Washington farmers block federal drones and Agenda 21 | November 20th, 2012

We oppose the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to conduct aerial inspections of farms and ranches unless explicit permission has been granted by the landowner. (2002, amended 2012)

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Petraeus case shows ease of government email snooping | November 20th, 2012

The FBI, which has broad authority over cybercrimes from identity fraud to online stalking, can gather technical information about private citizens’ email accounts with only a subpoena. The subpoena in theory must not be overly burdensome on the recipient, but otherwise has few limits. Subpoenas can be drafted by a senior FBI agent or equivalent and do not require a judge’s approval.

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BenghaziGate: Senator Inhofe | November 19th, 2012

While this question does not go to the matter of the Obama administration using CIA to arm al Qaeda in Libya and now Syria, and while this question does not rise to the level of asking why a dignitary from Turkey was meeting our Libyan Ambassador in a CIA safehouse in Benghazi, it is in and of itself quite damning. Someone distorted an official CIA Intelligence report to the White House and then used an altered version of the CIA report to create a false/fraudulent perception in the public mind, both nationally and internationally. As Ricky might say to Lucy, “Someone’s got a lot of ’splainin’ to do!” – Elias Alias

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Montana Lawmaker Requires Payment In Gold And Silver Coin | November 17th, 2012

The Keynesian era of financing government with debt appears to be close to its demise. If and when that happens, how can we in the Montana Legislature protect our constituents? – The only answer I can come up with is to honor my oath to the U.S. Constitution and request that your debt to me be paid in gold and silver coins that will still have value when the U.S. dollar is reduced to junk status. I therefore request my legislative pay to be in gold and silver coins that are unadulterated with base metals.

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RON PAUL Farewell Address November 14 2012 | November 14th, 2012

To achieve liberty and peace, two powerful human emotions have to be overcome. Number one is “envy” which leads to hate and class warfare. Number two is “intolerance” which leads to bigoted and judgmental policies. These emotions must be replaced with a much better understanding of love, compassion, tolerance and free market economics. Freedom, when understood, brings people together. When tried, freedom is popular…. I have come to one firm conviction after these many years of trying to figure out “the plain truth of things.” The best chance for achieving peace and prosperity, for the maximum number of people world-wide, is to pursue the cause of LIBERTY. — RON PAUL

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BenghaziGate: Keeping One’s Eye On The Ball | November 14th, 2012

But what is worse, what is so bad that every single player in this explosive scandal is willing to disgrace himself or herself in order to cover for it, is that it is now known that U.S. foreign policy involves arming terrorists groups including al Qaeda – and that the whole power structure representing the arms industry, the Defense contracting community, and what President Eisenhower loathed as the “military-industrial complex”, is hell-bent on denying it. – Elias Alias

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Nelson Hultberg: A New Kind Of Freedom | November 9th, 2012

Ayn Rand’s powerful insight in Atlas Shrugged that dictatorships take over because the people actually sanction them (she called it the “sanction of the victim”) permeates the American electorate today. American citizens want to be enslaved.

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BenghaziGate: Petraeus Resigns CIA | November 9th, 2012

Petraeus met with President Obama on Thursday before submitting his letter of resignation, which the president accepted. In a message to staff, Petraeus said he asked “to be allowed” to step down.

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Fed Report: 100% Chance Of Recession | November 7th, 2012

This article was written by Mac Slavo and originally published at
Now that the election is over, the propaganda media can back off the burying of those critical stories that they couldn’t be bothered to report in the lead up to the re-election of President Obama.
What are we talking about?
For starters, [...]

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‘Get A Job’ | November 7th, 2012

This article was written by Dan and Sheila of
Our commitment to living the survivalist lifestyle includes living so far off the beaten path as to make a daily commute to work impractical to say the least. And so, in monetary terms, we have been living on just a few hundred dollars [...]

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BenghaziGate: Good God Almighty! Did Obama And CIA Arm Terrorists Who Murdered Our Ambassador? | November 6th, 2012

It’s election day, 2012. I lament that most American voters who will go to the polls today are clueless about this embryonic story as it struggles to achieve its birth into the public mindset. Regardless, this story will continue to grow – not just legs, but indeed will grow wings on which it can fly across America and around the world. Oath Keepers salutes Glenn Beck for taking the lead in revealing these questions. We also are grateful to those patriots within our Intelligence community who have helped Glenn Beck connect the dots.

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Pat Buchanan at WND: BenghaziGate: The Smoking Gun | November 5th, 2012

Due to stonewalling and the complicity of the Big Media in ignoring or downplaying the Benghazi story during the last weeks of the campaign, the Obamaites may get past the post on Nov. 6 without being called to account.

But the truth is coming out, and an accounting is coming. For the character, competence and credibility of Obama’s entire national security team have been called into question.

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Dirty Joke | November 5th, 2012

This article was written by T. Hunt Tooley and originally published at
I flew out of Boston Logan Airport recently, an early flight, everyone fresh at the start of the day. The lines at the TSA checkpoint were short, but slow. As we got close enough to hear, we heard at least [...]

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BenghaziGate: WND Exclusive: Obama Benghazi Investigator Tied To Libya Bombing | November 2nd, 2012

President Obama’s national security adviser, Samantha Power, helped to found Responsibility to Protect, which was also devised by several controversial characters, including Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi, a staunch denier of the Holocaust who long served as the deputy of late Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat.

Powers, last April, was named the head of the new White House Atrocities Prevention Board.

Responsibility to Protect, or Responsibility to Act, as cited by Obama, is a set of principles, now backed by the United Nations, based on the idea that sovereignty is not a privilege but a responsibility that can be revoked if a country is accused of “war crimes,” “genocide,” “crimes against humanity” or “ethnic cleansing.”

The term “war crimes” has at times been indiscriminately used by various U.N.-backed international bodies, including the International Criminal Court, or ICC, which applied it to Israeli anti-terror operations in the Gaza Strip. There has been fear the ICC could be used to prosecute U.S. troops.

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Is The World Abandoning The U.S. Economy? | October 29th, 2012

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at
Go to any university, any center of equities trade, any meeting place for financial academia, any fiscal think tank, and they will tell you without the slightest hint of doubt in their eyes that the U.S. economy is essential to the [...]

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Panic Buying Grips The East Coast: Mad Rush For Supplies Ahead Of Mega-Storm | October 29th, 2012

This article was written by Mac Slavo and originally published at
While many people are still trying to make up their minds about the potential severity of the storm threatening the U.S. northeast, it’s not stopping millions of concerned residents from racing to to grocery stores, gas stations and hardware depots in droves.
If you’ve ever [...]

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Self Sufficiency: A Local Solution To A Global Problem | October 29th, 2012

This article was written by Tony Cartalucci and originally published at Land Destroyer Report
When thinking about “solutions” many are quick to cite organizing a protest and taking to the streets. Let’s for a moment consider the mechanics of a protest, what it might accomplish, and what it may [...]

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