October 13th, 2013

Police, protesters clash outside White House

People demonstrating against the closure of Washington memorials during the government shutdown come face to face with police Sunday.


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Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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3 Responses to “Police, protesters clash outside White House”

  1. 1
    Big Al Says:

    Those COPS seemed intimidated and lost in a cabbage field :0 Oh what to do…?

  2. 2
    Howard Nicholson Says:

    This is just the first round of the government inciting the public so as to have an excuse to declare martial law. They have had this planned as the Sept, Oct surprise they talked about months ago. It is now beginning to unfold with the government (communists) who are now in control to institute the Marxist government. This is just a small part of the now as it is being instituted all over the world. I have understood since 1946 with the institution of the united nations, as all our representatives in the San Francisco meet were card carrying members of the Communist party. These happenings in dc and throughout the country of regulation and taxation and the harassment of the honest citizens are just a beginning to destroy our nation. Anyone who resists will be killed by the illegal police of the government. Anyone who sides with the communist takeover will receive a very serious judgment by our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ and the degree of their wrath the evil ones will receive. These events are a spiritual warfare as the devil trying to steal all of God’s property and HIS creation. All who side with the devil and his servants will be cast into hellfire for ever. This is not about democrats and republicans but about spiritual warfare and God is still on HIS throne and keeping an account. Beware you evil ones, for GOD IS NOT MOCKED, FOR EVERY EVIL DEED THERF WILL BE A RECOMPENSE OF REWARD. ONE YOU WILL NOT LIKE.

  3. 3
    Deborah Says:

    After the last supper Jesus said if you have coat sell and buy a sword if you do not have one. Where are special forces, kerry rushed to sign arms treaty same week.

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