December 4th, 2013

It Is Time For Laughter


by Shorty Dawkins

I saw an article at the Daily Sheeple today, and at first it made me angry, but then, suddenly, it made me smile, and then to laugh. You see, I had an epiphany. I suddenly realized how absolutely ridiculous the powers that be (PTB) have become. I suddenly saw the emperor has no clothes.

Let me first talk of the article.

George Capsis, an 85 year old man, was riding his bicycle in a bicycle path, when a police van pulled into the bicycle path in front of him. George apparently was a bit outraged that the Police should pull their van into a bicycle path. “Police shouldn’t break the law”, he yelled at them. Capsis says the two cops then pinned him to the van and ordered him to dismount his bike.

Capsis said he couldn’t move, and that amid “the political deceptions, the arrogance of monied power, an irresistible rush of hate welled up and I slapped him.” Capsis said one officer punched him and he struggled while another tried to cuff him. More cops came, took Capsis to the precinct and then to Beth Israel’s emergency room.”

Well, George Capsis won a $45,000 settlement in an excessive force case against the NYPD and is now being sued by the cop who punched him. That’s right, the cop, Juan Perez, is suing George Capsis for assault and defamation.

Think about this for a minute. An 85 year old man is falsely arrested, and in the heat of the moment he slaps Officer Perez. Perez, no doubt being one of NYC’s finest men in blue, is distressed at the treatment he received from Capsis and decided to sue in retaliation. Poor Officer Perez. No doubt he feared for his life. No doubt he thought he was being disrespected. After all, men in blue should be respected by those he serves.

It was as I was thinking of poor Officer Perez, that I began to smile, and then to laugh. I began to recognize the absurdity of it all. No doubt Officer Perez thinks of himself as a public servant, doing a difficult job. No doubt he respects the law and the badge he wears. But, (and this is a big but), Officer Perez hasn’t a clue what serving the public means. He is part of the system of so-called Justice, that allows him to think he can brutalize an old man for daring to show disrespect for men like himself.

And Officer Perez is not the only cop who thinks like this. The police forces across the Country are breeding many such men. Most every day, while searching the Web, I see an article, or two, where police are using excessive force, searching women’s privates in full public view, beating unarmed people viciously because they didn’t react fast enough to their orders. Some instances result in the death of the victim.

So why should I laugh? Because I saw how thin the veneer of power is. Cops want to be respected, (or feared), because of their position. So do politicians, judges, prosecutors, bureaucrats, educators, people with fancy degrees from so-called formal education, all those who seek positions of power, in whatever station, in order to be respected. Judges demand to be called “Your Honor”, in their courtroom. I’m sorry, but that title is earned through honorable actions, not because of the robe they wear, or the fancy courtroom we all pay for. Senators and Congressmen and women call each other Honorable when sitting in session, regardless of whether their actions are honorable or not. When being introduced to speak before a crowd, those with fancy degrees have them listed, as if the fact they have worked their way through so-called schooling is important; that it confers some amount of wisdom upon them. Truly wise men or women do not proclaim themselves to be wise. They are recognized by others to be wise. Honor is equally earned. It cannot be demanded. Respect is likewise earned.

This brings me to my epiphany.

If those who seek power really are seeking respect and honor, what if that respect and honor were deprived them? What if, instead of respect, they were met with laughter? Or smiles. When a politician speaks lies, what if he was met with laughter, rather than applause and cheers?

The veneer is thin. If those who seek power, honor and respect are denied what they seek, and are laughed at, met with derision, or even silence, what would their reaction be? I wonder.

What if, when we are called “conspiracy theorists”, we simply smile and say “Thank you”? When truth is called falsehood, and falsehood is called truth, I think I’d prefer to be called false, for it would be truth.

In this Orwellian time, being labeled an Outlaw is a compliment. I choose to be an Outlaw. When Laws are unjust, the just become Outlaws. When words are used opposite to their true meanings, I prefer to be called names those who speak falsely call insults.

I will smile at the PTB, as I know they are thin-skinned and will not like my smiles, or my laughter. Or I will remain silent when they seek applause or approval. Truth cannot be made a lie, for it is truth, regardless of the lies. And so I will continue exposing the lies, but I will do so with a happy heart. It is a time for laughter. After all, we are winning.

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6 Responses to “It Is Time For Laughter”

  1. 1
    Matt Says:

    You hit the nail on the head. This is where the terms Peace Officer and Law Enforcement Officer have become two different entities. A Peace Officer knew they were someone in the community that the people could count on when needed. A Law Enforcement Officer is someone who refuses to use discretion or any form of common decency. They look at the people right or wrong as the enemy. They prefer to stay within there tight knit little groups and gloat about busting somebody up. A Peace Officer is engaged within their community. A Law Enforcement Officer is just a government thug.

  2. 2
    Elias Alias Says:

    Shorty, did you forget to add that our Peace Officers here in Oath Keepers are a cut above their brethren in blue? It’s okay to notice, and even talk about, all the police violence, but I like to always remember to give a salute to those officers who do know the difference between “law enforcement officers” and “Peace Officers”. I am very proud of all the good Peace Officers who are members in Oath Keepers. They set the mark for, they carry the torch of, they honor the best traditions of, the Police Profession. I’m sure you agree, yes, oh Outlaw? ;)

    Elias Alias, editor

  3. 3
    Cal Says:

    “did you forget to add that our Peace Officers here in Oath Keepers are a cut above their brethren in blue? ”

    There are many Peace Officers who are good. A large part of the problem is that they do not speak out against those “officers” that they work with who are thugs. It is actually understandable, because it would be a good way for them to be “silenced” by the thugs in uniform who have no morals or honor.

    Don’t wait and count on retirement and stay. Move immediately to a Constitutional Sheriff”s force. Retirements are already being taken, yours will not be overlooked by the crooks in office and beyond. YOU are NEEDED more then ever before because TRUE Peace Officers are far and few between, which means that they are now in a VERY dangerous job. The danger is NOT from the people, it is from their fellow officers. They (decent Peace Officers) will not be trusted until the thugs in uniform see them “get dirty”, so are in a dangerous place.

    Stay Safe and Detention Free All!

  4. 4
    Shorty Dawkins Says:

    Elias, you asked: “Shorty, did you forget to add that our Peace Officers here in Oath Keepers are a cut above their brethren in blue?”

    I figured it was understood, LOL. By joining OK they show they don’t seek power, but are Peace Officers, not of the Law Enforcement officer variety.


  5. 5
    Ron Jr. Says:

    The more I read the smile on my face got wider till I was actually laughing! It made so much sense! I can’t wait to get pulled over for something stupid and get lectured from a man young enough to be my son. I’ll give a for instance. I got stopped by an LEO on a very rural road for not coming to a complete stop. (a rolling through stop he told me). I apologized for the infraction while looking around with facial expressions, and indicating with my palms out that there wasn’t anything in sight! He proceeded to inform me with this expressionless look, and tone as to why cameras are installed because of people like me! He was going to continue but I held my hand up and calmly said. Officer with all do respect. Am I getting a ticket? Of course you are you broke the law, you didn’t come to a complete stop! That’s not safe sir. Ok good I said, save your breath I get the point. I’d like to get to my destination so go write me the ticket so I can move along. He got red in the face and stormed back to his patrol car. I couldn’t help myself I yelled out . Don’t take to long I don’t want to cause an accident by distracting all the other drivers. I was surprised how quick he came back. With a warning! I was also shocked when he smiled at me and said here I don’t want to hold you up. I just smiled back and thanked him and said I’ll heed your advice officer!
    The way I look at this story now after reading this article made me think. This young police officer started out as a LEO but in the end he was a peace officer. The funny part is this happened for real to me 23 years ago. Toda chances are I probably would have been in deep doo doo with the attitude of most LEO’s. If this ever happens again I think Ill keep my big trap shut and just smile the whole time.

    By the way, great article Shorty.

  6. 6
    Ron Jr. Says:

    I didn’t mean 23 years ago. I meant 2-3 years.

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