February 18th, 2013

Gun Dealers Report Severe Ammo Shortages


Special Note: This unprecedented run on firearms and ammunition is not simply a move by gun owners to preempt future high prices or an overall ban.  It is, indeed, a massive action by the citizenry to prepare for social and political turmoil.  Most of us are not buying thousands of rounds of ammo so that we can shoot paper targets, just as the DHS is NOT buying billions of rounds of ammo merely for “officer qualifications” as their recent PR campaign asserts.  The DHS and its respective branch agencies claim to use a total of 15-20 million rounds of ammo per year for general training at three facilities nationwide.  If this figure is accurate,  it would take at least 75 years for the DHS to actually use up the 1.6 billion rounds of ammo they have already ordered.  Do they not realize that we can count?

With the government purchasing mass stockpiles of ammunition, does it not make perfect sense that the American populace is doing the same?

Brandon Smith, Associate Editor

Gun shops are running low on ammunition from a run by customers fearful of potential gun-control legislation, according to gun retailers and customers.

Prices have more than doubled over past year in some shops, retailers are putting limits on the amount a customer can buy, and some common types of ammunition, such as .22-caliber long rifle shells, are hard to get.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, which represents ammunition makers, retailers, hunters and sport shooters, attributes what it calls “spot shortages” around the country to rising popularity of sport-shooting and hunting, and to people who are “keeping firearms for personal and home defense.”

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in December reported recently that hunting license sales were up 9% from 2006 to 2011, reversing a 25-year decline. Michael Hampton, Jr., executive director of the National Skeet Shooting Association and the National Sporting Clays Association, says participation in those sports, which includes up to 4 million participants in each sport, is growing 3-5% annually.

But retailers say much of the demand is from gun owners who are stockpiling in case certain weapons are banned, who believe that economic chaos may be coming, or who are driven by rumors of inevitable background checks or rising taxes on ammunition. Gun sellers and owners say a run on ammunition began shortly after President Obama was re-elected, and has intensified in the gun-violence debate since the December mass killing of 20 children and six adults at a school in Newtown, Conn.

“We absolutely are in uncharted territory,” said Larry Hyatt, of the family-owned Hyatt Gun Shop in Charlotte, N.C.. “Our store is 53 years old, and we have never seen anything like this. We have had some spot shortages and busy gun times in the past. This is a level (of demand) never before seen.”

He adds: “The political turmoil is intensifying it. People feel like this administration is very anti-gun, and they are going for the legal gun owner.” Among the rumors he hears, he says, are that taxes on ammunition are going up and that background checks for ammunition purchases are coming.

“Whether true or not, this information is out there, and people are getting it while they can,” Hyatt says.

He is limiting sales of .22-caliber to one box, and is running low on everything from holsters to cleaning brushes.

Mike Wastler, manager of Bart’s Sports World in Glen Burnie, Md., says he is also having trouble getting guns and ammunition from manufacturers who are “producing 24/7.”

He says that even before Obama’s re-election there was rising demand from people worried about economic chaos. Sales “went crazy” after Obama proposed banning assault weapons, he says

Wastler says certain types of .22 shells are “non-existent” in his store, and that others, like 9 mm, and .40 and .45 caliber are “very, very short.” So are replacements parts for guns, he says.



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9 Responses to “Gun Dealers Report Severe Ammo Shortages”

  1. 1
    csaaphill Says:

    certainly were buying for paper targets wink wink. Just like DHS is buying all that .45 ammo for training ;)

  2. 2
    Darin Bowers Says:

    The following are my opinions and feelings alone.

    The DHS ramping up is about control. Period. This is the global elite’s final move to combine all countries under one flag, one currency, one government, and one group of leaders, which will be them, of course. They must destroy America in order to do this. We (Armed American civilians) are the last obstacle to that plan. All the numbers say the same things…..the areas of this country where the gun laws are the LEAST restrictive……the crime is the lowest. PERIOD. End of conversation. So we KNOW that this gun ban push is NOT about our safety. And after everything i have researched over the past 13 yrs, i know in my heart that this is THE final move to destroy our Republic. If you think this is far fetched you are woefully uninformed.
    I believe that just like Operation Northwoods, the USS Liberty, the Gulf of Tonkin and 9/11, there is a day chosen to implode the economy by pulling their investments in our stock market They have been the only ones floating it since 2008 anyway, so it wont be hard to do. I believe that day is coming VERY soon. And when it does, our country will descend into chaos almost immediately. The banks will close, the grocery stores will be emptied and the feds will attempt martial law, blockades, restricted movement, searches etc……you will have to explain where you are going and why and they will try to confiscate all weapons.
    Just like Rhamn Emanuel (PIG P>O>S) said, “you never want a crisis to go to waste, it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before”. Well Hadiya Pendleton’s murder was quite the “convenient crisis” for more gun control in Chicago wasnt it Rahm ?
    Thats what YOUR gun laws cause Emanuel, it gets helpless/defenseless people KILLED. No one could protect her because of YOUR laws, YOUR sick logic Rahm. I wonder….. was she another unknowing patriot that died for globalist cause ? Acceptable collateral damage for the greater plan ? Obama and Emanuel are capitalizing on it very well in Chicago recently, preaching their treason from ontop of her grave, they even have her mother helping them………… and they’re done with her they will cast her aside like the others. Makes me want to puke ! I am not afraid of you traitors, i loath you. YOU ARE the UnAmerican Obama and Emanuel, you are the Red Coats, the Domestic Terrorists/Extremists. The fact that you did not arrest GW and Cheney tells me EXACTLY who you work for. I will use one thing GW said tho…. “You are either with us, or you are with the terrorists” That applies here, now, today. Those who are not with us, are with the Terrorists. And those attempting to disarm us ARE THE TERRORISTS. DIANE FEINSTEIN is a TERRORIST ! Shes been a Senator in San Francisco SINCE 1992 !!! 21 yrs of being disconnected from reality!! They do violence against our core beliefs, they are using unconstitutional “laws” to try to imprison us and they move to make us victims of murder, rape, domination and slavery. They are already stealing our labor through Unconstitutional taxes and redistributing it to those who refuse to work and spending it to accomplish THEIR AGENDA, NOT OURS, the list of grievance is nearly endless at this point.
    Imploding the economy is the next “convenient crisis” that would get EVERYTHING done that is on the globalists checklist. And its gonna make 9/11 look and feel like a walk in Disney Land. The carpet will get pulled out from under EVERYONE who is not prepared……….crime, chaos, hunger, gun confiscation, a world currency to replace the intentionally devalued dollar and all other currencies, riots, the demonization and all out assault on Christianity and the ushering in of a global government, global religion and the master deceiver himself- the Anti-Christ. A nightmare scenario by no stretch of the imagination for sure. Regardless of their perceived power, i will not shut up, i will not back down, i will not comply, i will never give up my guns while i am alive.

    You Globalists need to know that your not dealing with 80yr old ladies with unloaded revolvers here that you can disgustingly bully, abuse and punch in the face like you did in Katrina…… OH NOOOOOOOO!…. Your dealing with 200 pound pit bulls like myself with M4 Shotguns, M4 rifles,.45 cal pistols, razor sharp fighting knives with the skill and the grit to win ANY FIGHT WE CHOOSE TO ! We are not afraid of you bastards.

    Choose ye this day whom ye will serve……….. as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, and his truth will set me Free. May Justice be done upon you. Veritas Aequitas -Darin Bowers

  3. 3
    Darin Bowers Says:

    Actually i mis-spoke, we dont have M4 rifles unfortunately, only the AR-15’s, but still. I can defend myself just fine with just about anything that shoots a bullet. lol -Darin

  4. 4
    Ed Warden Says:

    Now we know where they will keep this ammo and if and when the SHTF there will be plenty of ammo if we can get to it. This might very well work against them.

  5. 5
    Orion Says:

    Shhhhh Ed, Tactics is everything…. Hehehehe

  6. 6
    mike smith Says:

    I here ya Darin, you must have read DHS insider Rosebud. I used to think that this kind of stuff is tin foil hat fodder, but not only are patriots such as OATH KEEPERS on their short list, but also Christians. I am both. I would like to say something about Christ now, I know that there are probably a lot of you that are not Christians. I urge you if you feel prompted to call on the Lord Jesus and be saved today. Many of us may meet Him in the very near future, so it is my duty as a Christian to speak the truth about Christ to you today. I will be held accountable to Him if I don’t I hope and pray that we will all get through this, but I don’t think that is going to happen. PRAISE THE LORD AND MAY GOD HAVE MERCY AND BLESS THE U.S.A.

  7. 7
    Darin Bowers Says:

    Mike, i just got a chance to read that “ROSEBUD” interview. DISTURBING. I dont know how i missed that 2 months ago. Wow, shits gettin real now. Problem is we dont know what is disinfo and whats real. My gut tells me this is real, everything is set for it and everything is moving in that direction.I have seen the blatant lies and deception being pumped out at CNN, MSNBC and the like. I see people dying conveniently, i see the ammo purchases, weapons being bought, the market being floated and manipulated, and i know i heard fighter jets over Cleveland a few weeks ago, i know the sound, i worked on them, it was overcast and they were just above the cloud ceiling…….

    Are there no patriots left in the CIA, FBI, DHS, TSA, NASA ? Hard for me to believe there arent many with us in those departments. ARE WE THE ONLY ONES LEFT THAT LOVE OUR COUNTRY ??????? ARE WE THE ONLY ONES LEFT THAT HAVE THE BALLS TO FIGHT FOR OLD GLORY ??????????

    ISNT THERE ANYONE WHO IS NOT A SOLD OUT, COWARDLY, SLIMY [three words deleted by editor] IN OUR GOVERNMENT ????? WE FUND YOUR [one word deleted by editor] PAYCHECKS !!!! YOU WORK FOR US !!!!!


  8. 8
    Donnie Says:

    I have petitioned the White on this very Matter. Please sign the petition and share with as many people as you can. All be well! D.

  9. 9
    SportSmasher Says:

    Top 3 Places to Find .22LR Ammo: http://sportsmasher.com/2013/03/13/the-top-3-place-to-find-22lr-ammo/

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