May 3rd, 2013

DHS Whistleblower Censored from 60 minutes

Gary Franchi

The following video comes from The Next News Network. Here is the email I received from Gary Franchi:


This is not a drill – this woman needs our help – can I count on you again?

Linked below is probably the most DAMNING interview I have ever done.

So damning that after 60 MINUTES interviewed former DHS Officer Julia Davis – they never aired it… effectively blocking the truth from the American people… because it would destroy the “War on Terror” facade and expose how DHS is brutally abusing their authority.

In brief… this whistleblower speaks out on how DHS declared her a “Domestic Terrorist” then dispatched a Blackhawk Helicopter SWAT raid on her home because — She was doing her job protecting the border… you just need to see this and spread it to the four corners of the earth WATCH HERE:

When CBS cowers in the face of a brutal truth – my team and I are there to get the story to the American people.

Please VIRALIZE this video – forward this email – post it and help us stand in the gap.

For Liberty,

Gary Franchi
Next News Network
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13 Responses to “DHS Whistleblower Censored from 60 minutes”

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  1. 1
    Elias Alias Says:

    Remarkable. I trust that many of our readers will spread around the link to this story.

    Elias Alias

  2. 2
    Shawn Says:

    Amen to that brother……lets make this go viral, ASAP!!!

  3. 3
    Cal Says:

    I already have started spreading it. This is important. thank you for letting us know!

  4. 4
    Darin Bowers Says:

    Excellent vid Elias, Thnak you.
    Watched it 3 times and sending
    it down the patriot pipeline


  5. 5
    Kathryn " Kat " Weishar Says:

    If this does not succeed in enraging Patriots we will have stepped back a few paces in our struggle.

    It must not be laid to rest for that would be a blunder that would come back to haunt us.

    Where-in is the truth? If we don’t try to find it, no one will.

  6. 6
    Kathryn " Kat " Weishar Says:

    For those of us who see through the muck and choose to deal with it…..let this be another attributable cover-up to the PTB who know how to avoid truth at all cost.

  7. 7
    mike smith Says:

    Please I don’t have U-Tube can anyone point me to a site where I can read this????

  8. 8
    Darin Bowers Says:

    Hey mike, i think you can read it here——>

    Hope this helped brother


  9. 9
    Big Al Says:

    Julia Davis is a PATRIOT!!! I am thankful for her steadfast loyalty to the Constitution and may God protect and bless her and those on her side to unmask the corrupt evil doers within our government.

  10. 10
    Corey Rodgers Says:

    i learned of her story a few weeks ago, either here or somewhere else i learned of it, and saw a different interview with her but this same info, and i shared it with everyone i know at that time.

    here is something that sheeple will say in blowing this kind of story off:
    1.) why would they spend that much time and money (helicopters, etc.) simply harassing one person, if they hated her so much why not just snuff her out wouldn’t that be faster, cost less, and negate the possibiity of her story coming to light.

    i think the fact is they have and do, and for the times they don’t – i don’t know why but there’s probably some reasons at play that cause it to be more dangerous to their hidden agenda, maybe that’s why, i don’t know.

    i believe several people recently have infact been snuffed. we know that Keith Ratliff was murdered. there are a number of other deaths that are just ridiculously suspicious, infact i remember news of the Brittany Murphy death and only shortly after her husband also – and both of those were completely suspicious but back then i had no idea of any dhs connection. Thank God for Julia because now i do.

    i hate to say this one and i don’t mean any offense to anyone but i’ve said this for years now and will continue to do so:

    2.) if i know someone, and i mean anyone, is stalking and harassing me i am going to fight them to the death and i don’t care who’s it is – theirs or mine. i flat out have always been of the mindset – lethal threat? = lethal response, your clothing means nothing to me. it is GOD who knows what i’m doing and why, and He is ultimately the only being i answer to.
    So that said, i can’t comprehend accepting a bogus arrest. i will not. i’m here until i’m not here. “when they come for me” – it won’t matter if there’s anyone to speak for me or not – my rifle will speak for me, and in the afterlife God will speak for me.

    i hope for the sake of the souls of the sheeple, and the minions under the thumb of evil, that THEY wake up because their spiritual time is running out very fast. “i was just following orders” won’t cut it in front of God, Julia’s story was there for you to learn – and you did not seek the truth. information of God was there for you to learn – and you did not seek it.

    God bless all of you at Oathkeepers, keep up the good work waking those that need it.

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