December 21st, 2013

Secret Trade Deal Spawns ‘We Will Not Obey’ Movement

Stop TPP

Many people feel powerless against the march of globalism and One-World government. They are not powerless. They can nullify unjust, illegal laws in many ways, both through the system and outside of it, if, (and this is the crux of the matter), they have the courage to say NO. Congress and the President have no authority to negotiate Treaties that are in opposition to the Constitution. Nancy Reagan was right. Just say NO. Thoreau and Walt Whitman agreed. Where do you stand?  – Shorty Dawkins

This article comes from the Organic Consumers Association.

By Zack Kaldveer and Katherine Paul

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In his epic book of poetry, Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman advises “Resist Much. Obey Little.” But when it comes to corporations trampling on local rights, the city of Madison, Wis., advises other cities and counties to do what it has done: Resist much. Obey not.

In October, the Madison City Council unanimously passed a resolution declaring the city a “TPP-Free Zone,” and promising that if Congress passes the Trans Pacific Partnership, a global trade agreement, “We will not obey” it.

The TPP is the largest global trade pact to be negotiated since the World Trade Organization (WTO). Most of the details of the deal remain a mystery. Negotiations are being conducted in secret. But we know, from some of the drafts that have been leaked, that the TPP would hand transnational corporations the power to “protect their future profit potential” by suing countries, states, counties or cities in order to wipe out existing laws—laws specifically designed to protect communities’ best interests.

Those interests could include everything from internet freedom and banking and finance regulation, to the passing of bans on growing genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

“Call it a sovereignty issue, or local control, or threat of lowering local standards with regard to government procurement (elimination of any “buy local” ordinances), food safety ordinances, living wage ordinances, environmental requirements, prevailing wage requirements on construction, etc.—[Madison City Council members] saw all these as threats to their authority and the job they had been elected to do,” said David Newby of the Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition. Newby played a key role in passing the “TPP-Free Zone” resolution in Madison, and another in Dane County, Wis.

The “TPP-Free Zone” concept is modeled after the successful grassroots strategy that helped defeat a similar trade agreement in 1998, called the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI). The basic premise was to convince elected officials, city by city, county by county, of the need to refuse to obey the MAI if it became law. The anti-MAI grassroots effort succeeded by exposing the dark side of the MAI, and by proving its unpopularity with the public.

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4 Responses to “Secret Trade Deal Spawns ‘We Will Not Obey’ Movement”

  1. 1
    Remember the Alamo Says:

    “TPP” –Sounds “free” to me, for corporate globalist interests. I am reminded
    of “English” Mercantilism, only now the United States is the colony of the
    “globalist” corporate interests. (First you globalize the world’s economies,
    and then you globalize the world’s governments.)

    “Free trade”: freedom for corporate globalist interests to do what they want.
    I like the “European” School of free trade religion and theology. It has
    off-shored the American industrial manufacturing base, 6,000,000 plus jobs,
    and run up trillions of dollars of free trade deficits. It has put billions
    into the bank accounts of the Waltons and other oligarchy-monopoly capitalists
    (the opposite of American free enterprise) and trillions of dollars into the
    bank account of China, Inc., and made it possible for the American consumers
    to fill their homes with cheap Chinese goods. Are the “TPP-Free Zoners going
    to want tariffs, like George Washington imposed on the importation of English
    goods to the chagrin of the free traders. But then George Washington wasn’t
    familiar with the U.S. Constitution, which he “signed”, that gives the “U.S.
    Congress” the “right” to impose tariffs.

    Warning: If you like the religion of free trade the following article is
    not for you:


  2. 2
    Remember the Alamo Says:

    P.S. to Post 1:

    “These robotic free-traders recoil from any suggestion that they
    aid U.S. producers against unfair foreign tactics as interfering
    with Adam Smith’s “invisible hand,” which they equate with the
    hand of the Almighty.”

    The American economy is “doomed” without addressing our “massive”
    trade deficits, no matter how many “economists”, politicians, and
    assorted “intellectuals” want to debate and write books about it.
    The last time that I checked a six hundred billion dollar annual
    trade deficit = $600,000,000,000 per year.

    It is “politically incorrect” to say that the American economy is
    going straight to the bottom without a radical change in our
    trade policies. You have a “combine” of corporate internationalists
    who could care less about America, consumers who want the lowest
    priced goods at any “price”, “free” trade “religionists” who put
    theology ahead of any connection to reality and country, and
    politicians who will do what the highest bidder wants them to do.
    –It’s a conglomerate which is hard to beat.

    But why should I worry, the stock market is up, and if necessary
    Benjamin’s successor will just print some more helicopter money
    to stimulate the importation of more foreign goods and stimulate
    more foreign economies. War with China.–They can buy us up on
    the cheap with our trade deficits. And besides we soon will not
    be able to afford to keep up with their military spending, just
    like “we” did to the Soviets.

  3. 3
    Remember the Alamo Says:

    P.S. to Posts 1 & 2:
    Sorry for the repetition. But maybe it’s time for a little discussion regarding the corporate globalists’ religion of “FREE” trade and their coming world economy and political system.

    Madison, WI will not have to worry about obeying the TPP.

    The Chinese are “coming” to America, “are already here”. And they have figured out a way to recycle their trillions of dollars of “FREE” trade surpluses with America. –”BUY AMERICA.”
    And once they buy or build the plants, “we” will(?) give them a few million H-1B Visas to
    bring in Chinese workers who are use to working for slave wages and under slave working conditions. And while we are at it we should throw in a couple of million of H-1B Visas to
    bring in some white collar workers. Why should only blue collar workers have to compete
    with the Chinese and the other lowest paid workers on the planet.

    “NATIONALISM”, “NATIONHOOD”. –Never heard the words.

  4. 4
    Remember the Alamo Says:

    ONE country.
    ONE loyalty. –Both politically to the Constitution, and economically.

    How is it that a “U.S.” Senator can have dual citizenship!
    –But maybe I am just a little bit old-fashioned.

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