May 28th, 2014

By Their Actions Shall You Know Them


Please watch the video first, then read the article below it. You might have a shock in store for you.

This is a perfect example of the psychopath’s ability to deceive. Jill Hansen, in her Ted Talk, appears to be full of compassion and warmth, but it is a lie. She knows how to project compassion, but doesn’t feel it. True psychopathy. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

Now read the following article from The Blaze.

She Might Look Good, But What a Pro-Surfer Allegedly Did to an Elderly Woman Likely Proves She’s a Monster

by Oliver Darcy

A Hawaii woman who bills herself as a professional surfer and model was arrested Wednesday night for attempted murder connected to a road rage incident.

Honolulu police say Jill Anjuli Hansen, 30, tried to kill an elderly woman in Waikiki by running her over with a vehicle, KHON-TV reported. Charges are currently pending.

The elderly woman, identified as 73-year-old Elizabeth Conklin, was hospitalized with serious injuries, including one to her head, after the 30-year-old drove a car into her.

Hansen was about to hit the woman a second time before a maintenance worker at the scene said he picked up a crowbar and smashed her windshield, causing the woman to abandon her car and flee the scene.

“It was pretty shocking,” neighbor Don Persons, who knows Conklin, said of the news.

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