Elias Alias Franklin Shook

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  1. These members are my heart. What they give of themself to maintain our headquarters for the news we are seeking to hear. Not Media dependant. There are some scary times that could come upon us. I thank you & respect each & every one for giving us just middle class family information on what to do in case of different situations! The members are men & women of Dignity & Integrity. You do not have to doubt any information you may receive. I continually pray that you separate us Lord from the people who have claims or thoughts of Oath Keeper’s that they know we are NOT for any violence. We are not a group of violent Hot Heads! We are NOT homegrown terrorist! I want to be the one to inform people that you exist. I want them to be informed as much as possible. Semper Fidelis

  2. Hi Mr. Shook,

    I was inquiring about your local chapter when I ran across your name. Are you any relation to John Shook the author? Any of the Shooks in WA or ID? Anyway, I wish you well, and love the cause!


  3. Keep up the good work!

  4. I am interested in what you (Oath Keepers)do. I live in Great Falls and would like to know if there are any meetings close by that I could attend. I’m retired U. S. Air Force. Thanks, Al

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