for the control of your and my perception.

Below is the first released video statement of Edward Snowden after blowing the whistle on NSA spying on Americans:

Below is an article by Glenn Greenwald concerning Edward Snowden:

Edward Snowden: The Whistleblower Behind The NSA Surveillance Revelations

Here is an article by Thomas Drake, an earlier whistleblower:

Snowden saw what I saw: surveillance criminally subverting the constitution.

So we refused to be part of the NSA’s dark blanket. That is why whistleblowers pay the price for being the backstop of democracy. – Thomas Drake, NSA whistleblower.

Here are two articles from Washington’s Blog worth looking at:

Is This the REAL Reason for the Government Spying On Americans?

The Fact that Mass Surveillance Doesn’t Keep Us Safe Goes Mainstream

Read about Obama’s “Secret Kill List” here:


NSA Constitutional Violations – Judge Andrew Napolitano – Geraldo

Here are two videos from hearings before the House of Representatives titled;

Bi-partisan attack on NSA: Rep. Sensenbrenner & Nadler GOES OFF At Fisa Hearing – You’re Deliberately Not Answering My Questions

Former U.S. Senator Sends Message of Support to NSA Whistleblower Snowden

This link takes you to a video titled: The next generation of surveillance. You should watch it.


Domestic Extremism Lexicon-2009

This document, (in PDF form), put out by the Department of Homeland Security, is the document that labels basically everyone who disagrees with the FedGov on anything an extremist, and by extension an extremist is a “terrorist” since the Lexicon’s definition of “extremist group” is nearly identical to the definition of terrorism in Federal statutes.

From that document: ”

(U) patriot movement (U//FOUO) A term used by rightwing extremists to link their beliefs to those commonly associated

with the American Revolution. The patriot movement primarily comprises violent antigovernment groups such as militias

and sovereign citizens.(also: Christian patriots, patriot group, Constitutionalists, Constitutionist). [Editor's note: Believe in the Constitution today and DHS thinks you're a radical extremist. What else is left to say?]

This is a link to a more recent version of the Domestic Extremism Lexicon.

The following article is on the Oath Keeper website:

“Domestic Terrorism and Extremist Groups” Instructor Blames Founders for the “Evolution of Domestic Extremists and Extremist Groups” in America

Missouri Information Analysis Center Strategic Report – 2009 “The Modern Militia Movement.” (which demonizes as “extremists” supporters of third party presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr).

West Point Cadets Taught Patriots Are Terrorists

Consequence Management Response Force CCMRFs now training on US soil! Martial Law NorthCOM (from 2009) (discussing the assignment of active duty military to domestic deployment under NORTHOM.

FBI’s next generation ID roll out…will you be in the database?

The top secret rules that allow NSA to use US data without a warrant


“….the Fisa court-approved policies allow the NSA to:

• Keep data that could potentially contain details of US persons for up to five years;

• Retain and make use of “inadvertently acquired” domestic communications if they contain usable intelligence, information on criminal activity, threat of harm to people or property, are encrypted, or are believed to contain any information relevant to cybersecurity;

• Preserve “foreign intelligence information” contained within attorney-client communications;

• Access the content of communications gathered from “U.S. based machine[s]” or phone numbers in order to establish if targets are located in the US, for the purposes of ceasing further surveillance.

The broad scope of the court orders, and the nature of the procedures set out in the documents, appear to clash with assurances from President Obama and senior intelligence officials that the NSA could not access Americans’ call or email information without warrants.”

NY Times on FISA Court’s Secrecyand NSA July07 2013


NSA in Utah: Mining A Mountain of Data


History of the NSA’sECHELON –


An illiterate Four Star General could not find “probable cause” in the Fourth Amendment. Worse, he was running the NSA, and stepped down to run the CIA. Watch as he tries to convince the Press Club in Washington D.C. that “probable cause” is not in the Fourth Amendment:

What it’s coming to:


Wikipedia on PRISM http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PRISM_%28surveillance_program%29


Here is a wonderful outline from Washington’s Blog, used with permission. Enjoy it at its original site or read it here.


Cheat-Sheet On Spying

Posted on July 14, 2013 by WashingtonsBlog

Start Here If You’re Too Busy to Read Up on the Spying Scandal

If you’ve been too busy to keep up with the spying scandal, here’s an overview:


DARPA scientists want to create database of all conversations

Your digital footprint could be getting a whole lot bigger: Pentagon scientists are searching for a way to transcribe every real-world conversation that happens into computer-readable files.


Top Secret America: Here is the doorway into a maze.

On this first page-


we get a glimpse of the magnitude of the Washington Post’s research by a dedicated team for over two intense years, and we’re then ready to see the point of embarkation into a world of surprising discovery – the top secret world of “Defense” and related contracting, here -


Tracking one’s progress into deeper levels of The Washington Post’s remarkable two-year study on “Top-Secret America” without getting lost is not easy. Reading into the site by using its convenient selection charts one begins to see the infrastructure of a control grid which boggles the mind. It pays to copy-paste into a word file each page’s url in succession, so the sequence between charts can be kept in order for one’s notes.

we see that there are 45 government Agencies and Departments working in Top Secret America. The chart is arranged from left to right to show orgs from the “most-busy” status to least-busy” status in Top Secret Work. The upper tabs on this page offer info on: “Intelligence”, “Military”, “Homeland Security”, “Unconventional Warfare”, “Weapons Technologies”, and more. Did I say, “Unconventional Warfare”? Yes. When we click that tab we’re given a choice between three separate sectors: 1) “Counter-IED Ops”, 2) Psych-Ops, 3) Special Ops. Clicking on “Psych-Ops” we’re given a page


where we see that 18 of 45 government Agencies are working on top-secret psychological operations and that there are 37 companies from the private sector also working on top-secret psychological operations. That is a lot of companies/businesses doing government contract work for a subject known as “psychological operations”. Among the agencies doing psy-ops we see “CIA”.

If we click on “CIA” we learn that 114 companies are doing Top Secret work for CIA. That page is here:


You are encouraged to spend some minutes poking about at the Washington Post’s super-story on Top Secret America. Then have your bookseller send you a copy of this book – “Spies For Hire” by Jim Shorrock. Here is the description for the book at Amazon dot com on:

May 6, 2008

In Spies for Hire, investigative reporter Tim Shorrock lifts the veil off a major story the government doesn’t want us to know about – the massive outsourcing of top secret intelligence activities to private-sector contractors. Starting during the Clinton administration, when intelligence budgets were cut drastically and privatization of government services became national policy, and expanding dramatically in the wake of 9/11, when the CIA and other agencies were frantically looking to hire analysts and linguists, the intelligence community has been relying more and more on corporations to perform sensitive tasks heretofore considered to be exclusively the work of federal employees. This outsourcing of intelligence activities is now a $50 billion-a-year business that consumes up to 70 percent of the US intelligence budget. And it’s a business that the government has tried hard to keep under wraps. Spies for Hire provides the first behind-the-scenes look at this new way of spying. Shorrock shows how corporations such as Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed Martin, SAIC, CACI International, and IBM have become full partners with the CIA, the National Security Agency, and the Pentagon in their most sensitive foreign and domestic operations. He explores how this partnership has led to wasteful spending and threatens to erode the privacy protections and congressional oversight so important to American democracy. From CIA covert actions to NSA eavesdropping, from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo, from the Pentagon’s techno-driven war in Iraq to the coming global battles over information dominance and control of cyberspace, contractors are doing it all. Spies for Hire goes behind today’s headlines to highlight how private corporations are aiding the growth of a new and frightening national surveillance state.

That was written in 2008 at Amazon. Some alert patriots have seen this coming for decades. In fact, ever since this nation’s founding each generation of Americans have boasted their generational wisdom as carried forth in the tradition of the Founders and their Original Intent. Many of those sorts of Americans are into reading books. The more one knows, the more one grows, yes? Such folks have been called “conspiracy theorists” for many years, even decades. But it ends up that they’re the ones who saw where domestic and foreign “policy” were going and were smart enough to know that the weakness in human nature which permits greed and avarice assures that the employees of the infrastructure of government secrecy shall permit the unthinkable to happen in spite of their well-meant and best intentions. The ones who’ve read up on history and could see the template being built for a social and cultural structure which in fact can be described as Brzezinski said it above – “a more controlled society“. In every generation such patriots arise, all the more so when oppression has reared its ugly head.

Here is a patriot who is standing up right now:

Please come back often for more updates. We are just getting started with this subject.

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  1. I will gladly share some of my meager -$700/mo to fight tyranny, the WACO slaughter, the Hakken fiasco, and help directly for Snowden.
    It seems the constitution as it was promised and taught me, is not. It is a U.S. government against the people. Is all government against the people? Or does it just seem that way and I am mistaken?

    thank you

  2. cwc

    WE are being governed by traitors.

  3. This is great work guys!
    You are reaching far and wide to bring it here in one place…and you say you are just getting started? That does it…I’m joining OK today!

  4. Snowden? Really? You guys lost me there. China? Russia? Really? Muhammad Ali would not serve, would not honor the military draft. He was dead wrong but I respect him anyway because he went to jail and it cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars. Snowden? China? Russia? Really? C’mon guys


    [RESPONSE BY STEWART RHODES: What oath did they betray? The oath to a "culture of corporate secrecy" as the new director of the CIA put it? You don't want them exposing unconstitutional actions? That was not their oath. When they exposed unlawful actions, by letting We the People know what is going on behind our backs, they did us a great service. This nation was never meant to be ruled by a secret government, that spies on us, and treats us like the enemy. Is that what you swore an oath to uphold? No, it was not. Those who blow the whistle on unconstitutional acts are not cowards. They are patriots. Those who would sacrifice liberty, and our Constitution, at the alter of security, are the true cowards. Those who swore to defend the Constitution have a duty to speak out, and speak up, when it is being violated, whatever the personal cost, and even if you don't like it. You need to take a good, hard look at what is being done to our nation by those in power].

  6. Thank you this is Great! To think some people say Oath Keepers are not doing enough… I say, God bless the Oath Keepers! Thanks again Stewart for my family and our country.

  7. Thank you for coming out and supporting the HERO Edward Snowden!

    Politicians always speak of bipartisanship. We now have it. Those scumbags that want to protect the constitution and those scumbags who do not.

    Republican or Democrat – If you are against the constitution and the will of the people you must go. This means you PETER KING, MCCAIN, and GRAHAM.

  8. stop the big brother , and all his administration !

    Defend Freedom !

  9. Unfortunately.. Although there may be some who will do the right thing.. Obama is clearly bringing troops in from other countries.. MUSLIM countries.. that have no problem disarming Americans.. and doing anything else their master asks them to do.. We need action now..

  10. Dear OathKeepers, I am Eric. I am simply asking a simple question and I would love to receive a reply on this. What is it going to take for this raised and corrupt government out of power.
    You have all the information you need already, they have already violated ALL of the citizens rights.
    Your Org is said to be here to stop this from happening and yet its getting worse and worse and now all I am seeing is crap for sale and information… NO ACTION!!!!!

    November 5th please stand in Unity with Anonymous and stop this system from permanently destroying America.

    Thank you

  11. We are behind you in this important effort. The work at the Alamo and in D.C for veterans and in support of Constitutional Rights is awe inspiring.

    Those who can, join and support any way you can. Spread the word about this important organization.

  12. I heard Stuart Rhodes on the Alex Jones show a few weeks ago, and he was talking about something called the Civilization Preservation Teams to be set up in towns and cities nation-wide. Is that really happening? I live in Bozeman, Mt, and I have been trying to get an answer from ANYONE at the Bozeman chapter of Oath Keepers to let me know if there is a CPT operating currently, or is in the process of being organized. I would really love to contribute my time (and money if I have it!) to this idea. I believe it is imperative that the real patriots organize NOW, NOT LATER. Time is growing short, and the tyrants are at the door. Its LIBERTY or DEATH!

    [Editor's note: Jeff, if you gave us your correct email address when you posted this comment, you will hear from me by email within minutes. I hope you know where Four Corners is, west of Bozeman. ;)
    Elias Alias, editor - and - Montana Oath Keepers]

  13. Using secondary roads and traveling only at night, truckers from more than a dozen four-truck convoys have made their way from the west coast to Camp Grayling in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, where they unloaded their cargo: more than 100 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles – MRAPs.

    100+ U>N. MARKED

    FEMA Camps Prepare For Civil Unrest
    Using secondary roads and traveling only at night, truckers from more than a dozen four-truck convoys have made their way from the west coast to Camp Grayling in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, where they unloaded their cargo: more than 100 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles – MRAPs. This informat…


  14. The original source for this article is the Bobby Powell website:

  15. I too am wondering if you are involved in the Civilization Preservation Teams. Would want to hook up with one in my area – Western Md.

    Thank you for all you do.

  16. I was honored and excited to be asked to speak before my brother and sister Anons in D.C. November 5th..I was also happy to be meeting a good friend whom I met here and giving that friend a lift. Having another in my care posed quite a problem for me though. I am not the 24 year old who earned his belts in Judo and Jui Jitsu many years ago. In fact my old decrepit body was paying for those years in studying the arts. I suppose working the freight docks and diving in college contributed as well. I only mention these facts in evidence that I really had to think long and hard about protecting my friend and myself on the road. Arthritic neuropathy is a bitch I can tell you.

    I had been threatened and had trepidations on bringing my gun as I had said many times to others to leave theirs at home. I had no intentions to bring it to the event. Of course in retrospect, this decision was to come back to bite me in the ass big time. But then and there I believe my reasoning was sound. It is not as if the roads are the safest place in the world, especially with a threat pending. Honestly, I didn’t think anything might happen, just covering my bases. After all, I have a legal right to carry to protect myself, do I not?

    Picking up my friend in Tennessee and traveling “the long and winding roads” there, I had done as I have many times before, I would ‘draft’ a car or two making time along the way.

    I had been to Charlotte, N.C 10 times and back, of course. Visiting my brother from another mother, Gary Beals and his wife Patricia.

    I have driven to Tarpon Springs, Florida, New York city, twice, Atlantic City N.J., Myrtle Beach, twice, Austin and Corpus Christie,Texas, Nashville, Tennessee, Atlanta, Georgia and all over the state of Ohio for business and pleasure. I probably forgot a few cities and damn sure can’t remember the total of all those miles. The point is that by following the ‘drafting technique’ I never once got a ticket. Figuring the first or second driver before me would be ticketed, stood me in good stead all these years. If they would be going crazy fast I would follow the speed limit. Never going more than 5-10 miles over anyhow. I had lost some time getting lost along the way to the pick up and piss poor directions. I will never travel without “Garmin” again! And yes, I did print out directions before I left. Did you know there is a Murfreesboro in Kentucky AND Tennessee?

    On the dark and winding roads in Tenn. I was following a guy who passed me going 100 mph. min. and another going 90! I felt 80 in a 70 was plenty fast enough. Eventually I see a troopers car in the distance, the lights atop and behind and in front are on and flashing. Couldn’t help but notice it! I check my speed and see that I was going 70, as I had set cruise at that speed, discretion being prudent. The other two cars in front were gone in the wind moments before.

    Low and behold I get pulled over, not the two previous malcontents of the highway. The cop sits and runs my plates, taking his good old time, and then comes and asks for license and registration. Goes back to his car and does his deal, returning to ask me to get out of my car. Seeing a blank prescription bottle of pills in my map holder in the door, he asks what they were and I tell him they are Vicodin which I take for pain and for which have a doctor’s script . I had taken only seven of my bottle back home as I have to make them last until my next visit to the clinic. He asks if I have proof of the prescription and I said there was an empty bottle on the floor of the backseat. I had thought that I had my previous bottle there and told him he was welcome to look for it. Knowing full well that my gun was behind my seat, on the floor there. Hiding nothing and well within my rights to have it with me. He takes me to his squad car and orders me to spread my legs and put hands on hood while he pats me down.

    By this time “Bubba”, his partner shows up and is questioning my friend while “Super Trooper” is questioning me. “Divide and Conquer” per regs.

    ‘SupeTroop’ asks if I consent to the search that I had already granted and asks if I would consent to ” a field sobriety test”. Up until now I had been very patient, not a trait that I am famous for, on his explanation of “probable cause”.

    So being the inquisitive sort, I ask why I was being detained. He advised me “that there was a report that you had been weaving into and out of your lane” by a concerned driver. And also advised me he had me on camera doing it twice coming up on him. “Didn’t you see me”? he asked. Well of course I had and said so. In hindsight I should have asked to see the ‘copcam’ recoding.

    I flashed back a year ago when I was coming back from a trip down south. I was on Rt.23, which is pretty straight and was stopped by a ‘townie’ who said the same thing to me. “I saw you weaving several times, didn’t you see me”? same answer! I had put my “Deputy Sheriff’s” hat on when I saw the flashing lights on behind me. He asked where I was going, where have I been and was I tired from driving too long. I answered that I was not tired, a lie but not germane, ” and not enough to notice that I was ‘weaving’” says I. I believe the hat and my answer gave me a pass then. He was then free to harass someone else.

    So now I’m thinking it was just part of the ‘braindeadism’ training they all get.

    Again, he asked for my consent to a sobriety test, a question he was to repeat over a dozen times as I make him wait and asked if I was being arrested. He repeats it again and I asked him if I was free to go. He said no, and I said “then I am being arrested, aren’t I”? Again the question…and I am pondering the situation while he continues to ask. I get around finally to asking him what the ramifications were with my refusal, knowing damn well the answer. “Well sir, you will be detained while we tow your car in to be searched”. Already losing time I consent knowing that I would pass it, I did.

    At this time “Bubba” shouts loudly, (to whom?) “GUN”! I couldn’t help but chuckle, to myself of course. Now we go thru’ that questioning, “Yes the gun is registered and I have a permit”, says I. “Bubba” comes up to me and “SuperTroop” changes places, to confirm our stories. He tells me ‘my friend’ told him we were going to the Million Mask march in D.C.. I said indeed we were and I was to speak there. He said, That is great, where is your (Guy Fawlkes) mask? Are you going to dress up for it”? ‘In the trunk and yes I am’, says I. “Mr.Knowles, did you know that in the state of Tennessee it is illegal to have a loaded firearm in your car, on the highway”? ‘I did not’ in answer.

    He gives me a pass and goes to put clip in trunk and gun in glove compartment. That’s how “they” write the laws these days, you can own a gun but you just can’t have ammunition for it! Kinda makes a gun impotent, doesn’t it? (remember this)

    I have to say “Bubba” was the nicest and most informed of all the law enforcement we were to encounter later. At least in an adversarial way. Now there were a couple of exceptions in our “Cop Interviews” along the way.

    By this time his partner is back in his car reading “War and Peace”, I thought at the time. He had been writing a citation for the drug violation for not showing proof of dr.’s scrip, (bottle in back seat was for another one of my medicines). Now I have to show up back in Tennessee to give proof to the D.A.! If I don’t a federal warrant will go out for my arrest!

    So much for telling the truth! I told “SuperTrooper” he had my permission to check my medical records, call the doctor, clinic or the hospitals in Columbus. He would not do so, needed to get something from all the trouble, I guess.

    Back on the road finally and I ask my friend “How could anyone recognize the numbers on my Ohio license plate with me going 80 at the time, on a very dark night and negotiating those Tennessee snakes they call ‘highways’? I certainly couldn’t! And doubt very much if anyone could! Wrote it down as bad Mojo and traveled on.

    Finally reaching our destination, we unloaded our belongings into the hotel room. now comes the decision I have questioned since. I return to the car to make sure that we had everything. I am sitting in the driver’s seat smoking a cig and remembering to stow my gun in the hotel room for safekeeping. Didn’t want to have it stolen and used in a crime. And as I was going to drive and park to the March, I did not want it anywhere near.

    With a few other remaining articles, I stow it within and out of sight.

    getting into my sweats to relax for awhile, a very short while as it turned out. I get a call from the hotel manager to please come outside immediately. I asks why and he said it was an emergency. Thinking someone might have hit my car or something, I comply.

    Later I was to compare the scene I entered to the end of the “Blues Brothers”, there were no less than twenty cops with guns at the ready. State of the art guns, no less! One would have thought a coven of terrorists resided within said hotel! I was told by a Black Nazi cop ( never, ever thought that I’d meet a black Nazi as it is a contradiction in terms. But believe me his attitude was proof of that) …”A concerned citizen reported that “he” saw you (me) with a gun! Didn’t you know it is illegal to have a gun in the confines of Washington, D.C.. Are you stupid not to know the gun laws in the states you travel to”? He has his hands on his assault rifle all the time.

    My question is this, “Are all the citizens of DC blessed with the ability of X-Ray Vision? No one passed me while I was in or out of my car, so no one could have seen me stash my gun in my bag with my other stuff.

    ‘Naturally, I was cuffed and arrested and taken to be booked and jailed. I was told later that so was my friend and was outraged! Completely innocent of ANY charges!

    Go get a stiff one, it ain’t close to being over! Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em.

    While having an MRI done years back, I discover that I am a claustrophobic.

    I doubt if many of you have seen a jail that is used today. Gone are the bars, replaced by stainless steel mesh, indeed a cage unlike any you might imagine. More like a steel box. This is intentional and very effective. The caged ‘animal’ cannot converse with anyone! Let alone see them! Think long and hard about this, I certainly did and have! I swear to God that I will never be caged like this again, I will go down shootin’! To say that it is inhumane is being kind in the least! Obviously, I am nowhere in their league, but my thoughts went to Dr. King, the most Reverend Desmond Tutu, my Irish cousins and all whole have spent years in cages. I was going nuts 5 minutes in! I, with trepidation, shouted to the keeper to come now! Imagine my surprise that he was not the least happy about it! I told him that I was diabetic and having an anxiety attack! Honestly, I really was having one. They casually took me in an ambulance, not like one’s in use for the public but a steel cage with guards in the front seat. Stainless steel benches and walls, confining ones, making a person bend over. Continuing the psychological theme intended to remind one of his “rightful place” as prisoner of the state!

    At the hospital the doctor finds my blood sugars at 240! My heart rate 148/90. Mine normal;110/80! A first year would have administered insulin to anyone with blood sugars that high. Normal goal is below 100. Nothing, let me repeat that, NOTHING was done. Upon arriving home two weeks later, I was billed $335.00 just for the privilege of carriage! God only knows what the hospital bill will be! For doing not a damn thing. I have had two toes amputated in the past and can tell you they went bad very quickly, w/in a week of visiting the podiatrist. In fact, two days. Not a big surprise without medicine there, I found myself in the hospital on IV’s and an operation again! Six days and had to kennel my dog Maggie all the while, spending money I did not have, again.

    Back to jail for three days until arraignment and trial. During that time w/o medicine, given ONE bologna sandwich and six ounces of “fruit juice” from a gallon container, having to cup my hands to drink tap water. Not given toilet paper to clean myself, I asked each day. I guess they figure that there was nothing to ‘evacuate’ if they aren’t feeding me anything. now to the most painful for an arthritic and to anyone else…the “beds” are stainless steel(like everything else), slabs with 2″ lips around them, making them impossible to sit on let alone, sleep in! Again, the psychology of imprisonment. I asked the guard where the pads were for the beds. And he answered, “What pads? You mean the ones prisoners rip up?! No sir, not here they don’t!

    Three days later, so much for “a quick and speedy trial”, over 50 of “us” are put into a holding cell, with seating for 13, awaiting trial. Surprise again, I was the only white guy there. Keeping company with mostly minor drug offenders and from talking to a few, repeat ones. This is important because I have never been arrested, other than being escorted in a patrol car home after being caught swimming in Linden Park’s pond at age eight. First time offenders are easily dealt with first and given a pass or a ’slap on the wrist’. Least ways that is how I understood how the system works. The sooner they can deal with miscreants, the sooner they can go home. Right? It is now the 5th of November, 5:30 in the morning. Remember in Tennesee that I had told the fine patrolmen there that I was to speak in DC?

    I was Dead Ass Last to be tried, as was my innocent friend! We were sat on a “waiting bench”. I whispered my apologies and a five foot nothing skinny Federal Nazi female Marshal, with a supposedly intended and threatening look on her face, reprimands me for “talking” and commands us to put distance between ourselves. Realize everyone of us criminals are cuffed and leg shackled and when brought before the bench, have a Federal Marshall standing directly behind us. There were two others in the wings playing with themselves, never can have too much protection from cuffed and shackled terrorists, can we? I can tell you that with the exception of one Marshall, all have been indoctrinated with the ‘braindeadism’ germ and were indeed Nazis in their treatment of prisoners there.

    OK, finally it is for the trial of the Terrorist Knowles! Due to the pain in my foot caused by the infection, I limp and walk like anyone so bound, up to the spot indicated by my personal Nazi. hardly a threat to anyone, let alone the judge sitting high in his roost above everyone. How in the Hell could I menace one so seated? And yet the two Masterbating Marshalls come out of their roosts in the wings to stand behind me! What the Hell is going on here now?

    Intimidation is the only answer that I can come up with. As it is now very late in the day, too late for us to be in the march, let alone for me to speak!

    I am given a choice, not really, to cop a plea or come back for a trial in two weeks. Sure, like I can afford another day in that Hell Hole. I am now a “registered Gun Offender” and cannot legally carry a gun! And the charge WAS NOT HAVING A GUN, BUT “UNREGISTERED AMMUNITION”!

    I ask you folks, of what is the District of Columbia afraid? Check out the crime rate there! Not the safest place in America, that is for certain. How can anyplace in our country deny one of his Constitutional rights to carry?

    Of course the charges against my friend were dropped, sound familiar? After the damage was done.

    To those of you still here, you can draw your own conclusions from this. I have not lied nor exaggerated anything within my story. I hope my friend tells his/her story. It is no less important.

    And the lemonade from all those lemons is this, God indeed doth work in mysterious ways sometimes. “There and Back Again”, we led no less than 300 people to the truth of Anonymous and then , then never mind”. Always, in every case, getting a shake of a head at “working”. No one does, no one did! I think this “closer’ is the best of any that I have used.

    So maybe it was more important to spread the word to the unknowing. But what a price we paid in doing so. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. But what price are you willing to pay for your children’s and grandchildren’s freedoms?

    Growing up in a restored Constitutional Republic governed by the majority and not the 1%! “One man, one vote”!A guaranteed superb and funded education throughout college. An end to War Profiteering and sacrificing our youth for it! As well as our good name around the world! Let us give no more reasons for the whole world to hate us, but join us in making the planet a better place to live for all of it’s inhabitants!

    “Yes We Can” make a paradise of “OUR World”!

    And ,in my opinion, it is quite simple. Just go out and make a friend from a stranger! Shake a hand or two and direct them to the Truth!

    It’s not like it’s important or anything!

    I wish you Peace, ProfPaddy.

  17. Have a lot of mixed emotions about what Snowden did. Ex-ASA and don’t think he went about what he did in the right fashion.
    Surely there was a way to do it with out jepordizing AMERICAN security world wide???

  18. While much of what you claim in regard to Snowden is correct, I would point out that he did not need to steal even one tenth of the amount of data that he took to accomplish his alleged task of blowing the whistle on our extra Constitutional and corrupt/criminal government. The fact that he handed, or traded, all of this information to known Communist supporters only serves to drive home the fact that while he did some good, he also did enormous damage to the security of our country exposing methods and information to our enemies.

    [Editor's note: We would argue that he should have taken more. Snowden did not "steal" anything. He exposed things. To steal the material would be to deny its owner operational access to it. The NSA still has its stuff. But now, so does Snowden and a lot of interested people around the planet. As Jefferson noted, when one takes an idea from another, the first to hold the idea is not deprived of his idea and his ownership of the idea is not diminished, for the idea yet resides in his mind whence it came.

    But about this communist business - the most dangerous communist of all is the one who sits in an American seat of public service with an intent to destroy the fabric of American life from within our own system of governance. But further, it is time to catch up on history. The monopoly capitalists of the early 1900s created the world's first communist country, illustrating that a financial empire, global in scope, planned to use a conflict between communism and capitalism to subdue any nation-state which might resist the coming one-world government. Start getting yourself up to speed with a book we're not supposed to know about. You will be surprised to learn that the Carnegie Foundation and other Wall Street monopoly-capitalists funded Trotsky and Lenin to create communism in Russia. Things are not always what they seem.


    The very same Rhodes Round Table Groups which used Freud, Darwin, and Marx (mixed with Blavatsky, Bailey, and Albert Pike) to empower the Progressive movement under Woodrow Wilson, created communism in Russia, which did not bother them one whit when, a mere 28 years later, in 1945, Churchill (England), FDR (America), and Stalin (communist Russia) sat down together to create the United Nations. I could go on about this all day, but am short on minutes so must be too brief here now. My point is that the NSA and in fact the entire U.S. security system works for British banking in the hands of the United Nations under the guidance of the Rothschild dynasty of international financiers. Snowden struck a blow to liberate America from the morass of a centuries-old plot to rule the world. Most people working for the NSA have no idea about anything I've just said. Read that little book by Sutton which I've linked above. It's free and it is an eye-opener.
    Elias Alias, editor]

  19. Every journey starts with a first step. South Bend Indiana “mandates” you pay private industry for their service whether you use it or not. Failure to pay will result in prosecution. Sig Heil!

  20. I live in Portland Oregon and I was wondering if there as a chapter in the Portland area if so can I get some contact information???????????????

  21. I am a patriot and have taken the oath to protect and defend the constitution as a member of the USAF and later as a sworn police officer. I take the oath that I swore to very seriously and I fully support the convictions of Oath Keepers. I take exception though to the use of Edward Snowden’s actions as an example that Oath Keepers should follow. Edward Snowden is a traitor to the United States, pure and simple. He gave the secrets of our country to the enemy. Russia and China are not our friends. There is a means in this country for whistle blowers to take, and seeking the aid or the enemies of the United States is wrong. I would love to become a member of Oath Keepers, but this issue holds me back.

  22. I have supported the Oath Keepers Organization and have a lot of respect for its members and the services they have provided to America.

    I never supported or hailed and never will support or hail Edward Snowden as a hero and much less as a protector of the US Constitution.

    Edward Snowden acted as a self serving leftist, took classified information from the USA into the hands of leftist regimes. This information is now in the hands of the Russians and the USA has been hurt and embarrassed by his actions.

    The Russian regime is headed by a Putin an ex KGB and member of the Marxist Leninist Soviet Party. Make no mistake Putin was, has been and always will be an Atheist Member of the Communist Party and has been and always will be A Soviet before being Russian.

  23. Snowden is a patriot. Nothing he exposed endangered this nation. Unless you are crazy enough to think Russia didnt already know all of this stuff

  24. My name is Leslie Williams. go 2 YouTube & Google type in ” learning disabled woman on national radio shows” then go to youtube and type in 8/15/2012 Leslie Williams exposes organized stalking do it look for the OS informers YouTube video they did concerning me.. then extensively research remote neural monitoring then go to youtube and google type in learning disabled woman being tortured in San Diego

  25. Fellow American citizens does it make you mad that the NSA monitors your phone calls your emails what about the NDAA Patriot Act 1 & 2 Fisa courts if you are educated enough to understand these actions and a legal acts are criminal can be used against you and your loved ones and your property then the following is going to make you very mad understand remote neural monitoring can monitor you Neuraly from a remote distance as a result anyones subvocal speech can be monitored their video cortex an audio cortex can be remotely monitor brain states can be altered you would not believe what this technology is capable of understand research it extensively I wrote this in order to inform to expose and so people can make informed decisions once they become educated so they can protect themselves my name is Leslie Williams I do what I do for the sake of the Constitution thank you

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