June 9th, 2013

Colorado Counties Mull Forming New State, North Colorado

Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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9 Responses to “Colorado Counties Mull Forming New State, North Colorado”

  1. 1
    Patrick C. Says:

    What’s this? Local governments actually standing up for themselves for a change? Seems to good to believe, which is why I don’t believe it.

    But then, anything good seems too good to believe these days.

  2. 2
    Debra Says:

    This is Happening and Hell ya about time to shove it down the GOverner who betrayed the people… I just have one more thing to say” Why did the Oath Keeps not do Arrest on the Bilebergs in Virginia on the Fact that the Bilebergs were violateing the Logan Act…. And then the Oath keepers say sit down if crap hits the fan we will take care of it…. Ummmm Really… I am starting to see a pattern here, Are you for the People or Against the people? Which one is it?

  3. 3
    Steve Says:

    This is true. I am a member of one of these counties and had heard about this earlier this year. The straw that broke the back was the regulations. So they are trying to put this on the ballot this election, we will see. This is not a stunt, but I believe this will not happen due to the fact that one chamber of congress is controlled by the Dems and so is one in CO.

    As far as OathKeepers go, I have been wondering the same. You have apparently burned a bridge with Adam Kokesh and have told people to sit down and not do anything. Well the time is coming, and an event is on the horizon. Now is the time to unite and take this Republic back from the two corrupt parties. I stand with Adam Kokesh because you can only be so peaceful for so long. There is a quote out there and I really dig it. JFK said it, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” The time is coming. March with Adam Kokesh and support one of your founding members of OK. So what he has been using the term “oathkeeper”, that is not your word that you have coined. Everyone has said this for decades. Honor your Oath men or do the right thing, be an Oathkeeper. Adam Kokesh is just that, yet he continues to be arrested for no reason! LIVEFREE

    [Editor's note: Oath Keepers does not take its marching orders from members who first make and announce their "Plan" and then invite Oath Keepers to participate and/or back the "Plan". It doesn't work that way. Kokesh did join Oath Keepers during the first year period in which all who joined were granted status as "founding member". Kokesh did not help "Found" Oath Keepers, he merely joined during the first year, same as thousands of other patriots who joined that year and became "Founding members". Also of note, Mr. Kokesh did not renew his membership during 2011 or 2012 or thus far in 2013, so he has not been a dues-paying member in Oath Keepers since 2010. That membership card he cut up in his delirious fit of self-righteousness and condemnation of Oath Keepers had already expired years ago. Next: Anyone who invites Oath Keepers to endorse or become involved in any program or event which is promoted as being an armed march "to overthrow the U.S. government" is wasting his breath and time, because Oath Keepers' stated and chartered purpose precludes our having any involvement with anyone or group or organization which seeks to "overthrow the U.S. government". (And yes, Kokesh said that on youtube!) Kokesh is lately acting like a fool, and Oath Keepers does not want any part of his foolish fantasies. Next: The American people are waking up in droves now, thanks to the current Administration's policies and the wonderful leaks being sent our way by true patriots in key positions of inside knowledge. Many who are now awakening to the corruption in our General government in WDC are waking up angry and/or frightened with the fear that our country is turning into a 1984-styled military police state which not only wants to spy on its citizens' every move but also wants our medical records, our financial records, our religious beliefs, our military service records, our shopping records, as well as our phone call and email records, for purposes which can lead to total Government control over our lives. In a graph based on math figures, by the law of "the degree of six", we are all (each of us) "connected" with a terrorist somewhere. You have a cousin, who goes to a church, which has a member who is a legal immigrant, who still has friends in his original homeland, who donated on his credit card a donation to an Islamic charity, which has accounting records on file with the NSA that indicate it is sympathetic to the Saudi Royal Family, who does business with the Saudi Bin Laden Construction Company, Osama bin Laden's family. When a mindless, artificial-intelligence mechanism such as the NSA's pixelated dragnet pulls down every phone call and email of millions of American citizens, it uses "nodes" for connecting your phone number to someone else's phone, such as the "degree of six" I listed above. Six nodes removed from your own phone number the NSA can show -mathematically - that you are "connected" to a "terrorist organization". So people are rightfully alarmed by what their damned Government has been secretly doing to destroy our Constitution, and many are as pissed as Kokesh - including me. I'm royally pissed, and I think every American who loves this country's traditions should be pissed off. I understand how close and threatening the peril actually is. THAT is why I work with Oath Keepers - not a reason why I should quit Oath Keepers and denounce the Oath Keepers mission. What the self-appointed genius Kokesh has failed in his brilliance to realize is that Oath Keepers is a Psy-Op Organization. We're doing psychological operations to massage a message into the mass mind of the nation's collective consciousness - which is presently in large part controlled by those who would destroy our nation from within, trash our Constitution, take our guns, spit in our faces as they drag us kicking and screaming into the United Nations' "new world order" one-world government. They use the CFR to dominate the messages we receive via electric signals on radio and tv, in movie theaters and newspaper headlines and magazines. They use the Federal Reserve System to control us and generate debt, thereby regulating/controlling us indirectly through financial leverags. They use the NEA to condition the nation's youth to be compliant as the free nation is morphed in just thirty short years into a socialist totalitarian oligarchy under the authority of the World Court. It is really that bad out there, and we know it, but we are not going to play into their hands the same idiotic way Kokesh is doing - he has blundered and his ego will not permit him at this time to realize the size of the mistake he has made. Personally, I forgive him and release him to his highest good. There are others like him out there, and probably will be even more very quickly as the reality of all the current scandals rocking WDC sink into the public mind. Just remember this - if you want to know what Oath Keepers thinks about anything, just come to Oath Keepers, right? http://www.oathkeepers.org/oath/ Take it from us, not from some hothead who only sees the surface details. Thanks for reading. Stand ready. Be prepared. The threat is real, but we must do as Captain Parker did on Lexington Green - Stand our ground; do not fire unless fired upon; but if they want war, let it begin here." Remember that? The Militia did not go to Boston in an armed march to "overthrow the government". They waited for the government to come to Lexington and make the first move on them there in their community. That gave the patriots the moral high ground. This government is obviously preparing to control our communities by controlling each individual across the nation. Be advised, be prepared, but for God's sake, be intelligent - do not follow in lock-step every firebrand revolutionary savior of America who has a computer and a couple of friends - be not a follower - follow your own conscience and good sense. We all know what's coming. Let us act with dignity and resolve, but let us never initiate aggression. It is wrong for one or many to initiate violence, but it is righteous to defend against violence which has been initiated against one or many. Salute! Elias Alias, editor]

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    Cal Says:

    “become involved in any program or event which is promoted as being an armed march “to overthrow the U.S. government””

    Not only that, but ALL Oath takers are lawfully required to SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE US CONSTITUTION which IS our legitimate government, NOT overthrow it.

    That is where I believe Kokesh is wrong. Going after, arresting, and prosecuting all treasonous scum, and those who have committed other criminal and civil offenses under our – legitimate, constitutional – laws is what I fight for. Do I think that those who have committed crimes will fight to keep thrir freedom and “power”, Sure. I also believe that they will attack us, have been attacking us, picking off a few here and there, including Kokesh because at this time he has NOT committed a crime (that I know of).

    We all make decisions for ourselves and those we love. Hopefully they are INFORMED decisions, not based on emotions which are at this time running high for most.

    Molon Labe! Stay Safe and Detention Free!

  5. 5
    Cal Says:

    Oh, and /cheer for Elias Alias, editor. I really liked your answer!

  6. 6
    Darin Bowers Says:

    One of the best posts ive ever read Elias, thanks for that.

    I have wanted to do what Kokesh is promoting for over 10 yrs now.
    And there are many like me, but i know this would play into their
    hand because they WANT chaos, they WANT Anarchy, they WANT mass
    confusion and fear. BEcause out of the chaos, come the prize they
    been planning for 100 yrs….. the global dictatorship. How?
    Most will run to the very ones that started the chaos and beg them
    to take control and restore order, and they will, for the entire world.

    This is exactly how many dictatorships have been formed, order out
    of chaos, “you never want a crisis to go to waste, you can use it to get
    things done you normally couldnt do” (Rahm Emanuel)
    There has never been more true words spoken about tyranny.

    ————-> http://youtu.be/DioQooFIcgE

    What really needs to happen is whats happening, the orderly exposure
    of crimes and treason, arrests, prosecutions and convictions. The
    orderly healing and transformation of our nation BACK into its former
    glory and greatness that was rooted in personal Liberties, our pursuit of
    happiness and ownership of our labor and our property.

    “A wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from
    injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to
    regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall
    not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is
    the sum of good government, and this is necessary to close the
    circlue of our felicities.”

    -Thomas Jefferson

    I have to admit that it is past time for arrests to be made.
    I do believe this is coming tho, and what a great day that
    will be. Our great nation will be reborn on that day.


  7. 7
    Jyrell Shedd Says:

    Stand strong, keep a clear mind, prepare for the soon to come day when “THEY” will make the fatal move that brings millions of GOD loving people to stand in their way.
    Let them have all the rope they need to hang themselves with.
    America as we have known it is, for now, gone.
    We are indeed in a struggle to restore a Constitutional Republic. Just as it has taken them years to bring it to this stage of destruction, it will take us years to restore it. However, it will be a different America than the one we have known.

  8. 8
    Tom Says:

    My friend turned me on to Oath Keepers about 6 months ago. I myself was in the Army and did a few tours to Iraq, came back and apparently it was all a “mistake”. I have become aware of the governments crimes and policies that are starving people (including myself). I enjoy reading the posts and comments on this website, its one of my main sources for “news”. The idea that so many of my brothers and sisters came together to bring awareness to the general population of the injustices happening in this country today makes me very proud. However.. I must ask a question to the Editor, how far are you really willing to go? how far do you want the people whom you are informing of these crimes to go to stop them? You spoke of the battle at lexington “Do not fire unless fired upon”… we are no longer standing across from people in red coats with muskets, its unfortunatly not that simple. You listed so many of the current injustices that commence in todays government, and these problems don’t get any better, there is no accountablity for these actions, this radical level of murder and oppression will only get worse. There IS a point where people must say “enough”… but you all know this, and can recite it as well as I can, what the real question is, is what are you prepared to do after you say that word to yourself? you claim you will not indure in violence, yet you state you will defend. And what is your definition of defend? I have read a lot of responses and comments on this site and sadly the only impression I get is a ton of recited hot air. I am not convinced in the slightest that oathkeepers could or would go any farther than words to attempt to preserve this country. and if that is the case, then you are not warriors, you are simply reporters, and thats ok. I can’t say that i know too much about Adam, from some of his videos and blogs I have concluded he is certainly impulsive, and that may cause him to act foolish at times, but the great thing about him is that he has shown how far he is willing to go. Personally I think leading an armed group of people to the capital is misguided, impulsive, and highly foolish…but I believe he would do it, I believe he would do something that radical in a deperation to ACT. Wheather that action is “right” or “wrong” is irrelevent… he is still willing to act. Are you Editor? How far are you willing to go?

  9. 9
    Charlie Says:

    On June 12th Darin correctly stated..”What really needs to happen is whats happening, the orderly exposure of crimes and treason, arrests, prosecutions and convictions.”- I concur on a peaceful orderly exposure of crimes yet I factually disagree that we have any lawful authority today seated for prosecutions and convictions under justice. The law has been usurped and ensnared by legal thus creating injustice with only ONE peaceful tool of redress. Our true common law Grand Jury, not the illegal one currently operating under the judicial. Time is of the essence, and I strongly encourage for the good men and women of Colorado to take the time to review U.S. v. Williams 1992, on the http://www.newyorkcommitteemen.org/default.html site. I am listed as a Colorado rep.to aid the formation of this Grand Jury as a foundational solution to end not only the tryanny of the taking and control of arms but ALL statutes and edicts that are passed soley for a purpose to enslave. May God Bless the oath keepers, and may his word motivate the souls needed to come forward to break these chains.

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