April 30th, 2014

Oath Keepers Debrief On Bundy Ranch: What Happened And How


Here is more info from Stewart Rhodes and company on the rift between the alleged “leaders” of the militia down at the Bundy Ranch. This debriefing focuses on just a few men who would sabotage Oath Keepers’ mission at the Bundy Ranch. It explains some sequences and some activities which you’ve not heard about before.

Please understand that Oath Keepers has great faith in the majority of good men and women in the militias represented at the Ranch. We just have problems with people who want to stir up trouble, for such people are most often what we call “Agents Provocateur”. We are not accusing anyone of being an agent provocateur, but we are definitely identifying certain actions and statements by questionable men as being exactly the sort of activity an agent provocateur would display.  It is just a few, and we think that the greater majority of militiamen and militiawomen serving there are tops, and you have our support and our gratitude for your sacrifice for the Bundy Ranch mission. Well done.  Oath Keepers suggests that you do question your leadership to be sure they are who and what they claim to be. We would especially encourage people to look into any claims about any specialty service in the military that any of the current leaders might claim.

But note please – this debriefing session with five Oath Keepers is important, but this only covers one aspect of our work at the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada. Oath Keepers marches on, and our reports will continue to dispel the psy-op rumors about our work at the ranch.  View this video to find many answers to questions currently flying about the Internet. Try to help people learn the truth by sending this to your lists. Thanks!


Elias Alias, editor


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46 Responses to “Oath Keepers Debrief On Bundy Ranch: What Happened And How”

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  1. 1
    Dave Says:

    Hello Oath Keepers, and especially Stewart Rhodes,

    I have to be completely honest here, I knew for a fact from the very first moment I saw the militia circle of trust voting video, that it was an indication of leadership chaos being perpetrated by the their leader, the guy in black (how fitting)! And it was obvious that he was driving the show and leading the thinking amongst the circle of participants!

    Furthermore, I do believe 100% that the government under Obama, and Holder, is wholly capable of doing something like this, and it did need to be taken seriously! I believe the order for a drone strike probably was given, or at least discussed. The laws they are passing, and the decisions by the supremes, along with the presidents decrees indicate that that is something they are definitely planning for! They’ve made sure to leave holes in their unconstitutional laws for drones, and drone strikes! So to say it couldn’t happen is naive at best!

    Now, for them to go public with that militia circle of trust video was the single biggest PR disaster to take place during the Bundy Ranch effort (except for BLM snipers, and assault ready agents, which sparked this whole thing)! For them to do that for the entire country to see, showed the entire country that it’s a bunch of weekend and video game warriors run amok! They are an even bigger joke to the media, and 50% of Americans (liberals) who were already spreading complete nonsense and intentional falsehoods, but now every article that comes up for Bundy Ranch shows articles laughing at the militia fiasco at the ranch! What a PR disaster!

    The weekend warrior circle of trust video also clearly shows group think that they want to stand there and be killed for the effort, instead of living to fight another day! So, the bombers are seen in the distance, do you stand there waiting to be bombed and killed, or do you go for cover! 100 well armed enemy combatants start firing on you, do you stand up and throw out your arms and prepare to die, or do you take cover and fight, and hopefully survive to fight another day! You find out from a credible source that there is a horrific attack being planned that will kill everyone in the area along with the women and children, but no one wants to take cover and live another day! Are you surrounded by brave patriots, or fools!

    The single biggest mistake made here was to show the government agents, who most definitely will be back, that there is no leadership, or cohesion, for them to worry about! It will just be a bunch of guys running around in the woods!

    Whats more, when the fedgov does come back, you can bet, with near 100% accuracy, that the whole country will see that it wasn’t the fedgov who started it! You’re wise for getting some distance! And, getting some distance is what I took away from the weekend warrior circle of trust video!

  2. 2
    Dave Says:

    Feel free to use that comment any way you like

  3. 3
    Mike Austell Says:

    Thanks to Stewart et al for getting this out. It was desperately needed to clear up all the rumors and falsehoods. Now I would like to know if a criminal complaint is going to be filed against the guy who assaulted Steve and John.

  4. 4
    Chan Says:



    It struck me that the militia guy Ryan Payne has a Napoleon complex and that’s why he exhibited the instinct to control. I never understood how anyone wants control of a situation where people are armed but that’s what idiots do. I see that control tendency all the time. I have to say they can’t help it and they deserve our sympathy and leadership. Taking control without amicable consensus is dumb because we talk about fragging all the time.

    You, Stewart and the others are my leadership and I pledge my life, fortune, sacret honor to you. It’s not up to anyone to pass life and death judgement. I can’t emphasize enough that I took the oath seriously and that’s all I’ll say. I want level headed discussions if it comes to removing you guys from leadership structures always.

    That said, I think OK were there to fight a publicity war and that conflicted with the militia who are eager to fight. There are good and bad in all ways people going about it. Different strategies work for those who adhere to it.

    I want to stress the needs to work together because I don’t think Payne is a plant at all. I want us to be brave toward the militia as we said we would toward the government. If we can stand down when told to violate our oath, we should be able to do the same when faced with unreasonable militia.

    We have a lot to do and that’s developing relationship with militias and understand their mentality. They’re wounded animals and they may need our help. Being at the Ranch with the anticipation and consequency the fear of being killed had resulted in their abberant behavior. Please have sympathy for them because the political system has marginalized these men, turning them into beasts of sort.

    We’re honorable and only fight when fired upon. We may even run and refuse to fight the militia if they start it due to decisions from their faulty leadership. It’s always difficult to decide between using our head, being honorable and staying alive. We have no choice but excel in all aspects so that we can both live and honor our oath.

  5. 5
    Melissa Kirst Says:

    It’s nice to know Oath Keepers care about the safety of children. Gezzzz who would have stayed there with their kids after hearing about a drone threat anyhows. Unbelievable. Good Job OK’s !!

  6. 6
    Diane Alden Says:

    The real problem is Bundy himself… if he does not KNOW what is going on .. there is your problem. The militia versus Oath keepers .. if Bundy can not SEE where the militia is taking all this . either he is too busy or is disconnected.. but then where are his sons.. .and this guy JERRY . from New Hampshire .. is security coordinator . really . are you serious??? Or does he take ‘help’ from anyone who shows up. Again this goes back to BUNDY — if he does not KNOW what is going on in his name .. on his ranch .. he is not going to be helpful even in his OWN cause. As for the militia… are half of them FEDS or just NUTS?? Mr Bundy and his family are the core of what is wrong because they failed to remain aware .. turned over responsibility to those who do not KNOW how to handle it ….. Anyway this has become such a PR nightmare .. what was won by the confrontation when the cattle was released is pretty much lost. This confrontation took place WHEN NO MILITIA or very few was present … but they ACT like they are or were part of it. Militia ‘call of duty’ junky I presume .. Ryan Payne.. IF he is a FED they are scraping bottom of the barrel .. maybe on purpose. I hope the next confrontation or test .. is in a place with someone in charge who has more a grasp on the situation.. .who would tell people like Payne .. go fight somewhere else. I would also remind Oath Keepers.. most of the ranchers. it’s all personal .. are they really part of a land rights movement or just wanting things back the way they were. [I do not blame them but they can not be depended on to keep control\ If not part of a movement .. TREAD WITH CARE .. one man can make a difference.. but movements can change history.

  7. 7
    Elizabeth Says:

    Having followed this very closely, including the post at Sispey Street Irregulars, I am left with an overwhelming realization that most of this could have been avoided had Mr. Payne simply submitted to both Mike’s and Stuart’s implied roles as “gatekeepers” and furnished his bona fides to them for their approval.

    Striking in Mike’s debriefing is the continued slinging of epithets, “sociopath, provocateur, fed”, a fine tradition, carried on with great fanfare by members in the video debriefing above.

    This indeed is a sad state of affairs.

    It is more apparent to me with each passing day, that individually, we must become the leaders we are looking for.

    Elizabeth Sutton

  8. 8
    Michael Dennis Says:

    Is it at all possible to get a transcript or at least a summary of what is covered in the video. I and I presume many others do not have the bandwidth to view an hour long video.

  9. 9
    Chan Says:

    I want to point out also that this is an occasion where oath keepers stood down. They
    don’t have to stand out publicly and take the oath, they can do so anonymously, in their own

    This is a confirmation that Stewart’s strategy and founding principles worked.

    Honorable men don’t fight, scared men do and that describes Ryan Payne to a T. I seriously
    don’t want another civil war when Americans kill each other again. If there’s a coward who
    ordered drone strikes then we’d find out easy enough. Everything is doable with the Internet.

    Regardless of what went on in Agent Love’s head, we need to reach out to him and tell him about
    our mission.

  10. 10
    John Newby Says:

    Bravo Oath Keepers! Thank you for this video.

    You guys have done a fine job supporting the Bundy family. Cliven Bundy is right to resist armed BLM agents killing his cattle and assaulting peaceful people. That land belongs to the State of Nevada by Constitution – The Supreme Law of the Land. The BLM agents are the trespassers and they likely know it. Otherwise they would not be using guns to confiscate lands.

    U.S. Constitution. Article I. Section 8. Clause 17.
    “To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;”

    The only land the Feds can own, by their own constitution, is Washington District of Columbia, and land purchased back from the State by Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be. No one is allowed to usurp the Constitution. Not even the people living in Nevada in 1864. Only an amendment can change the U.S. Constitution.

    Amendment II.
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    I hope American’s who want security in a free State work more towards a “well regulated” militia after this incident.

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