Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Prepper Dad? | June 29th, 2011

Are you familiar with Robert Kiyosaki? He is best known for the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series of books. Over 26 million books authored by Kiyosaki have been sold and he is recognized as a financial expert by millions of people across the globe. Well, guess what? Even Robert Kiyosaki is warning that an economic collapse is coming. In fact, Kiyosaki and his team of financial experts are encouraging Americans to stock up on food, guns and precious metals. This is yet another sign of just how close we are to the total collapse of the U.S. Economy. Kiyosaki, who once co-authored a book with Donald Trump entitled “Why We Want You To Be Rich” is now a full-fledged prepper.

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‘Project Gunrunner’ Whistleblower Says ATF Sent Him Termination Notice | June 28th, 2011

Yet last week, Cefalu, who has worked for the agency for 24 years, was forced to turn in his gun and badge. He can appeal but will be on “paid administrative leave” during the process.

Cefalu’s dismissal follows a string of allegations that the ATF retaliates against whistleblowers. When the Project Gunrunner scandal broke, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, wrote the ATF that an agent who had been giving his staff members information about the scandal had been “allegedly accused… of misconduct” by the agent’s boss for talking with Grassley’s staffers.

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A Meditation From Stewart Rhodes | June 27th, 2011

As for ourselves, as I said above, it is good to remind ourselves of our own commitment to keep our oath and defend the Constitution, and restore the Republic, before our time on this earth is done, or at least get the Lion’s share of the work done so the burden on our kids and grandkids is lighter. It was that sense of urgency that drove me to start this organization, and no doubt it is the same sense of urgency that drove you to stick your necks out by joining me as leaders in this org. – Stewart Rhodes, founder, Oath Keepers

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Sheriff Mandates Constitution Study | June 26th, 2011

“I thought it was important that you know when we raise our right hand to take the oath of office, we swear to uphold the United States Constitution and Indiana Constitution,” said Sheriff Rogers. “If we don’t know what’s in it, how can we uphold it?”

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Oath Keepers Challenge | June 22nd, 2011

The Oath Keepers silver challenge coin is now available. We are offering this .999 pure fine silver 1 oz. silver coin for $59.99 $49.99 + 5.00S/H. For orders of multiple coins add $1.00S/H for each additional coin. For orders of more than 4 coins, contact John at Due to the volatility of the silver market, this price is subject to change and quantities are limited.

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An Empire Strikes Home _ Part Two | June 21st, 2011

The potential benefits of a joint development program became clear to officials in DOD and DOJ, as well as to Congress, in 1993. The overlap of technology needs had been noted by a senior working group (SWG) convened by DARPA in 1993 to assist in formulating a program to develop technologies to enhance the effectiveness of U.S. forces engaged in Operations Other Than War (OOTW). These kinds of operations involve providing humanitarian assistance, peacekeeping, countering the flow of drugs into the United States, and countering terrorism. This initiative was prompted by events in Somalia and elsewhere. The SWG and DARPA noted many common technology needs between civilian law enforcement operations and OOTW.

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ATF acting director may resign over Fast and Furious program | June 21st, 2011

Attorney General Eric Holder will meet Tuesday with Andrew Traver, head of the ATF field office in Chicago, about possibly becoming the agency’s acting director, according to senior federal law enforcement sources, who are familiar with the details of the controversy.

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Air Force A-10 Pilot Speaks For Oath Keepers | June 19th, 2011

Here is a fine Air Force pilot standing tall for America, and for Oath Keepers. Brian Miller flies A-10s for the Air Force Reserves in Arizona. Brian is also the chair of the Pima County GOP. Oath Keepers salutes Brian Miller for his service to America and for honoring his Oath. Enjoy his inspiring presentation at Tucson this past Memorial Day, May 30, 2011.

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American Banks ‘High’ On Drug Money_Part 2 | June 18th, 2011

A confession by Wachovia Bank executives last year indicating they laundered billions of dollars in drug money for the CDC was historic, and highly revealing of their approach to business. The executives had already been warned by U.S. Treasury Department of the serious risks associated with the CDCs.

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American Banks ‘High’ On Drug Money_Part 1 | June 18th, 2011

It wasn’t long after taking the job that he discovered that his own employer, one of America’s leading banks, was a major player in aiding the “bloodthirsty” Mexico drug cartels to launder billions of dollars in drug money through Wachovia banks. Woods traced and identified a “number of suspicious transactions” related to Mexico-based Casa de Cambios (CDC).

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Alex Jones Round Table with Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, Michael Boldin & Brandon Smith | June 16th, 2011

In this special video presentation for Prison members filmed from the new Infowars television studio, Alex Jones hosts a round table discussion featuring Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center Michael Boldin, as well as activist and economic writer Brandon Smith of Alt-Market, to discuss the states’ rights movement and how Americans need to organize now to take back power usurped in a myriad of different ways by the federal government.

Rhodes explains how history tells us that tyranny can never be enforced without the aid of uniformed military and police, highlighting the case of East Germany where troops were told to stand down and two days later the Berlin wall fell. Rhodes documents how the implementation of a totalitarian infrastructure in the United States has led to the President having supreme power to assassinate US citizens by declaring them “enemy combatants” and how this sets an ominous benchmark for the level of power that has been accumulated by the executive branch of government. The federal government, the Southern Policy Law Center and the ADL have all targeted Oath Keepers simply because the group attempts to re-affirm commitment to the bill of rights amongst active duty soldiers and law enforcement.

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Dr. Karen Kwiatkowski: Pillaging the Planet | June 15th, 2011

“These twins casually arrogate the people’s present cash and future hope, and they consider these roles their due. They do not realize their days are numbered.

They will not find safe harbor on American shores, come their turn to ‘fess up and apologize. When these final bubbles pop, Republics will rise up again from sea to shining sea. None of them will have use for inflationary and imperial services – and in their youthful zeal, may even arrest and imprison those who publicly propose such anti-republican evil.” – Karen Kwiatkowski

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The Mother of All Leaks | June 13th, 2011

“The 7,000-page report was the WikiLeaks disclosure of its time, a sensational breach of government confidentiality that shook Richard Nixon’s presidency and prompted a Supreme Court fight that advanced press freedom. Prepared near the end of Lyndon Johnson’s term by Defense Department and private foreign policy analysts, the report was leaked primarily by one of them, Daniel Ellsberg, in a brash act of defiance that stands as one of the most dramatic episodes of whistleblowing in U.S. history.”

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USA PATRIOT ACT Sunsets Extension Act statements May 2011 | June 10th, 2011

These are dangerous times. If you go into the Intelligence Committee several times a week, as Senator Udall and I do, you come away with the indisputable judgment that there are threats to the well-being of this country, that there are people who do not wish our citizens well. In these dangerous times, the sources and methods of our antiterror operations absolutely must be kept secret. That is fundamental to the work of the intelligence community–keeping the sources and methods of those who serve us so gallantly secret and ensuring that they are as
safe as possible.

But while we protect those sources and methods, the laws that

authorize them should not be kept secret from the American people. That is what this is all about–whether the laws that authorize the operations that are so essential, which have been passed by the Congress–that their interpretation should be kept secret from the American people. I call it “secret law.” I want to say to this body, yes, we need secret operations, but secret law is bad for our democracy. It will undermine the confidence the American people have in our intelligence operations.

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Syrian Soldiers, Police Question Authority | June 10th, 2011

GUVECCI, Turkey (AP) — Syrian policemen turned their guns on each other, soldiers shed their uniforms rather than obey orders to fire on protesters, and three young men who tried to escape were beheaded by forces loyal to President Bashar Assad.

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A Different Sort of China Syndrome | June 10th, 2011

While I’m no authority on much of anything, it does seem to me that “money matters” may be involved in these anomalies of statecraft. But it could be more than just money. It could be a very serious world-sized power-play. I’m sure the CIA would tell me, were such things not protected by secrecy. So all I can say is that I can’t say much about China and her relationship with America and the world.

If any readers here have a clue about what’s going on, please inform me by leaving comments under this article.

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Sheriff Richard Mack – Memorial Day 2011 – Tucson AZ | June 10th, 2011

Sheriff Richard Mack in Tucson Arizona for the Memorial Day events surrounding the May 5th shooting of Jose Guerena by Pima County SWAT.

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