December 3rd, 2013

CNN: Conspiracy Theorists Are Potential “Suicide Warriors” & Are Mentally Disturbed


Those who seek to control a population use varied means. Gun control, forced indoctrination (schooling), and the manipulation of perception, are three such means. The following video is of the manipulative variety. It equates distrust of government and the belief in any conspiracy as mental illness. It is an attempt, through the power of the media, to alter the perception of individuals by pigeon-holing whole groups of people as mentally ill, because they don’t believe the government versions of events.

Recent polls show roughly half of Americans question the official report of the assassination of JFK. In other words, they believe in some sort of conspiracy. John Avalon, therefore, must think half of Americans are potential “suicidal warriors” and are mentally disturbed.

I would suggest that John Avalon is a paid shill for the powers that be.  – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

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6 Responses to “CNN: Conspiracy Theorists Are Potential “Suicide Warriors” & Are Mentally Disturbed”

  1. 1
    Ol' Rono Says:

    CIA news channel

  2. 2
    Kat Weishat Says:

    Well this presents a bit of a problem for me……or maybe more. Since I believe so strongly in theoretical versions of the conspiracies that are what our government thrives on. It is how they have captured and held the minds they now control through this act of continually creating the very news these gullible individuals thrive on.

    It affords them the comfort of the status quo that if there are problems, they will have something to gripe about while waiting for others to fix the problems for them……thus the cycle continues while those who recognize a scandal or disaster created by TPTB are labeled by many names……and none of them are complimentary.

    I will not sit by and accept at face value anything done by the NWO for to not be suspicious and question what they do IS INSANE.

    They need another reason to call me “nuts” in order to prevent me purchasing more weapons simply by their say so and without provocation or documented proof.

    They just will not take credit where credit is due…….they simply do not see how insane and out of control they, themselves truly are.

  3. 3
    Ron Jr. Says:

    Mike Savage has said on numerous times Kat “that liberalism is a mental disorder” I firmly believe that! The sad part is that the crazies are running the show. With all the crap I read I get the feeling that the fox is guarding the hen house.

  4. 4
    Charlie BROWN Says:

    For that matter all of Washington D.C. is mentally ill. Sociopath, narcissism, psychopathic tendencies etc. etc. etc. talk about calling the kettle black. Although I could not view the U-Tube due to dial up I get the drift.

  5. 5
    Richard Norris Says:

    One only has to remember that one of the chief tactics of the Soviets was to declare someone mentally ill to silence them to understand the tactics of the current government in the U.S.

    It is happening now with our Veterans. The Lamestream media likes to paint us all with the wide brush of “hate groups” when we are in fact “love groups.” We love our country and our liberty.

    Rick Norris
    Indiana Point of Contact
    Oath Keepers

  6. 6
    Churchill Says:

    Indeed. History does show that the Elite’s corporate propaganda enterprises are structured towards inducing/promoting War, Civil unrest and Anarchy, Global Corporate Environmental Terrorism, Anthropogenic Global Warming and Control. Since day one, they continually re-write/bury history in favor of their own theories, Conpiracies and False Flag events over actual facts and events. I am reminded as to Obama’s previously comment not long after elected to his second term of office indirectly indicating that he might not finish his full term and as to why Alan Greenspan previously stated that ‘perhaps it might be time to disband the Federal Reserve’, not to mention Soros’ comment in favoring a gold currency as we see China anda few other Nations buying gold in bulk. Actually, a Nation and it’s people’s wealth, health and well-being is based on the availability of clean air, water, the abundance of natural resources in respect,and honor of commitments towards the preservation of Individual Rights, Family, Nation, Environment and Arable Land.. CNN represents Certified Nauseating Nonsense in their attempt to fly a flag of Tyranny and Treason. Deceit, Denial, Dis-trust, Dependency, Deletion, Detention and their definition of Duty of Defense does desire Destruction.

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