March 1st, 2013

The American Legion on The Mysteries of Tonkin Gulf


Illustration courtesy of American Legion Magazine

Illustration courtesy of American Legion Magazine


I understand that many of our members may not have looked deeply into the phenomenon of “Unconventional Warfare”, “Special Warfare”, “Black Operations”, “Clandestine Operations”, and “Psychological Operations”.  I would now invite all readers to brace up and muster some personal inner strength in preparation for learning how the powers that be often-times manipulate our perception of reality, and why this is done to us by malicious people working inside our government. (Please note – I am not saying our government is malicious – I’m saying that some people working inside our government are malicious. Big difference; think about that.)

Also, many of our members are unaware that through such off-the-record operations as I just named a powerful stressor is introduced into the national psyche through media manipulation.  Psy-Ops warriors inside our military are trained to use “surrogates” to create public traumas which are then interpreted through the entire mainstream media outlets to convince the public that a specific government action is needed for our “national security interests”.

I had been home from the war for over thirty years when I learned the truth about the Vietnam war. I learned about it at the Vietnam Veterans of America website. I was able to verify what the VVA said by reading books. I urge all Veterans of all wars to read more books. The truth is out there, but it remains aloof until one starts looking for it.

Several days ago I grabbed a copy of the March 2013 issue of American Legion Magazine and found this story on the Tonkin Gulf.  It is online now.  I am going to quote heavily from that article but urge every reader here at Oath Keepers to click the link and read the entire piece at its source.

It breaks our hearts to learn, after many years and many deaths, that the Vietnam war was initiated by nefarious operations of the U.S. government.  The Gulf of Tonkin incident of 1964 is a classic example of our government’s use of “false-flag” events to build public support for desired military operations which Americans would normally oppose.  Of course the most classic of all False Flag operations is the Northwoods Document which was released through a FOIA suit by James Bamford in 2000, and we will be posting that here at Oath Keepers shortly. But the Gulf of Tonkin “incident” was actually put into effect, was deployed in action, where the Northwoods plan was only planned and sent to Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara. It was scrapped by President Kennedy and was never acted on as initially written.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident led to U.S. involvement with uniformed ground forces and air forces in Viet Nam – and it was a big, completely fabricated lie. This is one shining example of how government forces at the Federal level will deliberately deceive the American people and try to keep the conspiracy secret.

Be advised. And if you are a Vietnam Veteran, or just an American who wants to know the truth, do go to the American Legion Magazine online and read this article in full. Thank you for reading!


Elias Alias, editor


The Mysteries of Tonkin Gulf

by John Prados – March 1, 2013

The Gulf of Tonkin incident in August 1964 proved to be America’s key entry point to war in Vietnam. The encounter sparked the first open fighting between the United States and North Vietnam, the first U.S. bombing of the North and an intensification of U.S. support for South Vietnam. It led to congressional passage of the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which became the legal justification for America’s entry in the war. As with so much about Vietnam, events in the Gulf of Tonkin were not what they seemed at the time, and the consequences proved enormous. Even after five decades, we still struggle to understand what happened at the Gulf of Tonkin and why.

Things seemed clear-cut at the time. During the afternoon of Aug. 2, 1964, the U.S. destroyer Maddox was steaming in the Gulf of Tonkin – waters of the South China Sea between the coast of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (i.e., North Vietnam) and the Chinese island of Hainan – when it came under attack from North Vietnamese torpedo boats. Maddox retreated down the gulf, where the destroyer C. Turner Joy joined it. Both ships headed back north in company.

On the night of Aug. 4, the warships, particularly C. Turner Joy, reported renewed attacks against them. President Lyndon B. Johnson, denouncing “hostile actions against United States ships on the high seas,” ordered retaliatory bombing against North Vietnamese naval bases. Sixty-four planes from the aircraft carriers Ticonderoga and Constellation attacked the North in what was called Operation Pierce Arrow. Two aircraft were shot down and one pilot – Lt. j.g. Everett Alvarez Jr. – was captured, becoming the first U.S. prisoner to be held by the North Vietnamese in Hanoi (the body of the other pilot lost, Lt. j.g. Richard C. Sather, was repatriated in 1985). Johnson asked Congress for a joint resolution approving his orders. Passed almost unanimously in the heat of the affair, this became the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, and its open-ended sanction of “all necessary measures to repel any armed attack … and to prevent further aggression” became a crucial legal underpinning of the entire U.S. effort in the Vietnam War.

Doubts and Secrecy. In subsequent years – even while the fighting in Vietnam still raged – many aspects of the original account came into question. The first important element to come under scrutiny was the question of provocation for the North Vietnamese attack on Aug. 2. Senior administration officials, from Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara on down, testified in hearings on the Tonkin Gulf Resolution that the U.S. warships had been in international waters and exercising free passage, their cruise unrelated to anything else. Certain “South Vietnamese” commando raids, “if there were any” (per McNamara’s testimony), were unknown aboard Maddox.

But suspicions to the contrary arose. By 1966, advocates were calling for a repeal of the resolution. Increasing doubts and political pressures led to new hearings in 1968, during which McNamara admitted that Maddox had been operating in close proximity to the commando raids, which he now represented as of South Vietnamese origin. The Tonkin Gulf Resolution was repealed in 1970; Johnson repeated the story of the “South Vietnamese” raids in his 1971 memoir.

Secrecy surrounding these events gradually unraveled. Maddox, it turned out, had been on a mission specifically aimed at collecting intelligence on North Vietnamese communications and coastal radars. Then it emerged that Maddox, though in international waters when it fought off the North Vietnamese torpedo boats, had been in territorial seas when the Vietnamese patrol craft left base to intercept it. The commando raids had not been South Vietnamese after all, but attacks using indigenous troops, unilaterally controlled by the U.S. special operations command in Vietnam. The strikes that took place during the Maddox cruise were partly intended to trigger the North Vietnamese to activate their nets so that the United States could record them. The 1971 leak of the Pentagon Papers revealed that the attacks themselves formed part of an extensive program of “graduated military pressures” against the North called OPLAN 34A. When audiotapes of Johnson’s telephone conversations on these days were declassified in the late 1990s, those with McNamara showed that both were aware of the connection between the Maddox mission and the coastal raids from the very beginning….(snip)

….No Evidence. By far the deepest mystery of the Tonkin Gulf concerns the “second attack,” the notion that on the night of Aug. 4 the North Vietnamese came back to fight Maddox and C. Turner Joy together. It was this allegation of a repeated attack in the face of U.S. warnings that underpinned the retaliation. But unlike the sea battle of Aug. 2, there was no physical evidence for this engagement. The destroyers had maneuvered to avoid torpedoes, and Lt. Cmdr. Robert C. Barnhart Jr.’s C. Turner Joy pumped out more than 370 5-inch and 3-inch shells, yet there were no photos of attack boats, no shells hitting the ships, no prolonged observation of an enemy. Capt. John Herrick reported an initial radar contact. After that, Maddox dispatches recorded a mélange of sonar and radar contacts. When the ship trained its guns on the most solid of these, the vessel in the cross hairs was C. Turner Joy. Barnhart’s destroyer detected nothing on sonar, not even the torpedo some of his sailors said they saw.

As the on-scene naval commander, Herrick sent a dispatch warning against premature action – he and Maddox’s skipper, Cmdr. Herbert L. Ogier, doubted the authenticity of everything except the initial radar contact. Aircraft scrambled from Constellation and Ticonderoga also failed to spot anything, and when vectored to attack by the destroyers, found only the U.S. warships beneath them when they rolled in.

It turned out to be Washington on a hair trigger. The Johnson-McNamara telephone tapes show the president and defense secretary mulling over bombing targets before the alleged attack was even reported. This was possible due to National Security Agency (NSA) communications intercepts – and therein lies another tale. When the very first sighting report arrived, Washington and the Pacific Fleet presumed the expected attack and made their strike plans. McNamara and Johnson discussed specific targets before any meetings took place.

But the intelligence was wrong…. (snip)

….The NSA’s listening posts in the region included one at Phu Bai in Vietnam, another in the Philippines, and the special van installed aboard Maddox for the cruise. The Philippines base had decoded its intercepts and reported them in a timely fashion, but the Phu Bai base was delayed and reported late – in fact, during the time frame of the alleged second attack. Washington officials compiling communications intelligence summaries assumed that the late Phu Bai intercepts were up-to-the-minute reporting and included them as such. They did not check with Maddox, which itself recorded no messages indicating a renewed attack. In addition, one dispatch that analysts at Phu Bai decided was the attack order for Aug. 4 contained decoding and translation errors and was intercepted by no one except that station. Washington officials either did not notice or did not care that the messages corresponded to the actual events of Aug. 2, or that North Vietnamese Swatow-type patrol boats were not armed with torpedoes and lacked speed to maneuver as indicated in the destroyers’ spot updates on the wild night of Aug. 4. They also discounted Herrick’s warning dispatch. Johnson retaliated, and North Vietnam and the United States moved closer to war…. (snip)

…..The Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee staff director, Carl Marcy, also discovered the discrepancies. Yet they remained concealed for a very long time. In 2005 and 2006, the NSA finally declassified full texts of the most important intercepts, revealing the chronological transpositions in its messages. The agency’s official history on Vietnam, declassified in 2007, examines the evidence and concludes that there was no incident in the Gulf of Tonkin on Aug. 4, 1964. The NSA also released the full record of its Tonkin Gulf messages, demonstrating how reporting from Phu Bai differed from other intercept stations….


Today, the Gulf of Tonkin reminds us that small events can have enormous consequences. Only one American died – Sather during Pierce Arrow – as well as a small number of North Vietnamese sailors. But the bombing gave the war new intensity. It also challenged the North to strike directly at Americans, as Hanoi did starting with Bien Hoa. And the Tonkin Gulf Resolution would be stretched beyond its context to cover a commitment that no one except the war managers foresaw. Events can be crucial not just for their intrinsic importance, but also as a hinge for the plans and purposes of others, and for what an adversary might conclude from them. Americans in Vietnam, and since, would have to relearn that lesson….(snip)


I have only included some parts of the article. Please do go to the source site and get the full story.


For those who still believe we went to war in Vietnam to contain communism, please refer back to my article of  October 01, 2012 -


Elias Alias, editor

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41 Responses to “The American Legion on The Mysteries of Tonkin Gulf”

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  1. 1
    Darin Bowers Says:

    Excellent article Elias, thank you Sir. Ive known about this for many years and have tried to get it out there also. The truth of what’s happened over the past 100 yrs in our country is painful to swallow and accept. Deciding to take the red pill and awaken in a new reality based on truth was very hard for me. 13 years ago i started my journey, i honestly couldn’t believe what i was learning. So i checked it and double checked it, denied it then checked again. I walked away from it then came back and checked it again….. it was true……all of it. It made me sick, it made me furious, it destroyed my sense of security that i thought i had. It destroyed my belief that my government had my best interests in mind and that they still served my interests. I have come to grips with it, i am prepared for the next False Flag (as much as i can be) and i am prepared to return our Republic to its rightful owners, when enough of her sons are awakened.

    Awaken my brothers, Liberty is calling…… The Truth will set us ALL free.

    Wanna know why im so pissed off ?
    This is why…………

    Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jan 1961

    John F. Kennedy, April 1961 (listen carefully)

    Operation Northwoods-1962 (pay attention to Plan #8)

    John F.Kennedy Assassinated (the book depository is BEHIND him)
    (btw, he is holding his throat from and ENTRY wound to the base of his throat -> fact)

    USS Liberty- June 1967

    58,000 of our finest men die in Vietnam ending April 1975

    Rumsfeld announces 2.3 trillion missing from the Pentagon. SEPT 10, 2001
    (like some kind of fucking miracle, it just disappeared)

    And the mother of all False Flags, oh yes………. 9/11

    Invisible Empire

    Loose Change

    For those who still dont believe, meet some of my brothers.

    Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

    Experts Speak Out

    Pilots for 9/11 Truth


    And now the final phase…… Disarm Americans and usher in the NWO’s Global Government, Global Currency and the Global Religion and the Anti-Christ.
    Not on My watch!

    Give up our Guns ? LOL I think not. You obviously have us mistaken for cowards.

    How ’bout you Put your hands behind your back, you have the right to remain silent, everything you say can and will be held against you, you TRAITOROUS BASTARDS ! May Justice be done upon you, and may you all burn in Hell with father Satan. But thanks for holding all our money for us.
    Btw getting convicted of Treason still holds the penalty of being hung by the neck until you are dead……dead……DEAD.

    Do not fear evil or its servants, fear the Lord and his mighty wrath, it IS coming.

    -Darin Bowers

  2. 2
    greg Says:

    30 years to learn about the Gulf of Tonkin charade? I do hope that it doesn’t take another 30 years to understand that the threat of non-existent nuclear WMD’s was the excuse to launch the Iraq war.

  3. 3
    Blaine Erickson Says:

    Elias Alias,


    I have been studying these examples of treason within the ranks of our U S Government, Inc. for many years now, and so I at times become very disgusted with those who will not open their eyes to the (now) obvious deceit that is perpetrated upon honest people everywhere.

    We could easily have Heaven on Earth, but instead our shadow government, along with other evil persons worldwide give us hell.

    It’s about time for another Million Man March on Washington, D.C.; this time a march of a “different color” so to speak!

    No racism intended there…

    We can weed out the riff-raff on the way through I imagine…

    “metaphorically speaking of course”.

    And with that said; nsa,fbi,cia,dhs you can now return to spying on your girlfriends and ex-wives, or [deleted] to your favorite [deleted] porn. Please forgive the literary license I take here, that insult is certainly not directed at the honorable individuals performing their duties within these agencies. I mean no threat to you.

    Our Bill of Rights was ABSOLUTELY designed to restrict the Government sh#theads from stamping all over our ‘God’ given UNALIENABLE/INAIENABLE RIGHTS; and is not negotiable!

    To actually see a MINORITY of the populace infringe upon a Majority of The People is to realize that the world (and the RULE of LAW) has in fact been “stood on it’s head”.

    I have never agreed with the racist stance of certain groups (who are well in the minority), but I have always respected their RIGHT to do such…

    ‘the majority must protect the rights of the minority’.

    And in this case it seems that we have a minority obfuscating the rights of the majority, and that can only mean that we are already experiencing TYRANNY in an advanced stage of development!

    I am beginning to feel the way a battered wife (spouse) must feel in an “inescapable” marriage…

    this so-called Government is engaged in “crazy making” in an exponential form.

    I read here daily, and I would like to thank all those who contribute; thank all those who have and do serve honorably; and thank Stewart Rhodes for creating a forum where we can reaffirm our Oaths to the U S Constitution, and draw a definitive “line in the sand”.

    You cannot commit treason against the government, you can only commit treason against The U S Constitution.

    wilderness wino
    Blaine Erickson

    Back to the Ghost Dance

    Trying to revive (at least keep alive the memory of) Pat Tillman and Russell Means

    [Editor's note to Wilderness Wino: Blaine, sorry I had to delete a couple of "flagrant" words from your post. Your sentiment is appreciated, but we're a "family-friendly" web operation - I hope you will understand why I had to delete. Thanks Bro. And btw, Pat Tillman and Russell Means will never be forgotten. Thank you for bringing their names to the fore. Salute! Elias Alias, editor]

  4. 4
    Blaine Erickson Says:

    No problem brother, I completely understand…


  5. 5
    Austrian Economics is Color Blind Says:

    THIS was the reason to have been opposed the Vietnam War; not the 1960s Marxist “American Colonialism” crap of an explanation.

    A similar thing is happening regarding our sanctions on Iran:

    Closing Hormuz

    Will Holder Fold?

  6. 6
    Blaine Erickson Says:


    Thanks for the links. And although I personally have frequented these sites with regularity, it is nice to have them published again here.

    Others who are not yet aware of these historical FACTS will I hope explore them, investigate for themselves, and eventually appreciate you for placing them here. And I would hope that they will realize the significance of just what the evidences indicate therein.

    I wanted to return here to mention one of the most bizarre displays of behavior that I have witnessed from a U S Government Cabinet member, ever.

    It sticks out in my mind because of all the video, photographs, testimony, or other accrued information ‘stuck’ in my mind, I only saw this video about a year ago…

    And that video is of then Defense Secretary Rumsfeld out on the lawn of the Pentagon just moments after the impact on 911, actually loading a person onto a gurney and helping to carry that person to an awaiting ambulance!

    You will of course remember that that impact just happened to hit the forensic accounting offices of the Pentagon doing the investigation into the missing “trillions” which Rumsfeld had in fact mentioned in a news briefing the day before, on 10 Sept. 2001; and is the subject of one of the links you have provided.

    When I saw this video I had to say to myself; “what in the hell is the Defense Secretary doing out on the lawn of the Pentagon, in harms way, acting as a first responder when clearly his duty to the rest of us U S Citizens is to remain as far from danger as possible…

    It was of course pure kabuki theater, and he even states so through his disingenuous paralanguage. Body language, feigned concern, etc., and he “knows” it!

    Now I don’t care where a person stands on this subject, but with the 911 Commissions admission of testimonial lies, distortion, and “stone walling”…
    It is about time to revisit 11 September 2001 as a country.

    We as a country must do as thorough an investigation as possible at this point.

    Just look at all the we have been subject to in the name of 911.

    As Greg (above) said ‘thiry years for truth about the Gulf of Tonkin’!?!…

    Hows about releasing the multiple video evidence from the Pentagon CCTV surveillence before they end up being “filed” in the same place that the CIA waterboarding video was “filed”!


    wilderness wino

    Back to the Ghost Dance

    P. Tillman & R. Means
    We will not forget you.

  7. 7
    Austrian Economics is Color Blind Says:

    This is something of interest for the “9/11 was an inside job” folks.

    I’ll preface this by saying that I’m open to being convinced, given that I know our government is capable of lying to us, even in order to get us to go to war for actions our government took for the purpose of instigating hostilities.

    For what it’s worth, here’s another take on the 9/11 issue from the reputable YouTube user, LibertyInOurTime:

    9/11 Conspiracy Theory Debunking Video Collection

    So far, I believe that, while 9/11 was unjustified, our foreign policy did give good reasons for other nations to want to attack our government:

    Ron Paul Predicted 9/11 a Decade Ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I don’t [yet] believe that 9/11 was an inside job.

  8. 8
    Darin Bowers Says:

    You are quite welcome brother, and thank you for your input. I agree that we need to revisit 9/11 as a country, but to be honest, i think its too late in the game for that now. Im afraid it would end up being just another “circus” (like ancient Rome) to distract the people while they loot us more and plan the next one. Our Department of Justice/FBI/CIA and DHS are not stupid, just cowardly. One crisis covers up the last crisis and so on. The Gulf Oil Spill was a very convenient crisis and major distraction as the truth was coming out years ago. Now we face a total, worldwide economic implosion. The final False Flag to grip the world and control EVERY human being left on the planet. Those that are left. Billions will die during the meltdown from starvation and the Martial Law Lockdown. Something needs to be done, and done FAST if we are going to survive this next assault and come out the other side as a Free Country. The hour is late brothers………

    The thing that makes me the most angry….is who funded 9/11…….. ME.
    My part in 9/11 was $11,794.87. That’s how much i paid in taxes to have the Pentagon and its minions carry out a False Flag attack on this country and kill 3000 of my countrymen. (2.3 Trillion divided by 195 Million Tax Payers) I paid to have our rights stripped with the “Patriot Act”, And I’m paying to have the TSA and DHS humiliate us in the airports, wiretap us and monitor EVERY piece of electronic communication that any of us transmit or receive with the use of the Fusion Centers (that were built with my money also). And btw, as the truth started to surface, and we all started to calm down from this horror that was brought upon us by the “terrorists”, when we started to realize who the “terrorists” REALLY were……. Bush had this to say———–>

    And this——->

    Does Obama Know what happened ? Is he “On Board” with the Program?
    Oh i do believe so ————->

    And that my friends is how you scare the hell outta people into believing lies…… Just like Orwell’s character “Winston” in 1984……….America has been strapped to the table, her arms bound in handcuffs forged by the elite and both parties. We are being told to believe we don’t see what we clearly see. When we question the obvious lies and deception, we are told “You are either with us or you are with the Terrorists”. If we do not comply we are humiliated and labeled conspiracy theorists by their propaganda ministry. (Mainstream News Networks) If we stand up for our inalienable Rights to defend ourselves against them and crime, we are “Killers of Children” and told that “No one but The Party has the right to defend themselves, you must love big brother, you must trust big brother……big brother is here to protect you and would never do anything against you”.

    I see the Truth……I see 3 Buildings being imploded with preset Demo charges and brought down on top of 3000 of my countrymen, including many of our finest oathkeepers that charged INTO death, they did not shy away from it.

    F*** You George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfled, Colin Powell,Condoleezza Rice and the rest of you OathBreaking Terrorists that carried that out. I VOTED FOR YOU. I always wondered why Powell never ran for President, I thought he would have been a great one ……….i dont wonder or think that anymore. I also used to wonder why the Fighter Squadrons didn’t intercept the planes that day, being that i was a crew chief in the “Last Great Fighter Squadron” (561st Wild Weasels, F-4G Phantoms) and i am very aware of the response time of a ready fighter Squadron to get an entire squadron (12 Jets) off the ground and hauling ass in full afterburner towards whatever is in the air……. 10 minutes max. I don’t wonder that anymore, I understand why ALL the available Squadrons were either out on training missions or sent out over the Ocean till the drones hit their targets. Just like Operation Northwoods, they had to “Sell the Incident to the Public” and sell it they did. Everyone was pissed, i definitely was, i wanted to go kill them myself. My feelings haven’t changed, only who its directed at….

    Just like this “gun control” bullshit, it has NOTHING to do with keeping us safe, it has EVERYTHING to do with controlling us and taking a little more of our Freedoms and a little more of our Labor in Taxes and a little more power for them. PERIOD.


    I understand why “Democracy” has been preached by them non stop for the past 50 yrs…..because it is the opposite of Freedom and the principles of a Constitutional Republic, it is mob Rule.

    The American Form Of Government————>

    BTW, Our labor was never supposed to be taxed by our federal government, but that all changed when the traitorous [one word deleted by editor] Woodrow Wilson and a few Congressmen sold us out to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.
    The very Head of the Beast——–>

    So here we are, still funding our own destruction, feeding the beast more and more with each passing hour…………. as our Tree of Liberty is being pissed on and fed toxic tyranny by those who Swore an Oath to Protect her. My Oath means something, i wasn’t joking when i said i would protect her with my very life and all my possessions.


    I was driving around with my youngest son today, we had a nice weekend together. We sat in the hot tub and talked about girls (he’s 17) My heart breaks for him, he has such hope in his eyes, and great expectations for his future, he works so hard, he’s such a good boy. He looks at me like i’m superman, exactly how i looked at my father. How can i let him down ? How can i let these slimy politicians push superman around ? Are we really supposed to let these delusional women and spineless cowardly men push us around and dictate their will on us? NO…..I can’t, And i won’t. MOLON LABE !! ARREST THE OATHBREAKERS

    -Darin Bowers

  9. 9
    Jay Warren Clark Says:

    The government is a structure which for the most part, and when visible, is not evil. But there are many who are innocent of any wrongdoing who make themselves a part of it by looking the other way. Why do you think they are punishing so many whistle blowers now? We were, but no longer are, a nation of laws, conscience having become criminalized. One friend above says, “ARREST THE OATH-BREAKERS” and he is right they should be, but things being the way they are there is almost no court in the land, or prosecutor, that would try them. The system is broken–it protects corporate interests and every quadrant of big government and leaves the man in the street vulnerable to arrest and/or censure. Thus, I don’t see how this can end well. It must end, of course, but it will not be pretty.

    When one thinks about it, our situation is very very similar to that of the colonists in 1776. All England had to do was yield to its colonial citizens the same rights that they had in England and they would have been more than glad to remain under the King and citizens of mother England. The King refused. In our case, all the powers that be need to do is return to the Constitution and the rule of law and the goose would continue to happily lay the golden egg as long as they wanted it to. Unfortunately, however, those powers refuse to acknowledge any recourse to Reason and are hell bent to continue to erode the powers of a once sovereign citizenry. Abuse is piled upon abuse and increasingly every attempt to seek “redress of grievance” is met with overt police power. The sad thing is that when the Occupy Wall Street folks are abused and arrested the Tea Party folks just laugh and, following the official state news outlets, call them, not neighbors and friends in a just cause, but a dirty (and probably criminal) rabble.

    Of course we hope that the strategy of the Oathkeepers and others will prove efficacious, but I can’t help repeating that the way things look now THIS CAN NOT END WELL. May God help us.
    Jay Warren Clark

  10. 10
    Blaine Erickson Says:


    I want to thank you for the time that you have spent putting all of this together. I truly appreciate your effort. And I agree that it is more than likely “too late in the game” for an actual WE the People inquiry into all of the evidence and malfeasance around the 911 false flag event…

    I have seen and read (I am fairly sure) all that you have so eloquently , and concisely placed here for those who would seek the truth. It is good to ‘know’ that there are actually many others that know and feel as I do.


    I also agree with your assessment and input here.

    Elias Alias, thanks for the ‘family friendly’ edit of my first blog statement; I believe it actually reads better that way! Some intrigue for those that perhaps wonder just what I said there.

    I am unfortunately pressed for time over the next few days; but I wanted to check back here for the input that might be coming from other “Oathkeepers”.

    I am proud to have brothers in arms that will not cower before this insidious evil that raises it’s ugly head before us now…
    The evil of these truly inhumane and insane psychopaths if allowed to gain control of this beautiful planet will finally be realized in the enslavement of humanity, and the creation of a worldwide living HELL where other would-be tyrants have so far failed.

    I am proud to have others that will put their names to these statements and beliefs and have once again put themselves in harms way to expose the truth of TYRANNY as our Founding Fathers did before us.

    I would just like to leave you with this premise for your intellectual and heartfelt philosophical digestion until I can get back here in a few days time.

    It is my belief, feeling, understanding (an observation actually) that the human population is made up of 6% psychopaths, leading 13% enablers, followed by 33% “sheeple”; which leaves the other 48% of US to make our way through this difficult time amongst predatory human “jackals and piranhas”.

    I believe that this ‘formula’ holds true for each and every one of us as well…

    That is; within each of us there is 48% empathetic human qualities, 33% “sheeple”, 13 % enabler, and 6% psychopath, and that we deal from our own personal self depositions, and within our own individual abilities to amplify the good in ourselves, and (or) restrain the psychopath.

    I look foreword to reading your replies when I return…

    Until then,

    wilderness wino



    Back to the Ghost Dance

    Pat Tillman, Russell Means
    Your Bothers and Sisters
    Will never truly let you perish…

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