July 23rd, 2013

No Military Coups For America? What About November 1963?

Jacob Hornberger

This article comes from the Future of Freedom Foundation.

by Jacob G. Hornberger

An interesting aspect of the military coup in Egypt has been the attitude of American mainstream commentators who suggest that unlike Egypt and other countries, the chances of a military coup in the United States are virtually nil. See, for example, “America the Coupless” by Rosa Brooks and “Could a Military Coup Happen in America?” by Paul Greenberg.

Really? What about November 22, 1963?

“Oh, Jacob, don’t be silly. President Kennedy’s assassination couldn’t have been orchestrated by the U.S. national-security state, notwithstanding the overwhelming amount of evidence pointing in that direction, because it’s just inconceivable that such a thing could happen here in our country. That’s just a conspiracy theory. Such things only happen in places like Egypt … or Chile … or Iran … or Guatemala … or South Vietnam and, yes, oftentimes with the support and participation of the U.S. military and the CIA, but such a thing could never happen here in our country.”

Oh, really? So, what you’re saying, Mr. Statist, is that if the democratically elected president of the United States is engaged in policies and actions that are leading to the nation’s destruction, the U.S. national-security state apparatus — i.e., the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA — will simply stand aside and let it happen — despite the fact that the U.S. military and the CIA have supported and even participated in military coups that purportedly save foreign countries from their rulers.

Consider Chile. The Chilean people elect a communist, Salvador Allende, in a democratic election at the height of the Cold War. U.S. officials say that this cannot stand. So, President Nixon orders the CIA to foment a massive economic crisis within the country, much like the economic crisis leading up to the military coup in Egypt. “Make the economy scream” are Nixon’s exact words.  The CIA faithfully obeys his orders notwithstanding the fact that the Constitution does not authorize any such action. The Chilean military, with the support of the U.S. national-security state, ousts Allende in a coup and imposes brutal military rule under Army General Augusto Pinochet.

Pinochet’s military-intelligence goons immediately went about arresting Allende’s supporters and suspected communists, jailed them, tortured and raped them, and executed them. To this day, supporters of the coup say that all this was justified to save the country from the mistake that the Chilean electorate had made in electing Allende president.

The U.S. national-security state did its part by helping to execute a young American man named Charles Horman, whose only “crime” was having the same leftist leanings as, say, President Franklin Roosevelt. (See “What Were the Standards for Executing Charles Horman?” by Jacob G. Hornberger.) It was a cold-blooded murder of an innocent American, a murder for which the still-unidentified CIA killers have never been held to account, no doubt because the operation was conducted in the name of “national security,” the two magical words that have played the biggest role in the lives of the American people in our lifetime.

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2 Responses to “No Military Coups For America? What About November 1963?”

  1. 1
    Jake Jackson Says:

    A coup would be an extreme response; however the tyranny of this out of control administration merits an extreme response.

  2. 2
    Darin Bowers Says:

    I totally agree. 1963 was absolutely a coup.
    JFK was killed so the Elite could force our military
    to go into Vietnam, line the pockets of all their hardware
    supplier buddies and take complete control of our country.

    Sounds alot like 9/11, doesnt it ? Hmmmmmmmm

    Also “Funny” is how our money was taken completely off the
    gold standard in 1971, as they were distracting everyone with the Vietnam
    War….. the birth of 100% fiat (counterfeit) money, October 4th, 1971.
    The Federal Reserve was then in complete control of our money supply.

    “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws”
    — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

    “This [Federal Reserve Act] establishes the most gigantic trust on earth.
    When the President [Wilson} signs this bill, the invisible government of
    the monetary power will be legalized….the worst legislative crime of the
    ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill.”
    — Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. , 1913

    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times,
    Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have
    attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion
    for almost 40 years……It would have been impossible for us
    to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to
    the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is
    more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government.
    The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world
    bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination
    practiced in past centuries.”
    ― David Rockefeller

    “For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of
    the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents
    such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family
    for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American
    political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part
    of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United
    States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and
    of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated
    global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If
    that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”
    ― David Rockefeller

    (Editorial Deletion of bad language) …Rockefeller


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