November 30th, 2013

California Sheriff Denied Gun Purchase Over Background Check

Sheriff John Lopey

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by AWR Hawkins

When Siskiyou County, CA Sheriff John Lopey tried to buy an M1 Garand rifle through the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), he was denied and told he failed to pass the background check conducted via the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

Lopey is a sheriff: he carries a gun and enforces the law for a living. Prior to being a sheriff, he spent 33 years with the California Highway Patrol and is a retired Army Colonel. He had Top Secret clearance in the Army.

The FBI handles NICS background checks for firearms purchases. Ironically, Lopey recently went through and passed a background check to attend the FBI national academy.

On November 27th, Lars Larson interviewed Lopey about this situation; Lopey said he did in fact receive a letter from CMP and the FBI telling him he had failed to pass the NICS background check and that the money he had paid for the rifle was being refunded. Astounded by the rejection, he called the FBI/NICS only to be told “it could be some identity theft issue.”

Lopey then asked how it was possible that he had passed background checks for firearm purchases within the last year and no answer was given.

Sheriff Lopey said he does not meet any criteria for a purchase rejection. He has a “stellar” law enforcement record, he’s never been arrested, never had PTSD, never used illicit drugs, and “never been counseled for mental health care reasons.”

In the end, Lopey’s only option is to appeal his failed background check and wait for better news. He has already filed his appeal, which included having his own records clerk in his own sheriff’s office put together a file on him with new fingerprint cards.

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9 Responses to “California Sheriff Denied Gun Purchase Over Background Check”

  1. 1
    Dan Devlin Says:

    All Lawmen should see this. If they think they will be unaffected by this insanity, they better think twice. Oath Keepers should show this to all their local lawmen.

  2. 2
    Cal Says:

    Background checks are unlawful because ALL states, PLUS all those in the federal government MUST be in pursuance thereof the US Constitution. As long as we all play into the system, then they ARE going to “win” by destroying our nation and legitimate government.

    As long as we do not hold those who use UNLAWFUL “laws” against us accountable; when we do not remove those judges who are in the courtrooms but do not use “Good Behaviour” there as LAWFULLY required – nor REMOVE them for breaking the contract they AGREED to when they took that office or position they are occupying WE are then aiding in our own destruction and the destruction of our legitimate government!

  3. 3
    Kenneth Eugene Bozarth Says:

    Nonsense and stupid.

    Notwithstanding; our 2nd Amendment’s ” . . . shall not be infringed . . .” as applied to our well regulated States’ Militias is an absolute prohibition is it not?

    Is it not true that our constitutionally elected Sheriffs are members of our several States’ Militias as we all are?

    For further reading please see Article II, Sec. 2, Cl. 1; Article I, Sec. 8. Cl. 15-16, United States Constitution and our 2nd Amendment.

  4. 4
    nicholas napier Says:

    Look at what the va has written on him thats where dhs steps in..

  5. 5
    nicholas napier Says:

    Veterans do not know that the va will send it forward any info reguarding there
    Heath or mental ability or prior history service. Such as in the battle field. History. Stress at time of war..etc

  6. 6
    Lee Says:

    One can only wonder what next?

  7. 7
    Kevin Says:

    Diane – Queen Diane – says that all veterans have mental health issues. There’s your answer, straight from a senator.

  8. 8
    Chris dahl Says:

    That’s crazy only in California I want to get involved more as a army vet I am sick of watching this happen in my country I didn’t service for this communist crapp, to take over

  9. 9
    Chris dahl Says:

    When does this crap, end and why is the government attacking the law a biding citizens the next Nevada ranch deal if the rancher was a not a citizen or had a hoody, on he would have rights, this country has lost its bearings,

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