February 27th, 2013

Former Secret Service Agent Speaks Out Against Gun Control


Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent for the Obama Administration, comes out in defense of the 2nd Amendment and admonishes Obama for attempts to disarm and subjugate the American people.  The only point I would add to his excellent observations on this vital issue is that the Obama White House is only a PART of a greater threat.   The buildup to tyranny has been aided by numerous administrations from both parties over the past several decades.  That said, Obama has carried the torch of totalitarianism farther than any other political puppet before him, which leads me to believe he may be the one designated to send this country over the edge…

Brandon Smith, Associate Editor



Placing billboards outside of military bases to remind service members of their oath

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5 Responses to “Former Secret Service Agent Speaks Out Against Gun Control”

  1. 1
    Darin Bowers Says:

    Dan Bongino, you are obviously an extremist and very dangerous to the agenda to disarm America. I love you man. LOL Thank you for standing up and putting yourself out there, bravo Sir.

    Feinstein has to be pulling here hair out and screaming, “where did this guy come from…. im melting……melting……oh how my plans are ruined !” LMAO

    Emanuel is probably stabbing his desk again and screaming ” Kill Kill Kill” like he does when he doesnt get his way. HAHAHAHA

    The slaves are revolting, they will not comply. Ever. -Darin

  2. 2
    Howard Nicholson Says:

    right on, it is all about plan unfolding for total enslavement of all. Any one not an insider will be marked for slavery or death according depths of resistance of NWO. All freedom loving people will be slaughtered by the millions like been done for last 100 years. Anyon who speaks out will be marked for death. These evil ones are total servants of satan who can only give death thru these misfits of mankind. It is spiritual warfare against God and all their peoples, but our Lord is till in charge awaiting time for their judgement. All who support evil will be with satan as he is cast into deepest hell for eternity. God’s Word is true and every man a liar who opposes HIM.

  3. 3
    Cal Says:

    He is so correct! People control is all it is. you can control the people MUCH easier when they cannot fight back. Ask those who lived under those regimes. Go watch “Innocents betrayed” (don’t eat anything when you do).

    Here is another you all might want to watch, ‘Victim of Communism Warns America’:

    WE HAVE to start taking the traitors and oathbreakers in each state to court. We have to start those “statements” now and show that OUR Constitution and constitutional laws are STILL here and we are willing to use and enforce them. We need to remove ALL oathreakers from office, starting with those in cognress and the senate because they are supposed to be representing the people of the state they “represent”.

    Judges get their authority from the Constitution and state constitutions and when they break their Oath of Office they no longer meet the requirements of that office they are occupying, they NO LONGER HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO TRY CASES here in the USA. Not the lawful authority. Think of all these cases that are now going to need to be thrown out of court because the judge no longer had the LAWFUL authority anymore and went ahead and sat on the bench anyway, knowing that they broke their lawfully REQUIRED oath. But THAT would be a great thing for America!

    Obama, Panetta, Dempsey are just traitors who have not yet been arrested for prosecution. NONE of their orders or deeds are lawful anymore either. Why traitors? Because they gave the UN authority over the USA in front of the senate and in a letter to Boehner.

    You want representatives who are actually doing their job? Start doing yours, REQUIRE those who broke the oaths to be removed from office. Require all who were traitors to be arrested adn prosecuted. Start removing from office all judges who did not use Constitutional law ONLY on US cases.

    Remember, the oaths are a lawful REQUIREMENT of office – taking and keeping them – and to not keep them means that the person occupying that position no longer meets the requirements of the office or position.

  4. 4
    Cal Says:

    Here is a Retired General breaking his Oath, IF he ever kept it.

    Retired general Stephen Xenakis told The Hill that he suggested to Biden that members of the military could help the White House move forward with its gun control agenda.

    “The vice president understands that when it comes to communicating with credibility on guns, the two groups with the most credibility are law enforcement and military officials,” he said. “We have experience with both having weapons and using them responsibly, so we can get that message out.”

    Xenakis said that military officials would be on hand to pitch gun control talking points to the public.

    “He has a plan and he’s working with leaders in Congress to get it done.” Xenakis said of the Vice President.

    Xenakis also appeared in a new “Demand a Plan” gun control advocating commercial this week, featuring several other retired army generals, put out by the Mayors Against Illegal Guns group, fronted by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


  5. 5
    M. MURPHY Says:

    I think Dan should run for President. He has my vote. We all have to stand up for our God given right of self defence. When Adolf Cuomo tells me i MUST register my so called Assualt Weapon and sell all my 30 round mags out of state , i knew it was time to FIGHT. He can have my mags as soon as i empty them and they hit the ground as i am reloading. The time is NOW FELLOW PATRIOTS , to make our stand. This country is still worth fighting for , and if need be dying for.

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