February 22nd, 2013

Mexico Asks US to Provide Gun Registration Info for All Border States

Mexican Flag

Things keep getting curiouser and curiouser. Mexico wants us to provide them with names and addresses of gun owners in the States that border on them? Excuse me? Would we be bold enough to ask Canada to do the same for us? No. Message to Mexico: None of your business. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

Article from Godfather Politics:

If you’ve been concerned about the steps our federal and some state governments have been taking to outlaw guns and ammunition, then you’ll be really upset over the request being made by the government of Mexico.

Believe it or not, the Mexican legislature voted to ask the United States government to CREATE a gun registry of all commercial firearms in the four US States that borders their country.  Once the registry has been created, then they want the US government to SHARE that registry with them so that they know where every gun in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas is located.

Considering the fact that the massive gun control bill introduced by CALIFORNIA Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein included a requirement to register every gun in America, regardless of make, model, year, how long you’ve had it or how you got it, is it a mere coincidence that Mexico has made this request at this point in time?  After all, California is one of the four states involved with the request the republic of Mexico.

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8 Responses to “Mexico Asks US to Provide Gun Registration Info for All Border States”

  1. 1
    Big Al Says:

    If Congress would just show some backbone and hold accountable the designers & perpetrators of “fast & Furious”, this whole charade with Mexico demanding info on gun owners would blow their cover as well showing them to be the tyrannical elitists that they are. All these criminals in office are really something, how they manage to cover for each other their orchestrated maneuvering. As for the “Republic of Mexico”…it is none of your damned business!!! Me entienden bien???

  2. 2
    Darin Bowers Says:

    Im with ya AL, everyone in Fast and Furious needs to pay the toll for that one. And Mexico can see my “papers” when they come up here and take it from my dead body, laying next to my smoking guns that have obviously either jammed or ran out of ammo. I guess they didnt get the 1776 memo addressing the fact that we dont register firearms here and we never will (unless you live in Chicago, NY or LA. And thats gonna change here shortly. -Darin Bowers

  3. 3
    mike smith Says:

    Holder is probably going to use the drug cartel criminals to help with gun confiscations. This would sound absurd, if things were not so absurd,LOL.

  4. 4
    Darin Bowers Says:

    Thats absurd Mike, dont you trust your government ?? hahaha

  5. 5
    mike smith Says:

    @Darin, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6
    Randy Says:

    Just the fact that Mexico politicos have the nerve to even “ASK” for something like this shows their complete hatred of America and what we stand for. If we EVER again get a President with “Balls” this should never happen again. What SHOULD have been done would be to IMMEDIATELY pull our Ambassador and all U.S. Personnel. The next step would be to fortify the border with troops. Stop ALL foreign aid and deport all illegals. After 60 days we ask for a public apology with a guarantee that NEVER AGAIN will Mexico even consider interfering in America’s internal politics. If this is done then small steps to normalize *some relations could be considered. As long as we allow other countries to malign us in this way, we can certainly expect it to not only continue but to get worse. .

  7. 7
    William Carter Says:

    Why?! So cartels, Mexican gangs, and Mexican Mafia can raid homes and steel lawfully and legally owned firearms?

    Hey, Mexico, like I said to the global fascist U.N., you want our weapons so bad, please, grow a pair and come and get them yourself.


    When everything in society collapses, you will get what is coming to you as well for your corruption.

    You won’t want your wet backs on U.S. Soil.

  8. 8
    Scott Says:


    What a joke you are can’t even handle your own people and your going to try and help our government pls. come and try pls.pls.pls. try!!!you might wont to remember the last time you came across the river in force what happen, before opening your mouths again!!!!The only reason the citizens aren’t doing anything is we are still trying to use the laws to stop this ONCE all of us SEE that the laws are useless then you will see another side of the AMERICAN,OUR Gov. thinks they have dumbed us down and we are still asleep Sorry their wrong.For as the the UN is concerned they can go jump in the lake of fire.

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