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James Jaeger of Matrix Entertainment would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2014 by offering his latest movie to one and all for free downloading on the Internet this week.

The movie, “MOLON LABE: How The Second Amendment Guarantees America’s Freedom“, is James’ sixth in his series on Constitutional issues, and this one promises to be his most controversial ever. SPOiLER raised eyebrows, and Cultural Marxism got out there nicely, but recall, when James produced FIAT EMPIRE as his tribute to G. Edward Griffin’s remarkable book on the Federal Reserve, “The Creature From Jekyll Island“, the movie won awards and took over five million downloads. It was viral in the 2007/2008 election cycle as the Tea Party came aware of the book through James’ movie.

But MOLON LABE is a big step forward from figuring out about the criminality inherent in the Federal Reserve System – this film is devoted to the Constitutional Militia of the several States. It is competing for best picture of our time because it resurrects the People’s power of the sword, their Constitutional duty and civic obligation to participate in their State and/or County Militia, duly registered at the State and County government levels. The movie MOLON LABE lays bare all arguments against the Militia and reveals how the American people have been seduced out of a great power, a power of the sword which when fully reinstated shall manifest the salvation of American culture and self-governance.

That is a pretty bold boast, but I say that not as a boast, but as a Constitutional fact. The details are in the movie. If you’ve not seen it, here is your chance to screen it for free and decide for yourself whether we the people are required by the highest law of the land to form and regulate our Militia of the several States.  The movie will hint about how every citizen with only a very few exceptions are fully required by our Constitution to participate in the Militia and it further throws light on the fact that not everyone in the Militia will be “infantrymen” – your local Militia will include all workers in all trades, skills, and professions; your school teachers, your city/town water works specialists, your highway system maintenance officers, business owners, Deputies and policemen, truckers and nurses and communications experts, etc. etc. Everyone.

The good news in that vision of a reinstated Militia of the several States does something magical for each citizen who registers down at his local County or State Militia Office. That citizen at that moment gains immunity and also becomes a part of his local government. Let that sink in for a minute – it’s above the left-right paradigm, just as is the Constitution itself – it’s of the people for the people by the people. The more we think on such things, the more hope we see for turning this government around and heading it back in the right direction, the direction laid out in the Constitution which created the thing.


Pat Buchanan MOLON LABE2013

So yes, I’m excited about the movie. I can easily see the great controversy it will spawn in 2014, and that discussion will produce more gains for the liberty movement in America. You can do your part to help spread the word by viewing the film and then viewing it again so you can talk about it to your neighbors and co-workers and friends. Oath Keepers would like to thank James Jaeger not just for making the film as a work of love for America, but for featuring Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes and Oath Keepers National Chaplain Chuck Baldwin in the movie. Also featured in the movie are Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Pat Buchanan, Alex Jones, and Ron Paul, with other experts on Constitutional issues and Original Intent.

The movie is < here > for free until midnight, January 06, 2014 – this coming Saturday night. URL:

Do you want to help get this word out to America? One way you can help is to donate to Matrix Entertainment for the post-production promotional budget in which James Jaeger and Co. will use contributions to advertise the movie. Or follow the links available at the free movie page and buy a copy to show friends and neighbors at home showings. James tells me that anyone who donates now will receive appropriate credits on the screen in the next update of the movie’s master copy, from which all subsequent copies of the film will be made.  But the most important thing you can do is to view the film for free and then recommend it to your circles. Feel free to forward this email to your lists – that will help too.  We want this film to go viral. Help us spread the word.





Elias Alias, editor

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  1. 1
    Remember the Alamo Says:

    Great documentary!

    My thanks to the producers and “all” of the
    individuals who had a part in the production.

    A better group of Americans could not have
    been found to feature in the film. –And
    most importantly they all “stand in the door”.

  2. 2
    Alan Donelson Says:

    As an associate member of Oathkeepers — not one who took the Oath in a political or militaristic context — I had a strong reaction to your e-mail concerning the movie MOLON LABE. The original Bill of Rights to the Constitution — how to properly refer to that “document” escapes me still — included 10 amendments, nine others than just the 2nd amendment that we all here hold dear and, I hope, as dear as all the REST of the 10 amendments some required before this “constitution” went any further in the (then) process of approval. (And some say this whole exercise violated the Articles of Confederation, then in force. (?) Seems to me an important tangent, but only a tangent for present purposes.)

    What about the other nine amendments of the Bill of Rights? I think overemphasis on just one of the 10 Amendments in the “Bill of Right” — HELL! are there any yet untouched by those who would take down this nation? — can put more of our eggs in one basket than we can afford at this juncture, strategically thinking. I could develop this perspective, if you will, further in writing. I’ll leave it here with a question for your pondering, if you will. What if TPTB completely “nullified” the FIRST Amendment (Bill of Rights)? What then the chances of the SECOND Amendment escaping such a fate?

  3. 3
    Richard Says:

    Excellent, I will send out the link to a few fence sitters.

    I will also send out to my Peace Officer list as well.


  4. 4
    Shorty Dawkins Says:

    Rest assured, Mr. Donelson, we Oath Keepers hold the ENTIRE Constitution in our hearts. It is the document that created our Federal government. The Federal government did not create it. It is a compact of Sovereign States, who agreed to abide by its terms. We seek to have those terms followed.

    The First Amendment is important, as you point out, but the entire document is important. It all fits together.

    As to Molon Labe, it deals primarily with the Second Amendment and the Constitutional Militia. James Jaeger has made several fine documentary movies. Each deals with a different aspect of freedom and our Government. He made Fiat Empire, which deals with the Federal Reserve and fiat money. Have you seen that one?

    Thank you for joining our organization as an Associate Member, and for your concern for the Bill of Rights. We share your concerns, and work each day to promote understanding of our Founding Documents, including the Declaration of Independence.

    In Liberty,
    Shorty Dawkins
    Associate Website Editor

  5. 5
    Deborah Says:

    I am in a state that doesn’t require registration of fire arms unless conceal carry.
    So if I register with the county militia formerly through the gov’t what would I have immunity from? Wouldn’t registering with the militia still put me on a list anyway? A list we are all on.
    I would be able to stand my ground and not run and hide until it is clear?

  6. 6
    Bereagun Says:

    All United States citizens have traded their Creator given status of men and women for the
    benefits of the State. There are no state citizens and if thee are they are citizens of districts of the United States not a Union state after 1861. Your oath is to an international government within the meaning of the United States as constituted as New Columbia 1790. Under the Buck Act 1950 the territories under martial rule and conquest (see: Lieber Code 1863)and Executive Order was fully privatized and subjugated. All military is under United Nations control and not a republic Union which has no God given Rights for man and woman only benefits, rules, regulations and codes for Persons. Your organization is knowingly or unknowingly following the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1948 and Silent Weapons for Quite Wars 1960?. This would constitute misleading the masses that they have to honor an unconscionable contract (Oath of Service) to a power without knowledge, full disclosure amounting to terrorism on the people of the world. Know your rights, renounce the benefits and then you can regain the Right to self Defense. Reject Slavery or be subject to it!


  7. 7
    Dave Merriman Says:

    i received the email trelling me that i could see the “Molon Labe” move free until midnight oh Jan 6, 2014. I’ve dbeen to the ‘link’ website several times and (i know i’m not the worlds dumbest person) but i can’t find how to start the movie. i’ve tried all the different ‘links’ shown on the page and nothing seems to work….so if there is anyone out there that could sorta give me a hint as to how to access this ‘free showing’ of “Molon Labe” i sure would appreciate it.


    dave m

    [Editor's note: Dave, try this link:

    Thanks Brother,
    Elias Alias, editor]

  8. 8
    Deborah Says: Senator Sessions and Panetta. Sessions got Panetta to admit our military had been put under control of U.N. and NATO without Congress approval.
    I forgot I saw this last summer. Our military is awake I hope, do they know the command is coming from U.N. NATO and USA being set up.

  9. 9
    flinter Says:

    I watched a portion of the video. I had been wanting to see it but not knowing what was in it, I put off spending the money. I ordered it and a five pack of pocket constitutions. Cant wait to get it so I can see the whole thing and pass it on to others.
    Putting out samples like this is a good way to generate sales that support our cause.

    I hope to see all of you at the Lexington Green April 19th 2014. Permit or not, I will be there. Drop by and say hello.

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