ATF Official Also Holding Private-Sector Job, Congress Members Say | February 9th, 2013

[AssociateEditor's Note: Why is it that JP Morgan people get special treatment? And why are big bankers always turning up in the middle of questionable things? Just asking. - Shorty Dawkins]
By Sari Horwitz, Published: August 21: Article here

In an unusual arrangement, a senior official of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives involved [...]

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Indiana County Passes Measure Opposing Gun Controls | February 9th, 2013

[An Ordinance in Franklin County, that passed unanimously, that really stands for the Second Amendment! - Shorty Dawkins-Associate Editor]
February 5, 2013
BROOKVILLE, Ind. (AP) – An ordinance exempting a southeastern Indiana county from federal gun control laws has been signed into law amid questions over whether it will hold up under judicial [...]

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Accused Cop Killer Is For Gun Control | February 9th, 2013

Think our world is not spinning into insanity? How would this headline fit with popular Left-wing memes?

“Obama and Biden admirer, ex-cop, goes on murder rampage while preaching the virtues of gun control.”

Is that a real headline, or what?

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Who is Mentally Ill? | February 8th, 2013

[Note: The following article by Wendy McElroy appears on the Future of Freedom Foundation website. Wendy raises some very interesting points about the tying of gun ownership to mental health. It is a very good article. -- Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor]
Who is Mentally Ill?
by Wendy McElroy * February 8, 2013

The current push toward gun control [...]

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The U.S. Economy Is Now Dangerously Detached From Reality | February 8th, 2013

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at
Recently I was asked to give a presentation on the current state of the global economy to a local group of concerned citizens here in Northwest Montana.  I was happy to oblige but when composing my bullet points I realized [...]

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George Soros: China Will Control The New World Revered Currency | February 8th, 2013

This video is important. George Soros is saying that the Dollar will lose its World Reserve Currency Status.  As much as I hate George Soros, he is saying what we all know will happen if we do not change our course. The Dollar will be devalued, meaning our standard of living will drop.  – Shorty [...]

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Seattle Mayor Ends Police Drone Efforts | February 8th, 2013

Mayor Mike McGinn
This is a victory for those of us who want to abolish the use of drones in America. The Mayor bowed to public opinion and ordered the drones returned. Good for him. – Shorty Dawkins
Associated Press: Seattle’s mayor on Thursday ordered the police department to abandon its plan to use drones [...]

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Biden: “It is clearly within the right of the government to determine what type of weapons can be owned by the public” | February 8th, 2013

Joe Biden is at it again. The Constitution means nothing to him. He ignores “The right to bear arms shall not be infringed”.  Joe is definitely NOT an Oath Keeper. – Shorty Dawkins
Posted by: The Liberty Beacon™ Staff
Published February 7, 2013
LANSDOWNE, Va. — In a speech Wednesday night, Vice President Joe Biden implored [...]

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Calif. Seeks To Adopt Nation’s Toughest Gun Laws | February 8th, 2013

As New York goes, so goes California. These two States are two of the most ardent gun grabbing States. This article by the Associated press appears on NPR’s website.

by The Associated Press

February 07, 2013 6:30 PM

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Weeks after New York enacted the nation’s toughest gun laws, California lawmakers said Thursday they [...]

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In Defense of the Second Amendment | February 7th, 2013

by Shorty Dawkins
Associate Editor

Sheriff Mack has posted a list of 269 Sheriffs and 8 State Sheriff’s Associations on his website, C.S.P.O.S.A.,who have vowed to stand by their oaths of office and protect the Second Amendment. This is great news. To know that so many Sheriffs are following their oaths of office is very encouraging. We [...]

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Obama Gives Himself Permission To Kill | February 7th, 2013

This article was written by Judge Andrew Napolitano and originally published at
After stonewalling for more than a year federal judges and ordinary citizens who sought the revelation of its secret legal research justifying the presidential use of drones to kill persons overseas – even Americans – claiming the research was so [...]

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Pastor Chuck Baldwin Becomes Oath Keepers’ National Chaplain | February 7th, 2013

It is a time-honored tradition in the U.S. Military that chaplains accompany our troops in the field. Oath Keepers is proud to publish Chuck Baldwin’s acceptance letter as he has agreed to become Oath Keepers’ national Chaplain… Here is a man of God who does not compromise, will not accept 501-C status or any other agreement with the Devil, and has the old-fashioned American-style guts to stand and fight for freedom. Oath Keepers gratefully welcomes Pastor Chuck Baldwin as our new Chaplain.

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Wyoming House approves bill to nullify federal gun grab scheme | February 6th, 2013

This article appeared at Natural News. It states further in the article that the Wyoming House has approved this bill. The resistance to the gun grabbers is gaining ever more strength. – Shorty Dawkins
Wednesday, February 06, 2013 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

Learn more:
(NaturalNews) In response to current efforts by federal occupying powers [...]

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Sheeple: Another Look At A Sad Breed | February 6th, 2013

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at
Some phrases are endowed with immediately recognizable symbolism.  When we hear them, we instantly know who and what the phrases are referring to, and can even gain a greater depth of understanding to a particular situation just by applying them.  They [...]

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Oak Harbor City Council overturns gun ban | February 6th, 2013

This is an example of what aroused citizens of a community can accomplish. It is a small victory, as it only pertains to the carrying of guns in public parks and at City Council meetings, but it is a victory, nevertheless. -  Shorty Dawkins
By Joel Moreno
OAK HARBOR, Wash. — Pro gun activists poured into Oak [...]

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S&P On the Kill List | February 6th, 2013

This article was written by Douglas French and appears on the Daily Reckoning website. Standard & Poors, a rating agency,  is being sued by the Government for $5 billion dollars. Why only S&P? The other rating agencies did the same? As you will see, they have been singled out because they dared to lower the [...]

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270 Sheriffs and 7 State Sheriffs Associations Saying ‘NO’ to Obama Gun Control | February 5th, 2013

The following is from Sheriff Mack’s website.  Many Sheriffs, across the country are standing up for the Gun Rights of Americans. – Shorty Dawkins
Sheriffs have risen up all over our great nation to stand up against the unconstitutional gun control measures being taken.
The following is a list of sheriffs and state sheriff’s associations from [...]

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