February 21st, 2013



Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Pastor Chuck Baldwin


Chuck Baldwin is Oath Keepers’ national Chaplain and a strong supporter of the Constitution. He has interviewed for the upcoming film, Molon Labe, by James Jaeger. Pastor Baldwin also is a prolific writer and a passionate gun rights advocate. Enjoy his latest article in full at News With Views. Below is a sizable portion of his essay on the American Christian Preacher’s proper role in the now-raging gun debate.



By Chuck Baldwin
February 21, 2013

The Line In The Sand Is Being Drawn Between Liberty And Tyranny. Your Pastor Cannot Be Neutral, And Neither Can You!

I confess right out of the gate that this column is not going to be enjoyable for me to write. It may not be enjoyable for some to read. But the time has come that it has to be said. If Christians truly have any intentions of helping to preserve liberty for their children and grandchildren, they must put rhetoric, tradition, friendship, and personal feelings aside and take action. Christian: it is time to vote with your feet.

And while many people who never darken the doors of a church love to cast stones at preachers and churches, I have been in the Gospel ministry all of my adult life. I have pastored for over 37 years. I know the inner workings of church work; I personally know hundreds of preachers; I understand how preachers think; I have attended hundreds of church meetings and fellowships, and hundreds of pastors’ conferences and seminars. I know what it’s like to balance a church budget, counsel families in need, stand with a congregation in good times and bad. There isn’t an area of church work with which I am not very familiar. And I can also say that for over 37 years, I have never desired or attempted to harm another man’s ministry. And that is not the intention of this column.

However, the time has come in America to tell it like it is. These are not ordinary times. Our country is on the precipice of tyranny and oppression like we have not seen since the days of Colonial America before our War for Independence. It is no hyperbole to say that what we do–or don’t do–now will determine the state of freedom in America for the next 50 years or more. To make no decision is to decide for tyranny. We can no longer pretend that what we do doesn’t matter.

One of the most glaring differences between Colonial and modern America is the attitude of our pastors.

In 1770-1776 (and actually for many years previous to this period), Colonial pastors (of all denominations) lit the fire of freedom in the hearts of their congregants like no generation has ever seen–before or since. The British Crown was so frustrated with these patriot-pastors that they coined a moniker for them. They were called, “The Black (or Black-Robed) Regiment.” In truth, Colonial pastors were more influential in the “holy cause of liberty” (Patrick Henry) from their pulpits than any military regiment on the battlefield. And, yes, many pastors in Colonial America also fought on the battlefields in our War for Independence.

Today’s pastors, on the other hand, are mostly noted for saying absolutely NOTHING about the attacks that are currently being waged against our liberties. And when I say NOTHING, I mean absolutely NOTHING. About the only thing they seem to be able to do is pass out some slanted “voter guides” every Presidential election. But most don’t even do that. A few (a very few) will encourage their congregations to protest abortion; some (again, a very small number) will preach a “pro-life” sermon on “Sanctity of Life” Sunday each January. But most deliberately and stubbornly refuse to take a public position on any subject that has the air of being “political.”

Should we really wonder why our country is teetering on the precipice of oppression and slavery?

When Bible stories such as Daniel And The Lion’s Den, The Three Hebrew Children And The Burning Fiery Furnace, or the stories of Gideon, Jephthah, and Samson are told, they are taught simply as allegories or explained away as being for “another time.” The practical application of myriads of Bible examples of resistance to tyranny is NEVER TAUGHT in the vast majority of most churches today. NEVER!

I preached a message last Sunday to the people of Liberty Fellowship entitled, “Shepherd Or Hireling?” The text was John 10. To watch the video of this message, click here.

In this chapter, Jesus said, “But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep. The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.” (John 10:12, 13 KJV)

Jesus made it clear that the central difference between a true shepherd and a hireling (hired hand) was that the shepherd was willing to fight and die for the protection of the sheep, while the hired hand was not willing to risk his life for the sheep.

Pastors are depicted as being shepherds. Is it not then the central duty of the pastor to be willing to fight and die for the protection of his people? When he sees the wolves approaching, does he run away and leave the sheep to the slaughter or does he confront the wolves and fight to the death to protect them?

Ladies and gentlemen, the wolves are attacking the flock! Those mangy, mad, maniacal monsters are attacking the lives and liberties of the American people (including the Christian people in our churches) with a vengeance. When they attempt to strip us of our right to defend ourselves with arms, they are attacking the very lives and liberties of our homes and families. Life is a precious gift of Almighty God, and anyone who would make our children and families vulnerable to death and destruction by wicked and evil men is tantamount to a mad wolf that attacks the life of a little lamb.

How dare our shepherds (pastors) stand silent and mute in the face of such evil? How dare they refuse to sound the alarm? How dare they piously proclaim that God “has not called” them to perform this most fundamental duty of a shepherd? Does not their refusal to fight, does not their silence, does not their fear and inaction prove that they are not really shepherds at all, but merely hirelings? I believe so….

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5 Responses to “Chuck Baldwin: CHRISTIAN: IT’S TIME TO VOTE WITH YOUR FEET”

  1. 1
    Darin Bowers Says:

    Thank you Pastor for your stand against tyranny and for our Liberties. God Bless you. -Darin

  2. 2
    Linda Says:

    Dear Pastor Chuck, Thank You for standing up for the veterans! After April 19th I will have a clear idea of whether or not my county is a Molon Labe county. If it isn’t, then i am making plans to move.If you can send me more precise information about your location, where to situate myself, and so forth so I am close to the action, that would be terrific. Thanks. Linda

  3. 3
    M2 carbine Says:

    To all

    “Gun’s don’t kill 3,000 preborn preschooler’s DAILY in the U.S., Neo Nazi Progressive Democrat policies do”. smc

    “The war waged against capitol punishment for murder by the poohlitically correct Democrats and the ACLU are working according to plan to vilify Christians, guns and gun owners”. smc

    “Voting fraud is disenfranchising”. smc

  4. 4
    Louis Fowlkes Says:

    Esther 8:11. Psalm 144:1. The truth is that Jesus was the world’s greatest martial artist and soldier. Remember people was trying to kill Jesus ever since he was a baby but couldn’t. It wasn’t like they were not trying. John 7:30. Matthew 21:12.

  5. 5
    Howard Nicholson Says:

    Praise the Lord, right on bro chuck. i have understood this warfare since i as 9 years old now 82 and still teaching the Word daily. totally involved 7 days a week in humble service to the Lord Jesus Christ.
    redeem the time for the times are evil and most of HIS children are asleep or so weak cant stand for nothing. Many walking in fear and not LOVE. We need to become like Daniel ch 3, the men thrown into the furnace. Great love and no fear, totally trusting God for the deliverance, and he can still deliver as then.

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