November 28th, 2013

“I’m Just A Mom”

Just A Mom

by Shorty Dawkins

Daphne Lee recently gave a powerful, impassioned speech concerning the NDAA. In her speech, she said, “I’m just a Mom.” Really, Daphne? Just a Mom? Might I remind you that if it weren’t for you, your children wouldn’t be alive today. You, as a Mom, are the life-giver, and the nurturer of those you give life to. Yes, your husband, the Father of your children, has a share in that life-giving and nurturing, but you are the life-giver. You carried that child in your womb for 9 months, and you endured the pains of labor. As result of your efforts, your child was born. Together, you and your husband will nurture, care for and love that child. Will you stop loving that child? No. A parent’s love, particularly a Mother’s love, is never conditional. You and your child will have times of anger, frustration, fear and discord, but the love you have for that child will never end.

Daphne is a Mom, not just a Mom. Which brings me to speak of why she might have called herself “Just a Mom”. In our so-called “modern” Society, we have been molded/indoctrinated to believe in “experts”. Expert testimony in trials. Experts explaining the news. Experts who formulate the “schooling” for our children. Society today tends to believe if someone has an “educational degree” attached to their names, then that person is an “expert”.  We are constantly told the “experts”, the Phds, and the “Think Tank” researchers and thinkers know what is best for us; for Society. It is the Phd that matters, or the membership in the prestigious think tank. If you are a plumber, a carpenter, a secretary, a bookkeeper, a clerk at a Department Store, a Mom, or a myriad of other occupations, you are considered to be unknowledgeable in anything but your chosen field of endeavor. When you speak at public events, such as at Town Meetings, or City Council meetings, you are given the impression that your voice is being tolerated, but not heard, for you are not an “expert”.

Jobs today, for simple managerial positions, require degrees, regardless of the situation. We have become a nation enthralled with the idea of higher education as an end-all and be-all in, and of, itself. “Education”, of course at “approved institutions”, is the panacea for all problems. It is the end that justifies ….. justifies what? And what is the “education” that those degrees signify? Merely that the student has completed the course of study/indoctrination, that other degreed “experts” have decided is the correct one.

Do not think I oppose education. No, I have been on a lifelong journey to educate myself. I am proud to say that I have not a single degree to my name. My education has been wide-ranging. I have not limited myself to a specific course of study, merely to obtain that degree that others consider important.

This belief in “experts” is promulgated by those who manipulate us into a stratified society of the haves and have-nots. A carpenter is a lowly individual;, a mere craftsman, in the minds of the Elitists, who manipulate Society. His worth is far less than someone with a fancy degree. Yet, who builds the house the man with the degree lives in? Who fixes his plumbing problems. Rarely does a person with a Phd paint his own house. It is beneath their abilities.

Do we need brilliant individuals? Of course, but Benjamin Franklin had very little schooling. Thomas Jefferson had little. Abe Lincoln was self-taught. It is not what school a person graduated from, nor what degree they may have obtained, but the actual quality of what they learned that matters, however, or wherever, they learned it.

Is Daphne Lee just a Mom? Judging by her speech, I would say she is an intelligent, caring person. She is, in my opinion, more intelligent and more caring than a good many members of Congress. She recognizes the inherent dangers of the NDAA to our Bill of Rights. Those members of Congress who voted for it are either too stupid to see the dangers, or are so uncaring of the Bill of Rights that they passed it. No doubt they were told it was important; to someone.

I am a writer, not just a writer. I was a carpenter for many years, not just a carpenter. I have been a life-long seeker of truth and knowledge. No man, or woman, is better than me because they have a degree. Neither am I better than them. We are all individuals, and as such, we are free to speak our minds. No one should be treated with condescension because they lack a degree, or choose to be a stay at home Mom. A plumber, a trash collector, a janitor, or whatever occupation, serves Society in their own chosen path. The Elite like to condescend to “listen” to the voice of the people, but they do not hear the words. They have another agenda.

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4 Responses to ““I’m Just A Mom””

  1. 1
    Ron Jr. Says:

    Shorty… God bless you man! Your article brought tears to my eyes while I was reading it. I have fought my whole 63 years of existence knowing and feeling what you wrote. I have at times been looked down on over the years and have been by the job market discriminated against for only having an education through grade 10 in high school. Yet I am a determined man. I may have quit HS. But I was a self learned residential electrician, Self taught plumber, brick layer, sheet rocker, and woodworker. I learned how to lay tile. Paint a house just like a professional, and now retired, I am learning how to use a fire arm. I have excelled at every skill I’ve mentioned. I did jobs for friends, relatives and people they referred me to. And everyone of them admired my work not only for the craftsmanship but the thoughtfulness that went into the work, no matter what it was. sometimes if I did a job for somebody and I saw that they were down and out I basically told them when they asked ” how much ” I would bring tears to their eyes when I would say ah just give me gas money and pay for the material! My wife thinks I’m crazy sometimes. She says I’d never make it as a business man. My answer is always I’m not in the business! I’m old enough to know I’m not gonna become rich doing what I do, I’m ok with the life I’ve had and still have, so it doesn’t matter if I can help someone with the knowledge I’ve learned over my lifetime. Specially a young married couple starting out. (I’ve been there) or an elderly person. I’m not gonna go broke helping them either.
    So many times people told me when I got laid off in 2010 to lie on my online job application about my education because no body would hire a 60 year old man with a 10th grade education. I said as popeye would say “I am what I am”. So as you can guess, since I had no degrees in anything I stayed unemployed till my retirement age and took my SS. Once word got around I was retired. This man with no formal degree in anything had his phone ringing off the hook. For what? My skills that I learned over my lifetime. I was so busy I wished I had a regular job so I could get some rest. haha. Any way thanks for a great article. Kinda made me feel good that some people out there realize that you don’t have to have a paper that makes you smart. The other thing I’ve learned in my lifetime is that a lot of people that have the papers are actually pretty clueless about most things. and some are downright dumb.

  2. 2
    Shorty Dawkins Says:

    Ron, Jr.,
    You sound like the kind of man I’d be proud to shake his hand. Bless you, for you are the best you can be. I’ve known many Phds in my day. Most are so smart they are stupid. I’m sure you know what I mean.


  3. 3
    Ron Jr. Says:

    yea Shorty I hear you pal. And believe me when I say this.The honor would be mine to your hand sir.
    Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it. No matter what I’ve done it pales in comparison to your service. I just lived my life as best I can. You sir put yours on the line for me to do the things I’ve done and I could never thank you enough. And I give my word to back you brave men with my life if need be. And of all the things I’ve ever done? The one thing I’m proudest of is never ever going back on my word.

  4. 4
    Shorty Dawkins Says:

    Ron, I’m sending you a PDF version of my book, “The Legend of Shorty Dawkins”, to your email account. It is book one of a series of three. I think you might like it. The other two books are available on I used the pen name, Cody Larson. I wrote another called Eli and Me under the pen name of Shorty Dawkins. I assumed the name Shorty Dawkins from the first book I wrote, after I moved to Montana. I hope you enjoy it.


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