November 11th, 2013


Open Letter From The Editor To All Vets:

Veterans Day_1


Oath Keepers cherishes our Veterans in gratitude. We honor you as we honor those who fell beneath the blade of war. Some must die; but some must live to become the untouchable part of America which is named simply:  Veterans.

The nation is grateful; Oath Keepers, the organization, is grateful; and all Oath Keepers as individuals are grateful.  You stood tall, answered the call, offered your all if need be. You did what warriors do, carried what befell you, served the Red White and Blue. You served wherever you were sent, did the job at hand, made it through.

In so doing, you’ve earned the proud title: Veteran. America is grateful and is proud of you. It is an emotional thing to have served one’s country, one’s people.



Some of you thought that you were through, but Oath Keepers has news for you. It ain’t over yet, Bro.  There is still a nation requiring your devotion to duty, your dedication and loyalty. Despite all the victories in war which comprise the rich history of the American military, our great nation remains yet in peril. Oath Keepers reminds all Veterans that the Oath never expires, that our duty only retires at the grave, and a Veteran still has a job to do – not necessarily on some distant battle field, but in one’s hometown, one’s community, one’s neighborhood.

The extra mile is the service one performs after being discharged. There exists today a great need for all Veterans to figure out what Steve Mason, the Vietnam Veterans of America “Poet Laureate”, revealed in this famous line before he died  -

“Old soldiers with bad gums find out too late whom they really served.” – Steve Mason, Viet Vet, RIP

After World War II, there has been a never-ending series of wars on a controlled, limited program which can be summarized as “perpetual war for perpetual peace”.  There is no honor in that, and a large percentage of combat veterans are likely to figure that out. When a Veteran comes to clearly see that, a righteous inner rage is kindled, understandably. Now the Department of Homeland Security has learned that returning war Veterans can settle back into their communities and start figuring out whom they really served when they answered the call to arms coming from Washington D.C.

So DHS now instructs your neighborhood policeman to pay closer attention to you because you are a Veteran, and as a Veteran you have seen directly, first hand, the great lie behind the deployments of our fighting men and women beginning with the Korean War in the 1950s. DHS knows that when a Veteran figures that out, he may be a force to deal with – and by God, they’re right about that.

So, yeah, go on down to the slop-shoot and raise a mug to your old outfit, and take a little slack after you’ve done your tour for the uniform.  But afterward, whatsay we each and all, as Veterans, as Oath Keepers, once again stand tall – but this time, doing it inside our own hearts and souls, where the battle for America now is fought, where Veterans, maybe moreso than any other sort of American, can summon the courage to face the truth – and then get down to work on the toughest battle of all, the educating of a trusting, believing, brain-washed public which has no idea whatsoever about war, about those who go to fight the wars, and about those damned by God politicians who send them.

Brothers and Sisters, Oath Keepers salutes your service. Awaken now to our new duty. Show your dedication to duty as you honor that Oath you swore, and band together in your neighborhoods, your communities, your families and circles of friends, and teach in your own TAOR the moral lessons enshrined in the U. S. Constitution. Your next duty station begins here -

Thank you for your service.

Semper Fi!


Elias Alias, USMC Vietnam Veteran and editor for Oath Keepers

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30 Responses to “Vets”

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  1. 1
    Ol' Rono Says:

    God bless you Veterans, your Country still needs you!

  2. 2
    John Says:

    Thank you for our day ,I just hope we can turn this country around as a group . It’s time to get the all the liars out office from both sides !!!!!!!!!!!!TERM LIMITS

  3. 3
    G. Minga Says:

    To all my brothers and sisters who have gone before may God in his infinite wisdom bless and keep you for your sacrifice on the altar of freedom. The families left behind honor them always and for your own heartache may the almighty grant you peace. For all of us still here my fight is not over remember each other, honor each other, and remember why you took that oath and honor it all your days. God Bless

  4. 4
    R.E.Massey, (GoldenBB) Says:

    Sorry my eyes were watery, Thank you Elias !

  5. 5
    Charles S. Imwold Says:

    We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President .

    We The People demand that the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution and remove this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office under Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution .

    This fraud and usurper barack hussein obama can not be impeached because he is not a legal sitting US President . The removal of this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama must take place under US Constitutional law Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution .

    US Constitutional law must be enforced if We The People are to remain a free and Constitutional Republic.

  6. 6
    Danny Smith Says:

    God bless our Veterans and a heartfelt thank you to each. Thank you for the post Elias.

  7. 7
    Dave Sandberg Says:

    I just found your website and signed up for your e-mails. After a few weeks I am getting the idea that this is really a website for Marines, which is great. I’m an Army Vietnam vet and would like to find a website that may be a little more inclusive to all services. Can you tell me of any?

    Dave Sandberg

    [Editor's note: Dave, it only looks like this is a Marine site. We are actually a site for all military, police, and firefighters. I guess we're just a bit heavy on the Marines side right now, but we're working on an Army page presently, and after that we'll do the Navy and Air Force and Coast Guard. We also support Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers, as well as Fire Fighters. It just takes time to get all of those services up to speed here, as we're a relatively new organization experiencing growing pains - we just can't get it all together as quickly as we would like. Our real purpose is to reach and teach all military and police and firefighters with the message of the Oath and the Constitution which requires that Oath. So stick around if you can, and help us grow. Thanks Bro. And by the way, Brother,Welcome Home! Thank you for your service in Vietnam.
    Elias Alias, editor]

  8. 8
    nicholas napier Says:

    Kinda odd that obama refuses to see the american indian leaders of there prespective nations speak within
    The white house ..hmmm scared i say. They see through to them in power in the empire
    Fear. It is said. Warriors would see this as war on there lands an people. Open act of war on the nations goverment
    Is pushing them off the reservations we must not Never ever let this happen again…these. great peoples. Fought as warriors in wars as well vets as well. We should give this corrupt gov. Hell.

  9. 9
    Barbara Batchelor Says:

    My family has been in this country since the early 1700’s, we started our serve in the war of independence, war of 1812, ww1, ww2, vietnam, and my grandson is set to go off to boot 2 weeks after graduation this year. People need to understand, that freedom in not free, someone paid for it in blood. We need the kind of vets like yourself and my dad and grandfather who said you don’t fight for the president, you fight for old glory, and if the war is not for that purpose then it is not a war that we need to be in. We need to teach our children that this country starts with them, not washington, not congress, but with We the People. Your right about one thing, when you come home and realize what it really was all about, you get pissed, and then you get to thinking. Oath Keepers, whether vet or not. Means someone who will teach and speak about what this country is truly founded on. Us, and we have the right to do what is necessary to remove any threat whether it is foreign or domestic. Thomas Jefferson once said that there comes a time when you must overthrow your goverment, not for some unrealistic reason or some slight, but because there is no other way for your own survival. There has to be solid proof that those things are happening, that is how we were able to get France and to some degree other nations who had Kings and Queens, to agree. Now we must keep the Oath that they started and keep it going to the grave.

  10. 10
    Mac Says:

    Wonderful post Elias! God bless you as a veteran and all veterans past and present. It’s so true that all gave some and some gave all. I salute you as true Oath Keepers.

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