August 18th, 2014

Ferguson Curfew Cancelled As National Guard Arrives; Holder Demands To “Remove The Damn Tanks”

missouri National Guard

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The Missouri Governor Jay Nixon gave “no heads up” to the White House before deploying The National Guard and has now made another abrupt decision as The National Guard closes in on Ferguson:


We presume when there are military tanks rolling through the streets of a town, there is no need for the actual implementation of a curfew… This once again rubs the administration’s nose in it as AG Holder’s comments from last week hang in the air: “get those damned tanks out of there.”

The neighborhood has been under a midnight-to-5 a.m. curfew the past two days, after Nixon declared a state of emergency. That has now changed…

As NBC News reports,

Authorities on Monday lifted the overnight curfew for Ferguson, Missouri, after two nights.

The announcement came from Gov. Jay Nixon, who earlier in the day ordered the National Guard to the St. Louis suburb after a week of clashes between police and protesters over the police shooting death of an unarmed black teenager.

Nixon said that the National Guard would have a limited mission and that overall command would still be the responsibility of the Highway Patrol, which took over security in Ferguson on Thursday.

The National Guard, under the command of Brig. Gen. Gregory Mason, will “provide protection, and ensure the safety of our Unified Command Center, which was the target last night of a coordinated attack,” Nixon said.

Nixon said that law enforcement officers were the target of gunfire on Sunday. The violence also included firebombs, looting and “a coordinated attempt to overrun the unified Command Center,” Nixon said.

And as WSJ reports, locals and Feds are not in agreement…

Mr. Holder, the attorney general, rewrote a statement about Ferguson he was planning to issue to emphasize he expected local authorities “to complete a thorough, fair investigation in their own right,” even though the FBI had opened its own case into whether Mr. Brown’s civil rights had been violated, a law-enforcement official said.

The two sides also clashed later in the week over the Ferguson Police Department’s plan to release the surveillance tape of the convenience-store robbery. Lawyers in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division objected, saying it would anger the community and intensify protests by those who felt it was an attack on Mr. Brown’s reputation rather than an evenhanded disclosure of information, law-enforcement officials said.

The police department decided to release the video Friday, over the continued objections of federal officials. Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said last week the move came in response to numerous media freedom-of-information requests.

Federal, state, and local authorities also have disagreed publicly over the tactics and equipment deployed to deal with protests.

“Tell them to remove the damn tanks,” Mr. Holder told his deputies on Thursday, according to a law-enforcement official, referring to heavily armored vehicles the local police had used. That day there were discussions among local officials about how to scale back the armed presence, officials said.

We are sure this, too, will end very well: for the happy ending tune in tonight sometime after sundown.

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13 Responses to “Ferguson Curfew Cancelled As National Guard Arrives; Holder Demands To “Remove The Damn Tanks””

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  1. 1
    Willy G Says:

    People have Lost their MINDS.
    Looters exploiting a sad situation, exploiting the needless loss of life.
    Making a mess, thieving, and using the death of a young man as an excuse.
    Bully thug cops with itchy trigger fingers, wanna be warriors in their own minds.

    Grieving members in the community, genuinely pissed off and protesting a possible MURDER.
    Thats right officers. An unjustified shooting is MURDER. You should be charged as such.
    Mistakes do happen. But it does not mean you don’t pay the price.

    FED idiots micro managing from a desk with ZERO understanding.
    FED Provacatuer’s stirring the pot. Maybe looking for an excuse for Martial Law?

    Everyone has Lost their Minds. No end in sight.
    And Politicians in USA trying to provoke WW3 with Russia. Trying to get us ALL killed.
    A communist Amerikan president, allowing diseased children to spread a possible pandemic.
    What do you think will happen when these diseased children are in school with our American
    children who have zero immunity to third world diseases??? Then the kids take disease home to Mom and Dad.
    And the Grand Comrade is Allowing drug GANG members to stroll across an open border and cause chaos.

    What a Damn Mess. FUBAR does not even describe….
    …..think I’ll have a beer or ten.
    Things look better and women are prettier after the magic ten.

  2. 2
    Ohio Tommy Says:

    -US Nuclear missile command structure was PURGED.
    -US Nuclear missile key turners were PURGED.
    -US Nuclear weapons were moved without following long established protocols. Who has them? How will they be used?
    -Shortly there after Lindsey Graham made crazy threats against American cities as a pretext for war with Syria.
    -Largest US Special Forces Loss in US history occurred under QUESTIONABLE circumstances. Some within the community say that they believe the helicopter was Allowed to be taken down so as to keep the FALSE NARRATIVE being portrayed by Washington QUIET. Dead men tell no tales. It was a SET UP?
    -Benghazi LIES and cover up. More AMERICANS Allowed to die. Situation was preventable with assets AVAILABLE.
    -Open Border. Diseased individuals and hard core criminal GANG members are ALLOWED to flow freely into Amerika.
    -Eric Holder previously ran gun running ops that armed some of these gang members.
    -US trying to provoke a Nuclear war with Russia that would destroy civilization.
    -US Police acting in a manner that is near to Nazi occupiers as opposed to members of the community they are supposed to protect. Murdering unarmed People and shooting peoples dogs ACROSS the Country. NOT just the current event. They SHOOT an unarmed man and then ALLOW looting? Why? Erect a perimeter. Close in on looters. Arrest them. That is their job. Shoot water canons not bullets. Why do they HATE their own people? Are they insane or just TRAITORS to their position and Nation. Protesting is and should be allowed. NOT LOOTING, THEFT, Burning down businesses. Why are they allowing this? Too scared to go in? Only tough when the opposition is unarmed? Are they just cowards? A pretext for martial law?
    -US ARMY has a German general over US troops in Europe. What the hell?
    -US Army PURGING over 500 officers.
    -US Navy PURGING Thousands? Is that correct?
    PURGING anyone who will not follow INSANITY blindly.
    PURGING anyone that will stand up to TREASON.

    Just another COMMUNIST takeover of Amerika? Or something even more EVIL?

    Like the above states “EVERYONE HAS LOST THIER MINDS.”
    Because the above listed garbage would not be happening in America.
    But is the King O dream Amerika.

  3. 3
    Cal Says:

    @ Willy G and Ohio Tommy

    You are correct that we are in the middle of a takeover of the USA from the traitors and domestic enemies from within.

    I believe Oathkeepers are working to find the best way to stop this insanity on the part of those who serve within our governments while protecting the people, separating false flag events from real events, and teaching those within the US Military – all branches, and within the LEA’s – state and federal what they can do lawfully and that they are PERSONALLY responsible for their actions taken while working within a governmental agency. (they gave their personal guarantee that they understood and would support and defend the US Constitution before and above anything else.)

    It is also important to realize that there is no time limit on any crimes committed by those who took the oath and went against it, whatever that crime may be.

    Oathkeepers MUST do things lawfully, including defending the US Constitution. The US Constitution states how and who are to do those things.

  4. 4
    Eddie Says:

    History repeats itself.
    Maniac after Maniac comes to Power.
    Lawfully Cal?
    What Hitler did under German law was “Lawful”.
    *Putting Human beings in ovens.
    *Experiments and Torture of human beings.
    *Murdering millions.
    *Taking over other countries.
    All “lawful” under German law.

    Just as Executive orders are “lawful”.
    Make believe NONSENSE.
    PURGES of our military by Comrad O are “lawful”.
    America is being INTENTIONALLY DESTROYED by a delusional communist NWO Puppet.
    But it is “lawful.” Just as Hitler exterminating millions of human beings was “lawful.”
    The German people did NOTHING about Hitler. RESULT: They were destroyed.
    The American people do Nothing about a TRAITOR. RESULT: ?????????????????

    The TREASONOUS USA Power structure is INSTIGATING Nuclear war. Do you understand that?
    They want War with Russia. Those serving in the US military will NOT go along.
    So they are being PURGED. Replaced by those that will turn the missile keys.
    Civilization will be GONE. But it is all “lawful”.

  5. 5
    Big Al Says:

    @Eddie-Your last paragraph begins with “The TREASONOUS USA Power structure” should tell you everything about how unlawful these actions and supposed “LAWS” are. Just because the legislators have a session and pass bills that get signed and become “LAW” does not make it legal or lawful according to the Constitution. Anything outside the parameters set forth by the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND is null and void. Both posters Willy G & Ohio Tommy are right as these traitors from within have lost their minds as they have no love of country or humanity for that matter. All those within the system just following said illegal orders are just as crazy and guilty about any actions taken or yet to be taken by them if the should decide to do so. They will pay for their misdeeds and treasonous actions, you can bet your last worthless dollar on it.
    Semper Fi
    Do or Die

  6. 6
    Charlie BROWN Says:

    Just heard Rep. Matt Shae’s report as every tuesday.Guest speaker from New Z-land,.Talking about all the commies and such in WA. state. geez where did we make a wrong turn, feel like I’m on Mr. toads wild ride.Can I grab one of your 10 beers Willie? Are we falling down yet?

  7. 7
    Tuaca Says:

    This whole Ferguson thing is NOT WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE!!!! Many problems with the whole shooting and the fact that the cop drove the evidence away from the crime scene… his patrol car that he claimed a round was fired in. Also Look up Ericka Artz and see who she is and what she does. Here is a hint…
    Erika Artz – EMT, firefighter, DHS event planner, US Marshall Intern, locksmith,
    realtor, specializes in exercise design, bio-terrorism, public health and
    infectious disease (ebola). Ericka Artz works at Risk Solutions International, Emergency Preparedness Consultant at Emergency Preparedness Consulting She is a firefighter and she is the one who provided the video of burning convenience store.
    In 2013 she was the Exercise planner for Nevada’s Urgent Solidarity Drill.
    There is a video in this link that you would be wise to watch since it gets to the heart of what is really driving the Ferguson war because it is not what you think or are being told. 14m but worth it.

    Michael Brown was a pawn, the cop is a sacrifice and the whole country looses if we let them get away with this.
    Please watch the video it is unbiased and very important you would be wise to watch and be prepared.

  8. 8
    Willy's Neighbor Says:

    We are all in for a rough ride.
    It is about to get VERY VERY interesting..
    Financial collapse. And maybe civil war on US soil? False Flag events perpetrated by a TREASONOUS US GOVERNMENT.
    Drought is also DEVASTATING the west. That chem trail stuff likely was to prevent rain. Is it to starve us out?
    Or are they preventing rain because of Fukishima Radiation that NO ONE WILL DO ANYTHING ABOUT or ACKNOWLEDGE.

    The American uninformed, feel qushie, “want somethin for nothin, types.”
    Well they allowed an anti American TRAITOR to remain in office.
    The deluded have gotten “their change.”

    It will lead to everyones DOOM.
    WW3 will end civilization.
    These politicians and the Amerika Czar are INSANE.
    Not sure if any of you are the praying type?
    I found that majority of men under heavy fire, living in a hole, suddenly seek devine intervention from God above.
    Not many ways around what the IDIOTS and SELF SERVING one party scum repub-lick-rats are doing to our Republic.

    Our fore Fathers prayed. 1776 was a good year. General Washington pulled it off. Does not look good this time around.
    We have NO General Washington. Just yes men and Followers of INSANITY.

    Apologies for being a kill joy. But like I told some men in a shit hole long ago. “It is what it is.”
    Get right with your God. We may be standing at the gates soon. Hope he lets us in. Because this place sucks and will get real interesting.

    I will pray. Pray for the best and prepare for the worst. God helps the man catch a fish that baits the hook and drops a line in the water.

    I’m through postin. Nothin else to say. We are OVERUN.

  9. 9
    Cal Says:

    @ Willy’s Neighbor,

    Things do look bad, but your attitude must stay positive. It is important that we educate as many as we can, organize our neighborhoods, towns, etc to assist each other through this.

    We WILL arrest and prosecute all of the traitors and domestic enemies involved (except probably Bush one worse if we cannot hang him if found guilty – and he will be).

    First we must fix OUR election process that the enemies of our nation took control of. Then election counts at EVERY level done in the open where can be watched – but not where outsiders can mess with them -and under multiple videos, plus verifiable! REMOVE EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS WORKED IN THE ELECTIONS PRIOR unless they were trying to bring charges on the corrupt ones involved so that we KNOW that pretty much we are starting with a clean slate.

    What has to be done is on every level that you, and the rest of us can enforce and follow the US Constitution. Remove all judges that are not using “Good Behaviour” (keeping their Oath and doing their duty as the US Constitution assigned it); FIRE (yes, fire) all representatives that are not keeping their Oath. Work on our states, getting rid of the enemies within (I know, a tough job – I am in Calif.. we have the MOST corrupt, I believe, in this nation).

    Do not give up. This is OUR nation, our government is a Constitutional Republic, and the US Constitution and ALL THAT IS IN PURSUANCE THEREOF IT is THE supreme law of this land.

  10. 10
    flinter Says:

    BOOM…!!!! Right on CAL. When are you going to run for president….???? You got my vote….HANDS DOWN…!!! If I don’t get to sit down and have a beer with you before I die….I will die very disappointed.
    I would like to have that beer in the oval office by the way.

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