April 20th, 2014

40 Oklahoma Sheriffs Asked To Disarm – They Leave Instead


This article was originally published at The Right To Bear

Gun-grabbing fever has finally reached the conservative stronghold of Oklahoma.

An annual meet-and-greet at the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City turned sour when an anonymous senator demanded that the 40 sheriffs in attendance remove their firearms.

But rather than disarm, the sheriffs voluntarily walked out.

When given the choice, Wagoner County Sheriff Bob Colbert said, “We all packed up and left.”

“One of the senators, who they wouldn’t tell us, complained because we were armed in the building,” Colbert added. “Everybody in that building knew who we were.”

“It’s a pretty sad day for me. We’re the people that protect these people,” he said.

Colbert suggested Oklahoma might be in better shape if legislators focused on issues like the economy and the state’s finances rather than legal owners of firearms.

Watch the interview with Sheriff Colbert here.

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5 Responses to “40 Oklahoma Sheriffs Asked To Disarm – They Leave Instead”

  1. 1
    Bob Fortner Says:

    Good for you sheriff,We are seeing who are the men and who are the mice..It’s people like you that makes people like me feel safer.

  2. 2
    Bob Fortner Says:

    Also I would like to say The Sheriff is elected by the people .By constitution He is the man of the people and by the people..I suggest they take a look at Apache,Arizona..The county there lawfully took back control over there county,Took back the land the Feds held according to our constitution was illegal.They reopened businesses,roads and water ways,and land the different federal agencies had closed.Then they were told if you bother our actions ,Our sheriff will escort you out of town..They are now seeing jobs and new business that are asking to do start ups there because they feel favorable climate now.They also are traveling around to different states and counties showing others just how it is done.Give the people a reason to stand with you Sheriff and they will..

  3. 3
    Lt. Don Charleboix LVMPD Ret. Says:

    Great showing at the Bundy Ranch last week. Stuart: good job getting the word out. But it isn’t over yet. Feds are like coyotes with an itch in their ass ….they’ll keep scratching ’till all their hide is gone. Whorehouse Harry must be voted out of office…what a disappointment he is to all caring Nevadans. Gov. Sandovol could have played this on a direct path to the Whitehouse, alas, he missed the timing by only taking down the red fences, gotta show more balls Gov if you care at all about the Constitution like you say you do. Lame duck Clark County Sheriff played a role in the standoff but, he too, could have done great things but missed the boat because appearances were more important than substance.

  4. 4
    RT Says:

    We need to get these irresponsible Bozo’s out of office. The voting machines are rigged nationally, but we can make a change at State level.

  5. 5
    William Davis Says:

    I want my police and sheriff officers always armed. My entire family are concealed carry. We are educated folks and will always fight for the 2 nd amend.

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