December 27th, 2013

Shorty’s New Year’s Wish List

New Year resolutions

by Shorty Dawkins

New Year’s Day will soon be upon us, along with the traditional New Year’s Resolutions. I usually make one Resolution each year, that being: I resolve to make no resolutions. I know, it’s contradictory, but hey, we can’t totally avoid contradictions, can we? This year I have resolved to do things a little differently. I won’t make any more resolutions, but rather, I will create a list of things I would like to see happen; a sort of wish list, if you will. So, here goes.

  1. Hundreds of towns, cities and counties vote to nullify the NDAA, along with a couple of dozen States. (Hey, this is a wish list, right?)

  2. The same goes for Obamacare. (That’s a no brainer.)

  3. Monsanto goes bankrupt because everyone stops buying their products.

  4. Hundreds of Civilization Preservation Teams (CPTs) are busy preparing to protect their towns and cities. There is activity all across the nation as food is being stored, teams are training for all kinds of disasters. (Doesn’t that just warm your heart? People actually looking out for each other?)

  5. Across the land real Oath Keepers are elected to local, County, State and National offices.

  6. The heads of all the big banks that have laundered drug money and have created various frauds, are tried before juries of their peers.

  7. Eric Holder resigns. He then is indicted for lying to Congress.

  8. James Clapper resigns. Ditto.

  9. The Oath Keeper elected officials en masse call for the NSA and DHS to be disbanded. (Hey, with all the CPTs, who needs them. FEMA is disbanded, as it is part of DHS.)

  10. The top leadership of the CIA are all indicted for various crimes.

  11. The Federal Reserve is abolished. The Treasury Dept. takes over, as is Constitutionally mandated.

  12. All the States take back the land the Federal Government misappropriated from them, including all National Parks and forests, as well as land operated by the BLM. The States manage those lands.

  13. Gold and silver are made the coin of the land.

  14. There is a mass shutting off of television sets around the world.

  15. Sports stadiums are empty. (Folks are spending time with their families on useful pursuits.)

  16. People experience a mass awakening and see the lies they have been fed all their lives.

  17. I’ve saved the best for last: All American troops are brought home from foreign lands.

That’s my list. I suppose it could have been longer, but hey, only so much can be accomplished in one year. Next year I’ll add more. What’s on your list?

I almost forgot. I have a wish for Elias Alias, my friend. Elias, may your poetry and Short Stories be published. Salute!

Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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5 Responses to “Shorty’s New Year’s Wish List”

  1. 1
    Ron Jr. Says:

    Shorty that’s a heck of a good list man! I couldn’t have made a better one. The only thing I would have added on a personal note would be to get rid of my wife’s conglomeration of Tupperware containers! Since she’s still working and I’m retired I’m the house guy! My ship’s about to be run a lot tighter. I warned her.
    I would be a happy man if all yours came true. Heck I’d even break mine if yours happened.

  2. 2
    Shorty Dawkins Says:

    The problem with Tupperware is: You can never find the lid that fits the container! LOL!


  3. 3
    Ron Jr. Says:

    Hey Shorty you’re so right man! That’s my nightmare pal. We have a cabinet with a bunch of containers and a drawer full of lids. Find the right lid. It’s like a game show. Sometimes I don’t know what I get ticked at more. Our government or the stinkin Tupperware. By the way I hope you and your loved ones had a Merry Christmas. And have a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year also.

  4. 4
    Ron Jr. Says:

    Oh yea.. I got your e-mail and read the legend of Shorty Dawkins. I liked it pal. I sent you a response but I think I goofed I might have accidently deleted it. Tupperware brain!

  5. 5
    Shorty Dawkins Says:

    Hey Ron, you must have deleted it. Glad you liked it. Have you read all three?


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