September 9th, 2013

StormCloudsGathering: REVOLUTION: An Instruction Manual

Salutes to Coast To Coast:





And after seeing that, I’d like to read this book by Gene Sharp:

From Dictatorship to Democracy

Get it here:


Elias Alias, editor

Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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28 Responses to “StormCloudsGathering: REVOLUTION: An Instruction Manual”

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  1. 1
    smalltown farmboy Says:

    proof of 0bama’s document forgery

  2. 2
    Cal Says:

    Yeah, Why is it that those newspaper articles concerning Obama not being a US citizen – not that he meets the lawful three presidential candidate requirements anyway – from 2004, etc are not allowed to be posted here?

    WHY not? It would go a great way to stopping the US military and maybe some LEO’s from following his orders if they see it came out of Barrack Obama’s own mouth while running for office in 2004, etc. W No matter what year I try to post these actual copies of news reports here you will never let them go in the comment section.

  3. 3
    Cal Says:

    Re: Why is it that those newspaper articles concerning Obama not being a US citizen – not that he meets the lawful three presidential candidate requirements anyway – from 2004, etc are not allowed to be posted here?

    Since they cannot be linked any more, guess they are too long. Ah well.

    I like Stormclouds Gathering and the information is good there… but

    Someone explain why we cannot enforce the US Constitution, and the state constitutions since at this time they ARE our legitmate governments. Why the actual enforcement arm, including the militia (every able-bodied person over the age of 18) does not, is not, do (doing) their lawful duty here, what makes anyone think that it will be done there?

    It will still rely on the people to enforce it – and it is at this time NOT happening.

    If the people prefer to be slaves and take orders from a “boss”, how can that be changed since it is not happening anyway currently? Many shiped in immigrants are from exactly that type (dictator) of government and they cannot understand anything else – to them anything else is just words.

  4. 4
    Karol Says:

    This video should be posted everywhere. We have some wonderful patriots that the people would listen to and follow. And I think the hard work is done, our Founders left us the information. In my mind Our Constitution is the greatest document in the world. We have the greatest commanders and military on earth and that includes our Vets. I honestly think we have a (few) good people in Congress. We need to clean out the rest of the corrupt government, get rid of the big bankers, corrupt unions and corrupt executives in big business. Does it seem I think everyone is corrupt? lol

  5. 5
    Bob. Fanning Says:

    Cal is a very smart man.

  6. 6
    KB Says:

    Dictatorship to democracy? or demon-ocracy as I like to call it. Must not be referring to America because we currently are living in a soft dictatorship but NOWHERE in the constitution will you find the word democracy. No where. The proper version…. From Dictator Ship back to Republic.

  7. 7
    Darin Bowers Says:

    The remedy for their Democracy,
    is the United States Militia.
    The British found this out the
    hard way during the first go around.

    We are free men here, we will not have our
    right dictated to us and our labor stolen.


  8. 8
    Doug Grattan Says:

    Cal – The people won’t act until it is much worse. I see that as the reason for all the free government hand outs. As Militia, we need the people behind us – yet we are constantly demonized by the media and our own LEO’s. That makes the people avoid us. I am an officer in the Michigan Militia – there are way too many sheep. You are absolutely right though – it SHOULD be NOW. The “slaves” who get the bribes and hand outs don’t realize they are slaves.

  9. 9
    poppies or yellow & silver Says:

    Yes Doug, much disinfo is being put out to distract and confuse the sheeeple as you say. I have been studying the changing sites on a little known to the public but widely known to cop oathkeepers the gangstalker phenom. During the Nazi years in Germany much effort had to be expended inside of Germany to get German citizens who had run ins with corrupt Nazi officials or German Army officers to shut up. Contrary to popular belief many of these run ins were not handled by whacking the person , they were after all German citizens. Many gangs were formed to get people to shut up about their complaints before such actions were necessary. Starting many years ago in this country some state’s bar associations were requiring all the attorney’s of the state to pay into a fund which would nobly “police’ the lawyers, of course that wasn’t what it was, it was to collect info on the person who had witnessed the lawyer crime and go after him, to get him to shut up. Now we see as the criminalization of many government employees a real need by them to have some method of convincing citizens who dream to hold government employees or elected officials accountable, or even rogue cops, to get them to shut up before more extreme measures are needed. Now the exercise of these gangs is most important and some deception in the description of the victim is probably being used, but it is known that many criminal government employees and cops have been clamoring for some method of reducing complaints. But what is obvious on websites is the muddying of the waters as to the simple fact of what the future for these gangs is, and the many monetary gifts and presents they receive even in conservative neighborhoods like yours is of course hiding from the perps what they are really all about with made up funnies (by cops) about their victims. We even see phony petitions from supposedly high “authority” to stop them. When it is known that the order to free up black ops money to fund their spread came at one of those “indirect orders” from the highest authority in LA in the 90’s at an awards ceremony. One aspect that is always missed is when a gang is established in a neighborhood all the perps are actually watched really close to look for the more sociopath type perps who can be scooped up by higher authority to more important gangs and agendas. These efforts on the internet to confuse their intention or purpose might confuse some but not all. Washington’s farewell,,, beware tools and dupes,, for you stewie and your pal the matt drudge wannabe.

  10. 10
    JB Smith Says:

    The Brain Initiaitve is the great deception.Newport News Police and Virginia State Police are implanting citizens with a microchip that enables ubiquitous surveillance. In Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence page 9 it describes seeing through your eyes what your brain sees, hearing what you hear and recording your thoughts. It starts like clicking noises until your brain is imprinted. They use technology like the audio spotlight by Holosonics to make people think they are hearing voices. Virginia State Trooper Jared Vance told my clients they use lasers and come through your electric meter router and it sounds like mumbling in the walls. They send signals to the microchip like a cell phone to a sim card. This fires the electricity in your body and fires off neurons in your brain. It makes your limbs jump and can put you in seizures. See Mental Health and Terrorism The Frailty of Psychology by Amid Gunt from Newfoundland University. They tase you into a state of excited delerium – National inst. of Justice. it makes you act like you wouldn’t normally – its torture. They put you in jail or a mental institution. If they go too far, people will act out like these recent gun shootings. All this to take away your right to bear arms. the police admit to these killings but tell me – no one will believe me. They are murderers.

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