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The United States Marine Corps turns 238 years old today.   While the Marine Corps Hymn speaks of Marines fighting “From the Halls of Montezuma, To the shores of Tripoli,” Marines first fought from the rolling decks of American warships, and in amphibious assaults, during the American Revolution, fighting for Independence and Liberty.

“On November 10, 1775, the Continental Congress approved the resolution to establish two battalions of Marines able to fight for independence at sea and on shore. This date marks the official formation of the Continental Marines.” – 1st Commandant, Major Samuel Nicholas (1775-1783)

You can read the Continental Congress Resolution here.

Samuel Nicholas was the first “Captain of Marines”commissioned by Congress (and also the first officer to receive a naval commission from the Continental Congress), and promptly established the first Marine recruiting headquarters at Tun Tavern, Philadelphia (obviously Captain Nicholas, like most Marines since, appreciated a good beer!).    And  he knew that is where he could find good fighting men.  In fact, as the history page puts it: “one of his first recruits was popular patriot and [Tun] tavern owner Robert Mullan.”  Another interesting fact about Captain Nicholas is that, much like “The Fighting Quaker” Smedley Butler (aka “Old Gimlet Eye”), Nicholas also came from a Quaker family in Pennsylvania.  So, you could say that Captain Nicholas, the first Marine, was also a “fighting Quaker.”


Captain Samuel Nicholas:  The First “Fighting Quaker”

Slammin’ Brews and Kickin’ Ass Since 1775

The Marines’ baptism of fire was during the battle of Nassau, when Continental Navy Commodore Esek Hopkins lead a successful Naval and amphibious assault on Nassau, March 3-4, 1776.    The official standard flying over Commodore Hopkins Flagship during the battle was the Gadsden flag.   Colonel Christopher Gadsden represented South Carolina in the Continental Congress and was one of the seven members of the Marine Committee outfitting that first naval mission, and presented the coiled rattlesnake flag to Commodore Hopkins before he departed for the Bahamas, to serve as distinctive personal standard for his flagship, and was displayed on the mainmast.  Gadsden also presented a copy of this flag to the Congress of South Carolina in Charleston, South Carolina. This was recorded in the South Carolina congressional journals on February 9, 1776:

Col. Gadsden presented to the Congress an elegant standard, such as is to be used by the commander in chief of the American Navy; being a yellow field, with a lively representation of a rattlesnake in the middle in the attitude of going to strike and these words underneath, “Don’t tread on me.”

So, Marines, NEVER FORGET that your Marine brothers and ancestors first went into battle with this waving overhead:


The First Marine Battle Flag: Striking Terror Into the Hearts of Tyrants and Wanna-be Tyrants from 1776 to 2013

Gee, we wonder why that is not mentioned on the official Marine Corps history and heritage page at   Sadly, the oath-breaking “powers that be” currently controlling the United States government see that flag as a threat to their power and do not want you to know that it is one of our first battle flags, and that Marine blood was spilled beneath it while fighting a desperate Revolution against tyrant King George.  And the spinners of lies and deceit at DHS, and at SPLC want modern Americans to forget that history, and to instead think of this flag as a symbol of “hate”, “extremism”, and “racism.”  No, it is an American symbol of liberty, and the resolve to be “first to fight for freedom” against domestic enemies of liberty and the Constitution.  Marines, never forget your own legacy, heritage, and history, even if the “official” history passed down by the DOD is erasing it.

Marines, you have a right to be proud of your legacy as defenders of liberty and the American way of life, from the Shores of Tripoli, to Belleau Wood, to Guadalcanal, to the sands of Iwo Jima, and right up to today.   But remember, that fight began right here at home, in the waters off the shores of America, and on American soil, in a struggle against a King and Parliament turned tyrant against their own people, and against the Loyalist domestic enemies of liberty.

Marines, never forget the words and warnings of “Old Gimlet Eye” himself:

There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. – Smedley Butler

smedley butler

Marines, when dealing with domestic enemies of the Constitution, always ask yourself “what would ‘Old Gimlet Eye’ do?”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARINES!  Be sure to slam a brew in honor of Captain Nicholas and his men, and fly their battle flag proudly, and also make a toast to Old Gimlet Eye, and all of your Marine brothers who have fought, bled, and died throughout our history.

And when you remember and honor your brothers, resolve to always be “first to fight for right and freedom and to keep our honor clean” by remaining Semper Fi, not to the lying, cheating politicians and fascist bastards who infect our government at every level, but Semper Fi to American Liberty and the Constitution you swore an oath to defend.   OORAH!

Oath Keepers

NOTE:  If you would like to help Oath Keepers spread the message about standing firm in defense of the Bill of Rights to all Marines, please support our billboard campaign to place billboards at Marine Corps bases across America, like this one:


Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

Please donate and support Oath Keepers mission, every little bit helps!

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  1. 1
    Stewart Rhodes Says:

    Happy Birthday Marines!

    As I said on our Marine Billboard page:

    although I served as an Army Paratrooper (following in the footsteps of my Grandfather, who fought at the Battle of the Bulge), there are many Marines in my family. My father and uncle were Marines, and three of my Great-uncles on my mother’s side of the family fought as Marine riflemen in the Pacific during WWII. Throughout our family history on both sides, we have pretty much gone back and forth between Army Airborne and Marines. And I had the great honor of knowing WWII Marine combat vet John Adams, who was my Father-in-law.
    So, I understand the esprit de corps and brotherhood you share, and it was no surprise to me that when I started Oath Keepers, we saw a bunch of Marines and a bunch of Army Airborne step up to the plate to say “here I am, send me.” And ever since, there has been a friendly rivalry between those two groups of dedicated American warriors within Oath Keepers, which only fires them up and furthers our mission. – Stewart Rhodes

  2. 2
    John Hackett Says:

    To all our Marines Past and Present. Thank you for your service and thanks for defending our freedom and Bill of Rights.
    One of my best friends served in the 11th Marines out of Chulia VN and sadly lost him about two years ago. He was a great example of what a Marine is. He was in Artillery amnd served with honor, i shall miss him. Happy b irthday to all the Marines and your proud tradition. We are free today because men of Courage answer the call.

  3. 3
    Robert Says:

    Happy birthday Marines. You’ve served your country well throughout history. I have no doubt you will continue to serve your country and the constitution well for many more years to come. thank you for your service and dedication. From a USAF Vet.


  4. 4
    Ol' Rono Says:

    Thank you Marines for all you have done for our Country.
    As a member of Oath Keepers organization, I invite all Marines to join us in our mission to spread the word of the importance of our oath to the Constitution. Thank you, God bless The Marines!

  5. 5
    Mel Sann Says:

    The competition within the armed forces is what make then so great…always trying to out-do the other. Even the Brits were competitive with the Americans in WWII. It make for a stronger, more aggressive,smarter military force. Each equally unique and able to rub there units/branch up against friend/foe. Like a Sunday Football game where you win either way. “the Air Force kicked ass first? I say the Marines!..I say Army!, Navy! We win just the same..were all on the same team.

  6. 6
    Thomas Says:

    Happy Birthday Marines. Proud to call My self a Oath keeping Marine. Gave My oath in 85. And stand by it today! Come from a family of OKS. Uncle buried in Punch bowl of Hawaii.Purple heart for being shot down and eventually beheaded in ww2 Dad retired Navy, Pearl Harbor survivor U.S.S Utah. Oldest Bro Marine made it back from Nam.Then My other Bro who was my Marine Corp recurter. So I am from a Family who are part of the elite group of OKs. It is a Family tradition.

    Tread on Me, You tread on My Family.

  7. 7
    Kat Weishar Says:

    A day late but with no less thanks for all the Marines who have done and do for our Republic….my niece recently joined and I am so proud of her.

    The name itself can effect a person in different ways, but for me I see the honor and the glory that you bring to our citizens and our nation… affords us hope that you will be here in the continued present and long into the future.

    You have well earned your place in American History and leave an indelible mark of patriotism in American’s hearts.

    I offer you my undying gratitude and prayers for all of you for the future…..come home safewhere you belong.

    You DO NOT belong to the pseudo-Commander-In-Chief nor do you belong to anyone, save the corps that you represent, as well as belonging to the ages, in the hearts and minds of those who value everything you do…..

  8. 8
    Lawdog Says:

    Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps! God Bless!. Although this is a day of celebration for the Marine Corps, why doesn’t Steward post the other branches birthday celebrations? I went back to June 14, 2013, which is the Army’s 238th Birthday, nothing said! I even back further and saw no other branch of service celebrated either.

    Is our service any less noble? Nice! last time I visit this site and my monetary support as well!

    STEWART RHODES here: Hey, chill out. This is a new initiative, and this one happens to be aimed at Marines, but they won’t be the only one. We’ll do the birthdays of the other Branches too, in future. But hey, if you want to make this a reason to never come back or support our efforts, then fine. Thin skinned people who jump to conclusions are not what we need.

    We are building a dedicated Army page too, by the way. And we already spent some serious money on billboards outside of Army bases. – Stewart out.

  9. 9
    Lawdog Says:

    Thin Skinned? Because someone brought up a point, you cower and start calling people names who dare challenge you. You’re just as bad as the liberals. Band of Brothers! Huh, you can’t even celebrate your own history, pathetic. I am expecting a bunch of others to defend you and call me names just as you did. But explain to your ARMY, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marines subscribers why you haven’t celebrated their birthdays.

    If this is what the fight for liberty is? I joined the wrong side.

    [Editor's note: Lawdog, Stewart explained that this is a new thing, to celebrate the birthdays of the various services. Only one service could be the first. It's only fitting that, since the Marines are traditionally the "First to Go", the USMC is the first service we honored with a birthday remembrance. If that doesn't make sense to you, I'm sure it will to the vast majority of others who read here. But maybe it does make sense to you, now that you are thinking about it. I'm sure that you're a good man at heart, or you would not have been on our site reading in the first place. Thank you.

    Elias Alias, editor]

  10. 10
    Kat Weishar Says:

    Lawdog,,Although a specific page may not be present as of yet, please bear in mind that we as Oath Keepers honor all branches of the military equally. Stewart himself was in the Army……there is just so much time for those who are still developing the Oath Keeper site and it is not that simple to expedite a page for each branch without careful planning,

    To do so may cause indignation if something offends one member and voicing it could result in a ripple effect.

    Be patient and know that no branch will be left out. I respect and honor you for your service as do all Oath Keepers…please do not give up your oath, instead show some patience and understanding for job in progress.

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