December 23rd, 2013

“I Think The American People Want Security Over Freedom”


by Shorty Dawkins

“I Think The American People Want Security Over Freedom.” Jake Tapper, CNN

Finally! Jake Tapper of CNN finally said it. This is what CNN, and no doubt all the globalist, NWO crowd, think of Americans. They think we will give up all our freedom for the sake of security.  It is finally out in the open. A new meme that is not new, except that it is now an open meme. Jake Tapper thinks we are all whimps, who will cower in the corner and beg for the government to protect us, while giving up our freedoms; such as our Rights that are itemized in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

To them the issue appears to be settled; Americans care more about security than freedom, so they can ignore the Constitutional guarantees and do what they want to “protect us”. As it was said by Al Gore and others concerning Global Warming, it is “settled science”. It is now beyond debate.

The mask has finally been taken off and the truth of tyranny has been revealed.

Since the American people live in fear, the powers that be must institute serious “reforms”, albeit taking away freedoms, which, of course, they regret having to do, but it is necessary to insure the cowering people are kept safe.

It is all a meme, promoted in this case by CNN, but will, no doubt, be echoed by the other mainstream media. Any who question the new “safety measures”, will be treated as kooks, or possibly “terrorist sympathizers”.

What they don’t want you to consider is: What is a life of fear, without freedom worth? Is slavery better than a little danger? And what is it we are encouraged to fear? A bunch of “terrorists” living in caves in Afghanistan? Do I choose to give up my freedom because of fear? No. Do you? Is, in fact, the issue of security versus freedom a “settled science” as Jake Tapper has indicated? Hardly. Jake Tapper is merely a talking head vocalizing a new meme of the NWO. The analysts who agree with him are paid shills of the NWO crowd, nothing more. It is all a phantom attempt at promoting a new meme, a new paradigm that the American people care nothing of freedom in the face of danger. It has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with the usual attempts by the powers that be to manage perception, such that they preserve, or expand, power.

It is no wonder CNN and the other mainstream media have lost viewers by the droves in recent years. With propaganda such as Jake Tapper’s pathetic attempt to manipulate perception, it is no wonder folks with any intelligence are turning away from them. Enough of your claptrap, they are saying. Give us some truth, please. And so they search for truth elsewhere.

I find it interesting that the YouTube page where this video is found, has no commentors agreeing with Jake Tapper.

The following video comes from Mox News.

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5 Responses to ““I Think The American People Want Security Over Freedom””

  1. 1
    Pilgrims Pride Says:

    Oy vey!

  2. 2
    coop Says:

    I think I’ll go with Patrick Henry on this issue… liberty OR death! Not a mixture of the two.

  3. 3
    Beau Says:

    After awhile you just have to point and laugh at these clowns!!!

  4. 4
    Shirley Weyand Says:

    I agree up to a point with this blog, however, I also realize that our country
    has changed since we fought WW2. Various administrations have allowed into
    the U.S. too many foreigners and paid little attention if these persons wish us
    harm. We give too many visas and allow them to overstay their welcome. Just a

  5. 5
    Remember the Alamo Says:

    “Security Over Freedom”

    –A sick joke, and the American people are buying it!

    The choice is NOT “Security Over Freedom”, but Freedom Over
    Slavery, alias Security.

    It is not even a Faustian Bargain. Faust supposedly got 24
    years of his desire. Those who give up freedom for security
    get no security, since they are under the control of their
    masters who can take away any “security” that they think
    that they still have. Their security is nothing more than
    an illusion.

    The country is full of disarmed communities who think that
    they are secure, have security, but they are only “secure”
    at the pleasure of those who rule them.

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