February 18th, 2013

After Mali Comes Niger


By Shorty Dawkins – Associate Editor

There is an article on the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) website titled “After Mali Comes Niger”. Written by Sebastian Elischer, the opening paragraph speaks volumes about the intent of some, at least, within the CFR to open the door to a wider involvement in the affairs of African nations by Western Powers.

Quote: “Last month, the French army’s rapid advance into northern Mali and the timely deployment of troops from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) seemed to result in a swift victory over Islamist and Tuareg militants there. Equally important, however, was the Islamist and Tuareg militants’ hasty withdrawal into northeastern Mali. With France planning to pull its troops out of the country as soon as March, Mali will almost certainly be turned into an ECOWAS trusteeship. The most likely upshot is not a neat end to the conflict but, rather, a migration of the problem into neighboring Niger.” End Quote.

Later in the same article we read this:

Quote: “The outbreak of wider unrest in Niger could drag the West into a long-term military engagement in the Sahel region. France gets roughly three-quarters of its energy from uranium mined in northern Niger, near the city of Arlit. Unsurprisingly, France has already deployed soldiers to protect those resources, and China is said to have done the same at its uranium mine near Azalik. Niger is also an oil exporter, and production is expected to grow significantly in coming months. Rebel movements and Islamic militants are within reach of Niger’s mines and oil fields, which they could use to fund their rebellion. Further attacks on Nigerian and Algerian territory remain a distinct possibility.” End quote.

Thus, it is obvious Mr. Elischer, at least, while seemingly being worried about the spread of the “terrorism” engulfing Mali, as he and others within the Power Elite of the Western nations pretend to believe, the real motive for involvement in Niger is shown to be the same as in Mali. It is a resource war, plain and simple. Why do I say this? Let’s look into the matter more closely.

The situation in Mali was created as a consequence of the overthrow of Ghaddafi in Libya, which was engineered by NATO. It is blowback, or at least that is what the Western leaders, particularly in France, the USA and NATO would have us believe. They promote the idea of a widening conflict with radical Islamists allied with Alqueda. It is all part of the War on Terror, if you can believe them. However, the uranium in both Mali and Niger, the gold in Mali, along with the oil in both countries, belies the fact. That Mr. Elischer saw fit to mention them in his article is telling.

Just as the overthrow of Ghaddafi, in Libya, was not about promoting democracy, the war in Mali, and the upcoming war in Niger is not about fighting terrorism. In all three instances, the primary concern of the Western Powers is about two things: first, controlling the resources of the three countries, and second, maintaining the dollar as the World Reserve Currency. If it were about terrorism, why did the US and NATO back terrorists in Libya, and continues to back terrorists in Syria? Those very terrorists they backed were fighting us in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is sheer idiocy for we, the people of the US, to believe the actions in Libya, Syria, Mali,and soon Niger, are about terrorism.

Will the US get involved in Niger, as it has in Mali, Libya, Syria, and Egypt? According to the website EndTheLie.com, in an article written by Madison Ruppert, titled Niger Reportedly Approves Placement of New U.S. Drone Base, Armed Missions Are Likely, shows the US is already getting involved there. According to Madison Ruppert’s article:

“According to the unnamed source, the drones could be stationed in the northern desert region of Niger, a highly strategic placement since it borders Mali, Algeria and Libya.

Unsurprisingly, the U.S. African Command (AFRICOM) declined to comment on the issue, although it’s worth noting that General Carter Ham, head of AFRICOM, visited Niger last month.”

The fact that Niger borders Algeria is something to be considered, as there was the recent hostage situation at a gas plant in the Algerian desert. Despite the fact that France, England and the US are, to all intents and purposes, broke, the list of countries where they are engaged in, to put it mildly, hostile operations, continues to grow. It is insane. Unemployment in the US is at depression levels, yet foreign adventurism is at a peak. Of course. It is important to distract the population from the mess at home by creating enemies abroad. It has always been so. It happened in Rome, and it is happening now.

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2 Responses to “After Mali Comes Niger”

  1. 1
    Dr Says:

    You are absolutely correct in your analysis.

    It makes me glad to see that the Oath Keepers also take interest in other issues than just gun control. I really believe that your organisation could be the unifying factor in the US. There are so many injustices in your great nation. And to wake up the broader masses someone need to adress those injustices. What more makes people angry than just gun grabbing? The control of the dollar being in the hands of a few super rich banksters? The monopoly in the MSM? The politicians being dependant on coorporate and israeli funding?

  2. 2
    Churchill Says:

    As usual and like many times previous. Our enemies are/have been handpicked by NGO’s and Special Interest Groups in order to accomplish their desired goal of control. Perhaps this is why Wrangell has again, re-introduced the Universal Draft Bill. I fear that one of these days it may very well pass.

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