July 17th, 2014

Oath Keepers Joins Coalition Supporting Hundreds of Protests Against Illegal Immigration on July 18-19. Members Encouraged to Participate


Oath Keepers has now joined over fifty other organizations in a growing coalition of American Defenders to support the historic July 18-19 protests against illegal immigration, with over 300 protests scheduled all across America.

Oath Keepers members were already participating in  the Murrieta, California, and Oracle, Arizona protests, which have successfully turned back bus-loads of illegals (and in Murrieta, the Border Patrol rightly REFUSED to deploy against the protesters!).

Murrieta-Protestor-Jennifer-BryanOath Keeper Jennifer Bryan and Her Children at  the Murrieta Protest.

Now is the time to help spread the resistance further across the nation.  Oath Keepers members are encouraged to join in at a protest near them.   To find a protest near you, and to learn all pertinent details, go here to read the master list:


These protests are being organized by:

Make Them Listen www.makethemlisten.wix.com
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) www.alipac.us
Overpasses for America www.overpassesforamerica.com

William Gheen, Founder of ALIPAC, personally invited Oath Keepers to join the coalition, and we have accepted.

Why are we doing this?   Short answer is:  Because Obama and his minions are directly engaged in a planned, concerted, coordinated invasion of our nation, in direct violation of Article IV, Section 4 of our Constitution, which states that:

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion.

Far from protecting the states against invasion, the Obama Administration is doing all it can to ensure that the invasion by illegal aliens goes unchecked. while foreign powers – Mexico and Guatemala chief among them – conspire to transport as many illegals as possible across their borders and through their interior, in a government guaranteed corridor of free and easy travel for illegals destined for the United States.   See this.

It is not a “refugee crisis.”  It is a planned invasion, being carried out by the executive branches of foreign nations as well as the executive branch of this nation, in conjunction with cartel and gang smugglers.  External enemies combined with internal enemies.   And the children being sent here are being used as pawns by the conspirators.

Further, we also know, from Border Patrol officers, that the cartels and gangs, such as MS-13, are bringing in their young soldiers among the “children” and while at it they are also actively recruiting from among the other youths who are being let in.

We will post more extensive details on all of that, but we wanted you to know about these protests right away so you can join in.   – Oath Keepers.

Here is more information from ALIPAC on the scheduled protests and how you can help:

We now have over 50 organizations working together as American Defenders to support our historic July 18-19 protests against illegal immigration across America! We now have over 300 protests from which you may choose and you may decide to attend more than one.

America is being invaded with support for this invasion coming directly from the Obama administration. The word is that a much larger wave is now on the way to the US since the first waves of Obama’s illegals penetrated America’s defenses with his help!

Now we need people, we need you and everyone you can get who is a friend, neighbor, family member, or coworker who will stand with us. Just stand there or stand there with a sign or American flag! Please read the checklist below to make sure you know all you need to know….

4 Goals Of Our Protests

Raise public awareness of the current Obama inspired illegal immigration surge at our borders!

Unify Americans of all races, political parties, and walks of life against immigration reform amnesty and Obama’s surge!

To stand in solidarity with the Americans in Murrieta, CA and Oracle, AZ and many other communities that have turned back Obama’s invasion buses and to get Americans in every state fighting back in similar fashion!

To harness the growing anger and discontent in America and channel that energy into the remaining GOP primaries and general elections of 2014 and to throw as many immigration reform amnesty supporters out of office in the coming weeks!

1. We need lots of people fast! Who, what, when, and where? Check the national master list of protests against illegal immigration for constant updates at this link…

Master List of Protests

2. Only contact the event organizers if it is really important. To do so, you will need to join the Facebook group of Overpasses for America for your state. The list of Overpass groups by state is at the bottom of the master list in item 1.

3. Take appropriate signs to the protests anti illegal immigration, Obama’s surge, and amnesty along with comfortable clothing, and American flags. We only want American flags and lots of these at the protests. If you think that your sign idea might offend any other group of Americans other than illegal aliens and their supporters, don’t bring it. No camouflage or open carry at these protests. We want everyone to dress and appear as you would working in your yard on a hot July day anywhere in America.

4. Local and national media! Fox News is still refusing to tell people about all of these protests on July 18-19 so please send them more copies of our press release. Send this press release to all of your local newspapers, TV stations, and radio stations so they will know about and hopefully report on our events. We need you to volunteer to share this press release with the media to enhance our central efforts to do so.

Hundreds of Protests Against Illegal Immigration Nationwide on July 18-19

5. Video cameras are your best tool and defense… videotape everything. We want to share your successful protests with the nation after you are done so we need videos uploaded and sent to http://www.alipac.us/ If illegal alien supporting counter protesters present in your area we need to see them and document what they do. If police interact with your protest we need all of it recorded on video. In Murrieta, CA an illegal alien supporter burned an American flag but nobody got it on video which is unfortunate because such a video could have won this war and stopped the invasion! Take video cameras, record everything, if anything important happens get your footage to WilliamG@alipac.us and http://www.alipac.us/ rapidly!

6. At this time we do not expect any significant problems with counter protesters or police, but conditions may vary with protest locations. Keep on the high ground and keep separate from counter protesters but film everything they say and do.


Our protests are modeled after the successful civil rights effort of Martin Luther King and Ghandi. While civil disobedience and infractions of minor laws may be required to save America and protect our rights please only use passive resistance strategies.


In a worse case scenario if a police officer pursues unconstitutional actions and attempts to arrest you do not resist arrest simply sit down with your hands behind your back or with your arms interlaced with other Americans.

Our best defense against counter protesters and unlawful government actions will be to get as many people as possible out to our events.

Some will be large events, some will be small, but even the small ones count and one or two Americans standing in protest at any location will be better than no Americans speaking out.

http://www.alipac.us/ will be on high alert through these protests and standing ready to assist you at any hour.

Let’s roll Americans! Rally to us! The nation is ready for us to lead the way!

William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

Please donate and support Oath Keepers mission, every little bit helps!

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32 Responses to “Oath Keepers Joins Coalition Supporting Hundreds of Protests Against Illegal Immigration on July 18-19. Members Encouraged to Participate”

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  1. 1
    Ed Vallejo Says:

    I the ‘no open carry’ a suggestion of ALIPAC, or OathKeepers?

    Either way, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. I WILL be armed. Will I have on OK gear? You tell me…

    Ed in Phoenix

    NOTE FROM STEWART: Ed, it is what ALIPAC has in its announcement. I will never ask anyone to go anywhere unarmed in America. So, you folks there in Arizona, who are so used to open carry, will have to make that decision for yourselves, as you work together locally. We are joining someone else’s planned protests, but in the end, the locals call the shots, so coordinate with them/eachother. Kait raised the same point.

  2. 2
    David Maher Says:

    This is a bad idea. How else are we going to get more non-union workers?

  3. 3
    Jim Kindle Says:

    Along with the illegal invasion we have a U.S. Marine in prison in Mexico for doing the right thig and not one politician in our Government has raised and eye brow to get him back home. I have sent letters to the National Hdqtrs of the American Legion and the VFW to start a boycott on Mexico for travel (tourism)as it is one of their major sources of income. I have not heard from the Legion but the VFW made a public announcement a few weeks ago to do just that. So why not the Oath Keepers and any other group stand up and demand a boycott? Mexico understands money and the loss of it so lets send them a message. Our Tea Parties should jump on this also but most of them are local social clubs. I told the Legion and VFW, quit being a B&B (booze&bingo) social clubs and stand up for the Veterans you say you are supporting, the VFW has, so lets swamp the Legion with letters, phone calls etc. Numbers count and people are numbers and the more we get the louder they are heard. So a boycott untill Mexico agrees to take the illegals back and releases that Marine. Thank you keep up the good work

    [NOTE FROM STEWART: Great idea! Can you give us more info on what the VFW did? We will work on this and get it done].

  4. 4
    L. K. Fallis Says:

    As an active member of Oath Keepers, I try to support activities that they become involved in, and will plan to attend this protest. However, I would like to submit a warning to any others who plan to be involved. There is an intentional plan (among many) involved in this whole setup and through it our efforts will be turned against us if we are not extremely careful. There is a reason that children are being used.
    If you demonstrate ANY hint of bias against the refugees themselves, we lose! Please be very cautious that you do not do or say anything that could even loosely interpreted as any form of racial bias. This is about the attempt to nullify our borders, not about people who desperately want in on the American dream.
    There are bad people who get added to the mix, but for the most part, the people who flood over our borders from the south are hard working people who just want to earn a living and feed their families. Don’t let your hatred of the traitors among us turn into hatred of people who simply want in on what looks like a better life.

  5. 5
    Bob Says:

    Bravo, These protest, have had huge impact on public option, and awareness.

  6. 6
    Bill Hickey Says:

    Ghandi and King don’t work for me, so I’ll stay home. Nobody is ever going to put their hands or their hand cuffs on me without some very un-Ghandi-like conduct in return. This is not about who you buy your salt from and we are not from India.

  7. 7
    Mark Brady Says:

    Please be aware that using the term “illegal Immigration” is a misnomer. The court characterizes immigration status. You should use ‘illegals’ or ‘Invaders’.

  8. 8
    Donald L. Cline Says:

    Oath Keepers need to be aware the invasion by these children is an element in a plan and is NOT merely because someone told them they would be welcome. So-called “coyotes” are being paid by George Soros and his ilk thousands of dollars PER HEAD to buy, steal, or otherwise lure children from Central America to come here, and they are paying the families a mere pittance, which is still more than the families see in a year. Drug Cartel gangbangers are also being paid. When deported back to Central America they are paid again to come back. The administration is claiming surprise at this, yet DHS posted invitations for contract bids to build “containment and care facilities” and for personnel, to care for “non-delinquent illegal alien children” LAST JANUARY. They discussed it previously in 2004. These kids are claiming refugee status from drug gang violence in Central America, but that has been going on for a hundred years. Why now? This whole thing is an excuse to have the UN invoke international law to put UN troops on US soil to ensure these “refugees” are being treated properly. Meanwhile Obama is firing military commanders right and left to eviscerate the military’s ability to stop the UN invasion on top of the :refugee” invasion. This is all designed to come to a head immediately prior to, during, or immediately after the November elections, possibly to give Obama an excuse to stay in office. There is only one way to stop this if it plays out: Send the UN home in a box and arrest the perpetrators of this treason against the United States and hold them for military trial.

  9. 9
    Big Al Says:

    This is great news as we should be involved in matters that concern our sovereignty. As for any OK having a bias to any of this, it would be towards those that would undermine the Constitution and the freedoms we hold dear. Stand with determination against those that would like to destroy our way of life even if it means staring young or old, man or woman, etc..to get the message through that our immigration laws will not be taken for granted, as has been the case for some time now.

  10. 10
    Norma Says:

    My husband, myself, our friend Mike, and Melva who is 87 and blind will be taking part in the rally in Council Bluffs, IA tomorrow. Also I would like to say that (IF) there are any counter protests that we all need to be aware of what is going on all around us. Oath Keepers have a higher standard and will not respond in a way that makes us look bad. Also we are gonna try and make the Oath Keeper Parade in Gretna Neb. tomorrow, which is before this event. Hope to see a lot of other Oath Keepers.

    Take care and God Bless!

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